Loot Crew | PVM, Skilling, Events, & Wealth!

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Loot Crew | PVM, Skilling, Events, & Wealth!

Post by Officer x » Fri May 22, 2020 12:48 am

* Note * Thread and the CC are in experimental stages of creation. The beautiful graphics and images for this thread will be arriving in the near future *

Loot Crew Members

Owner - Officer X

Captains - 1 Spot Open

Lieutenants - 2 Spots Open

Sergeants - 3 Spots Open

Recruits - Yp Onefour + 15 Spots Open

Prospects - [Unlimited Spots]

Loot Crew Requirements

- Level 99 in all Combat Stats
- 50 hours min ::Timeplayed
- Must be MATURE (No history of flaming, spamming ::yell, etc.)
- 500m in currency min
- No marks of discipline on Acc (Mutes, bans, etc).
- Not recently part of another CC
- Donator, Premium, or Honor Status NOT REQUIRED

Loot Crew Rules

- Follow the Chain of Command (CC Ranking) at all times. This ensures organization and structure.
- Absolutely no clan hoping with the exception of a friends temporarily
- No Flaming, Spamming, Swearing, or Disrespecting on ::yell or in CC
- Loot Share during PVM trips must be voted on by those members in attendance. Majority always wins.
- Major clan decisions are determined by majority rule despite member admission and removal
- Recruitment, Clan dedication and involvement, and innovation of ideas leads to rank promotions

Loot Crew Benefits

- PVM Trips including Bossing
- Loot Share on Agreement
- Monster Drop increases
- Brotherhood through Unity
- Valuable information and Guidance
- Slayer Task & Clue Scroll Help
- Clan and Server Events


In-game Username:
Time played (::timeplayed):
Player Status (Player, Donator, Premium):
Alt Accounts including Honors (If you have any):
Previous Clans (If any):
Who invited you? (If anyone):

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Re: Loot Crew | PVM, Skilling, Events, & Wealth!

Post by Attack like » Sun May 24, 2020 5:45 am

damnnnn no mutes? there goes half the server


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