How to donate without credit card or cell phone

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How to donate without credit card or cell phone

Postby PkHonor » Sat Jan 26, 2013 3:08 pm

Several people want to donate but do not have a credit card or bank account to transfer money to Paypal. Paying through Onebip with cell phone is also rather expensive considering the high fees of the phone companies.

There is an alternative where you can simply use cash to donate to us. Note that you need a valid Social Security Number and must be aged 18 or above to use this.

Things needed to do this:
-> 10-20$ Cash
-> A local drugstore (Details below)
-> A Paypal account (anyone of age 18 or above can set one up)

Simply go to your local drugstore and look in the prepaid card section, where you should find a card called "MoneyPak". MoneyPak is a free service affiliated with Paypal used to put cash onto Paypal instantly.

Purchase the card put the desired amount on there. Depending on area of residence, minimum and maximum price caps may vary.

Log into your Paypal and click "Add money with MoneyPak". Scratch off the serial numbers on the back of the card, type the code into Paypal and confirm. Your money will be instantly added to Paypal.

Note: Sometimes Paypal will restrict accounts to where you can't send money, please make sure your account is either verified or able to send money orders. In addition, MoneyPak does require your Social Security Number to work. If you're not comfortable giving your SSN out to PayPal, it's better not to purchase the card. If you purchased the card and don't want to enter your SSN, you may request a refund here:

MoneyPak is a trusted system that several of our players have used for years.

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