Q&A event Billy

During Q&A events you can ask your questions to us here!
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Q&A event Billy

Post by Billy » Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:48 pm

As most of the community is still curious about me, I would like to organise a Q&A. You can post your questions below untill the 14th of April.

As I have stated before, my pm-inbox is always open and I try to reply on 99% of my messages.


Vincent g wrote:How long have you known mike and rap city?
I've known Rapsey for 10 years now! We attended the same classes at high school and once we went to university, we kept staying in touch and met each other on a regular basis. He's actually been my best friend since high school and our friendship has endured a lot of challenges. It's a blessing to have someone like him as a best friend!

I've met Mike around 5 years ago as he was good friends with Rapsey. Since Mike and Rapsey got along very well, it's obvious that Mike became one of my friends as well.

Basicallybad wrote: How old are you and what are your interests?
I'm currently 24 years old (25 in August)

One of my problems is that I have too many interests!
I'm very interested in sports and have tried several of them. Since 2012 I've been playing Ultimate Frisbee. This is now one of my favorite sports as it's a teamsport based on fair play.
I'm also very interested in economics and international trade policies and how the global market works.

Lkn wrote:Where do you see Pkhonors staff team in a years time, as well as Pkhonor as a whole.
That's a difficult question! I should split it in: "Where do I want to see Pkhonors staff team and PkHonor as a whole" and "Where do you think the PkHonor staff team is heading and PkHonor as a whole."

"Where do I want to see PkHonors staff team and PkHonor?"

I want to build up a good structure within the staff team where everybody has his own responsibilities. This will make things more clear for the community and will increase our efficiency as a staff team. But implementing such a structure is easier said then done. It all starts with teamwork and getting everybody on the same page. (Which is mostly the case now) Another thing is that we need to stay flexible. The server changes every week (updates, new players, new staff members and staff members leaving, ...) We always need to adapt as a team to the new situations.

Where do I want to see PkHonor? First of all on top of all the RSPS-toplists! But I want this server to be a server where everyone can hangout and have fun with each other. This is a community-driven server, so we'll always keep the best interests of our community at heart. But this also means we need to keep track on who is part of our community and do they fit in? If some players are being toxic and ruin the gameplay for others, then it's our job to find a solution.

"Where do you think the PkHonor staff and PkHonor is heading?"
Like i said previously, the staff team is heading in a good direction. Most of the staff members have an attitude of always wanting to improve themselves or something, which is great. I just hope that PkHonor as a whole will be satisfied at one point. I just hope that in time, the community and our staff team will grow closer. It's just a pity when some players tend to start a riot on the forums which demotivates a staff member and sometimes even makes him resign. I just hope that at one point, the community will realise that it's good to give criticism, but only when it's constructive. Sometimes some people tend to convict certain players/people without having the proper information... It would be better if they would just state their concerns instead of jumping to conclusions.

Toeh5 wrote:What video games have you played the most in the past, if any?
In the past I've mostly played League, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Gran turismo 5 on PS3. I used to be a pc-gamer with a competitive attitude, but since I started working, I just want to come home and relax so now I've become more of a couch-gamer. I recently bought myself a PS4 to enjoy some games together with mates. (Diablo III, Borderlands 2, FIFA 2014, ...)

I always enjoyed racing games as well. Played every Need for Speed and most of the Gran Turismo's. Now I'm looking forward to Project Cars launching in a couple of weeks! Can't wait to test out this game with my steering wheel! Even thinking about buying a racing seat just for this game!

Clack shody wrote:What do you think about player ? Like a general idea of the ingame community
In my experience, most of the community is friendly in-game and very involved with the game/server, which is good! But in the past few weeks I've recieved several messages stating that some of our older players aren't that friendly towards new players... I hope these players realise that this behavior does more harm than good.
I also love the fact that our community gives a lot of advice, but they also need to be careful with criticism (Like I've stated before) Constructive criticism is welcomed!

