How to not get hacked

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How to not get hacked

Post by Fungamer » Thu May 17, 2018 5:30 pm

How to not get hacked on PkHonor
  • Use a bankpin. Unique from RS or any other server. Keyloggers may not detect you entering your pin (detecting keystrokes, not mouse activity) and database leaks may not include pins.
  • Don't download shady shit from the internet. More specifically, so-called "pkhonor\rsps dupe programs" or bots. Just don't. You'll make a fool out of yourself having to confess to being keylogged because you tried cheating.
  • Don't click on unknown links unless they come from a trusted person. Even then, be cautious. Sometimes the person himself may not know it's a malicious link, or sometimes you'd be surprized by how people could backstab you.
  • Change your password and PIN if you're getting a service.
    • Don't give out your actual password or PIN. If you need to give it away for a service or something, change it to something completely unrelated to your pass & pin
  • Social engineering hacking exists. It may be rare, but it happens. People befriend you, get to know you, and try to guess your pass like that. This can be very effective! Be cautious with your real life information.
  • If you share an account with a person, be aware that you can lose the account or the wealth on it. I'd reccomend only sharing honors or common PK alts\cc accs, but never your main.
  • Use a unique password. PkHonor is good at keeping your data safe. This isn't guaranteed for other RSPSes or sites.
  • If you decide to re-use a password you used on Facebook or W.E,(not reccomended to do, but hey, it happens) at least make sure it's a long enough password. You could be bruteforced easily if your pass wasn't very "random" or short. Not per se on PkHonor, but definitely on other sites or servers which do not have any protection against these types of attacks. With computing power increasing, it'll become easier and easier to pull off shit like this on people who do not secure their accounts well enough.
  • Change your password and PIN regularly if you're paranoid. Just make sure it's a good, unique combination.
  • Don't think "it wont happen to me". It can happen to anyone.
  • Use your common sense. Please.
As you see, if you follow these pretty simple things (that some of us may have even seen at school or gotten hammered into us by parents\siblings\W.E) you wont get hacked. Legit. Getting hacked can very much be your own fault. (Doesn't mean it always is, though) There's no Hollywood hacking where people press a few buttons and "suddenly" out of nowhere send a "code" to your device which logs everything you do and can spy through your webcam or mess with your GPS. Somewhere from the beginning, to being hacked, there must've been a vulnerability or weakness coming from you that a hacker has exploited.

Being perfect in terms of account\password safety is something impossible. There's always a better hacker. But there's always going to be better systems coming in place, but with those same hackers trying to beat it. But assuming you're not some Russian spy the NSA is taking down, the previously given tips should keep you safe enough throughout your playtime.

Additional tips:
  • If you decide to donate, be sure to keep all info of the donation. Especially the transaction ID
  • Your IP is usually your responsibility. If you get hacked by your cousin in the same house, on the same PC, staff wont really be able to do anything.
  • If you happen to get hacked & lost items, post a refund here. but be sure to read THIS thread first.
  • Register a forums account. Get acquainted with the Automated Recovery system. It's a lot faster than a Recovery, in case you get hacked.
  • If your account is banned under "hacked, please post a recovery", do so. Posting an appeal will just result into one of the staff members telling you to go post in the Recovery section.
  • Don't bump your recovery\refund because it's taking long. Edit in the relevant information if you find some more & nobody has replied yet. Bumping it actually moves it down the list!

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Re: How to not get hacked

Post by Xsquire1 » Thu May 17, 2018 5:35 pm

This thread could be very useful to the newer players. Great job :)
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