Problems with black screens/closing clients?

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Problems with black screens/closing clients?

Postby PkHonor » Sun Jan 27, 2013 2:27 pm

Some people may have problems with their clients closing or black screens when they try to move. Uninstalling and reinstalling the client often helps.

Please note that this only applies to the PkHonor installer on Windows machines.
To uninstall pkhonor, you need to locate the file "Uninstall PkHonor.exe", which can be found in C:/Users/(your username)/PkHonor.
Once you've located this file, double-click it, and follow the simple instructions. Simply deleting the 'PkHonor' folder in C:/Users/(your username) will also do the trick but then PkHonor may still be listed in your installed Programs and Features in your Control Panel.

You have three separate options to reinstall PkHonor.

Recommended: download our normal client (Windows only).
You only have to download it once... it updates automatically.

We now have a .Jar Client! This works on ALL OS.

If you have a Macintosh or Linux computer or have problems with the normal client, download our zipped client here.
It does not have the auto-update feature like the webclient and normal client have, so at every update you will need to redownload it. But it will always work without problems. Just extract it anywhere and start it by double-clicking 'PkHonor.jar' (or through command line: java -jar PkHonor.jar).

We have a working webclient up.

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