Azu rite wrote: Got any siblings? If so, how many?
Favorite game? (Please don't say pkhonor)
Favorite movie?
Favorite book?
I don't have any siblings :) And that won't be the case for the next 3 years as we are both still studying.
Favorite game = Ride (Motorcycle racegame) / Favorite game to be probably = Project Cars
Favorite movie = Lucky Number Slevin
Favorite book = I'm not much of a reader, I'm not really fan of fiction. But currently I'm reading "Capital in the 21st century" - Thomas Piketty

Motti wrote: Why do you live in Belgium instead of the Netherlands
netherlands are way better

Do you play League?
I live in Belgium because the Netherlands don't know how to properly make beer ;-)

I've played League several years, but now I only play it on rare occasions.

Torey lanez wrote:What are your plans for the staff team, and how do you think you(ll) size up to the previous staff managers?

Also, do you plan on taking the current rules and just throw them out the window and go by morals, or do you plan on enforcing the current ones and have the moderators use the guidelines instead of their "personal reasoning".

Currently the 2nd one is being used, so interested to see your reply.
I can't make an objective comparison with other staff members as I haven't met them or haven't experienced their work. I've only heared stories, so I'm not going to make conclusions bases on subjective information.

My plans for the staff team is to get them organised. When I was introduced to PkHonor, I noticed that their wasn't a clear structure nor focus. The rules are always subjected to change. We've introduced guidelines that staff members should follow and we're constantly updating them to meet the communities demands. We are currently working on a mayor update of the guidelines. (Note: these guidelines are meant for the staff members on how they should interact with the community and deal out punishments when needed)

Personal reasoning will always be present when a moderator hands out a punishment, It's difficult to categorise every action and match a suiting punishment. If we enforce the rules too much, we come across as a police state, if we use guidelines instead of rules and base the staff decisions on personal judgement, then we have the problem that punishment aren't handed out as consistent as it should be. Some players would be punished harder then others.
So it's all about finding a balance between enforcing rules and personal judgement and this can only come with experience.
Azu rite wrote:Favorite food?
Favorite alcoholic drink?
Favorite non-alcoholic drink?
Favorite food = Rombautje = Fries with spicy meat, mayonaise, sweet onion-sauce, fresh onions, dry onions and hot spices!
Favorite alcoholic drink = soooo many choices..... I love beers and currently enjoy the IPA-kind. (Indian Pale Ale's) One of my favorites is Troubadour Magma
Favorite non-alcoholic drink = Almdudler! Always reminds me of me being 12 years old, skiing in the Alps!

Rick wrote:Tits or Ass?
Always grab the ass first! It's just awkard when you meet your girlfriend and immediately go straight for the tits ;-)
Rawr wrote:What made you want to become a part of Pkhonor, and what makes you want to stay?
My studies for the most part. I'm studying international management and love being in an international environment. I love discovering other cultures and the challenges that go with working together in an international team.

What makes me want to stay? The fact that I'm enjoying myself here, especially with the staff team! I also love big challenges and managing a staff team with all different kinds of personalities, cultures without the possibility of interacting in real life is quite the challenge :)
Azu rite wrote:Favorite pokemon?
God am wrote: maybe I missed it or someone asked, but why you? To elaborate, what is your background on servers in general? Have you coded, have you moderated, just been a part of communities?
Well, this question is best answered by Mike and Rapsey, but the reasons they have chosen me is to have someone close to work with. It's hard for them to work close together with a staff manager they don't know that well.
My background on servers = played runescape in my young years and played some PkHonor, but not that much.
My background in real life = Manager of a restaurant where I managed 7 - 10 employees. My boss was always out of town or busy with his other businesses, so I always worked independent and managed to run their restaurant for half a year. I've learned a lot while being a manager of a restaurant where hard decisions need to be made fast. But since I was neglecting my studies too much, I decided to give up my responsibilities as a manager and cut down my workhours to 2 days a week instead of the 6 out of 7 days.
Hayden wrote:1) What do you have planned for PkHonor in the short and long run? (Things you plan to revamp, etc., not necessarily specific details)

2) What experience with private servers do you have? Have you ever been a staff manager on an online game before?

3) Have you ever actually played PkHonor, not as a staff manager, just as a player to see what its like? (If no, you should find some spare time when you're not busy to actually level an account and stuff, just to put yourself in our shoes a little more)

4) What is your current opinion of the staff team's state? What are some things that could be improved? In your opinion, do we need more moderators? Fewer? No change?

5) What do you think of how Maurits ran things?

6) What type of music do you listen to?

7) Do you play any other video games?

8) Assuming you live in Belgium like Rapsey and Mike, what is your opinion of its government?
1) short term = Update our guidelines and rules, try to clarify some things for the community
long term = build a decent structure for the staff team where everybody has his own responsibilities.

2) I haven't got any experience as a staff manager on an online-game, I only have irl-experience that I can use.

3) Since my start as staff manager, I've also created a hidden alternative to learn more about the game :)

4) Current state of the staff team = Well, the staff has gone through a lot of changes and these changes will keep coming for now. So it's normal that they make some mistakes. As long as we act as a team, I'm sure we'll handle every challenge thrown at us. We could use some more moderators, but on the other hand, we need to improve our moderation as well. Introducing radical changes is always easier when a staff team is small. Once we're fully settled in for the long-term, we can start growing in numbers as well.

5) I haven't experience Maurit's work, only heared stories, so I can't judge his work.

6) I love listening to 70's music

7) Currently I'm playing Diablo III, Borderlands 2, FIFA 2014 and Ride

8) The Belgium government.... In the past 7 years, they have always been affraid about making hard choices and though decisions. We are in need of someone who can put all the parties in the same direction and work together, but instead, most of them just focus on other parties mistakes instead of focusing on their own program and how to improve our country. Anyways, there's always more to the story then we citizens know, but I hope we can finally start reforming.
H1 wrote:Whats ur house color ?
Brown bricks with a with garage door
Torey lanez wrote:Oh, I forgot.

Will you single handedly go undercover and test/evaluate the staff team time to time?

A while back, Hamade did it a few times and it really opened his eyes as to just how "friendly" and "professional" some staff were when they thought they were talking to a random new player.
Maybe I will, maybe I won't ;-) Who knows!

Rick wrote:What would be the 1st thing you buy/do when you win 10M euro?

Favorite car?

If you could do 1 wish, what would it be?
1st thing I would buy if I would win 10M euros? A brandnew BMW R1200GS with all the whistles and bells possible :) The rest of the money I would save up and use to start-up my own company.

Favorite car? I'm more fond of motorcycles but if I wouldn't mind owning a classic Ford Mustang from 1967 (Eleanor)

If you could do 1 wish, what would it be? Democracy in every country in the world.

Ratonhaketon wrote:What's your favorite kind of food? (Italian, Spanish, American, etc.)
The fact that I'm a real food-lover and enjoy all different kind of cultures, it's difficult to pick one... I love the asian cuisine, Chinese, indian, ...

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Ryun » Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:53 pm

How long have you known mike and rap city?

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Basicallybad » Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:54 pm

good idea to do this,
How old are you and what are your interests?

p.s why are the signatures not there?

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Lkn » Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:57 pm

Where do you see Pkhonors staff team in a years time, as well as Pkhonor as a whole.

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by James » Tue Apr 07, 2015 4:58 pm


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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Ryun » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:02 pm

Funny guy wrote:Hungry?
Got milk?

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by James » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:03 pm

Vincent g wrote:
Funny guy wrote:Hungry?
Got milk?
I have to stretch out this answer. Usually I'd just respond 'ya' but seeing as I was just warned it'd probably be better if I didn't.

That seems like enough.


Edit: Better ask a question aye?

What is your personal opinion on horses?

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Vik vaughn » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:06 pm

Sean wants your kik, what is it?

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Jon » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:09 pm

What video games have you played the most in the past, if any?

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Re: Q&A event Billy

Post by Pikachu » Tue Apr 07, 2015 5:11 pm

Y is my signature not appearing