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Guide To Honor Player

Post by Pvm captain » Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:35 pm

Note: You do not need to promote an account to doner \ premium to use honor, honor note overrides this.

What Is an honor and what can you do!?
This is taken from the donate page, a brief summary of what honor is all about.
Spoiler: show
~The honor crown
~Access to donator and premium features, such as yell
~The ability to spawn any item (including unique, custom, discontinued or unobtainable items) with the ::item command
~The ability to copy the outfit, inventory or bank of any other player using the ::copy, ::copyinv and ::copybank commands
~The ability to instantly get level 99 in all skills with the ::master command
~The ability to instantly complete all quests and achievements with the ::q1, ::q2, ::q3 and ::ach commands
~The ability to spawn any NPC as a pet which will follow you around with the ::familiar command. See our NPC list for NPC ID's
~The ability to perform any emote with the ::emote command
~The ability to transform into any NPC with the ::pnpc command (use ::unpc or relog to detransform)
~The ability to teleport anywhere in the world except for the wilderness
~Access to all other administrator privileges and commands except for punishments

~~Well You did it.. You bought an honor note! You might be looking for what you can do and some quick explanations on the commands.. have a look at this guide!

Getting Started As an Honor Player

~~OH NO, you have no bank! Well, lets fix that! Simply find an honor and use the command ::copybank (name) and this will grant you their bank. Otherwise you can manually spawn in an entire bank to use, using the link below for "Item ID's" however, This will take allot of time to do.

~~HOLD UP!... You Are not Fully ready to play just yet.. Even though you have Honor Status (And you are super hyped) , There is a set amount of rules you must abide by, Including all normal rules, You must Follow the Rules listed below!


1) You can be a large NPC, just not in crowded places.
2) You can't be a large familiar in Widlerness, This can Disrupt Fights.
3) You can be invisible, just not in the Wilderness.

NOTE: As an honor player there are certain things that you cannot do, Such As trade, Stake, and pk with Non Honor players. You can however Do all of this with fellow Honors.
- this includes the ability to wield a Morph ring or use the Npc death.

~~ Listen here you junkie, There is no overload effects for you as an honor.. If you use them your stats will simply reduce back to 99. (This includes all stat boosters, However you may use them in duel or a poh pvp area.)
~ Fear not tho! You can use brews and any healing brews you brought with.. Who needs them tho, right?

~~Now you are ready to play! The next section will list all of the commands that are available to you!


(Item Commands)
~~Many People wonder what items can be spawned in and what the ID is for them, Here is a full list:
~~~To Spawn in an item to use in the game use the following command: ::item (id) (amount)
~~~~Say you want to find all items under a certain spelling or want to find codes for specific items, you can use this command as well. Simply type the name ex: ::item drag .. This will list all items that have the name drag in them as well as the id for said item: ::item (item name or partial name)
~~~~~ALSO!!! To see the general id tags for items in game use the command: ::idtoggle

(Gear Commands)
~~ Looking to do some Range or melee?? The following commands give you a basic set-up for the situation you in!
~~~For some range gear type in ::rangeset For some melee gear type in ::strset

(Npc Commands)
~~The more popular one among most, NPC Codes! Heres a full list of the NPCs you are able to spawn into:
~~~To Turn Into an npc use either of these commands: ::pnpc (id) or ::P (id) Getting tired of being An NPC? This command: ::unpc Will return you back to an ordenary player!

(Emote Commands)
~~Emotes! Click here for a list of Emote IDs. The command for that is: ::E (number) or ::emote (number)

(Bank Commands)
~~ Just got honor? NO Bank? well, That's an easy fix! just use the command: ::showbank (player name) to view there bank, If its something you like you can do the command ::copybank (player name) to keep it forever!
~~~You dont like the new bank you have? Just do ::showbank again to get your old bank back!
~~ON the topic of banks and items! If somebody has an invo of items you need, Use the command: ::Showinv (player name)

~~ Out in the middle of no where? What? there isn't a bank booth around?! well don't worry, you can access your bank anywhere you are! Use the following command: ::bank (this will open up your bank, for withdrawal or deposit)

(Food \ Pray Commands)
~~IN the heat of battle? Cant't afford to leave?... oh no your hp is low! Don't fret my friend! there's a command for that!
~~~For some food type in: ::food This will fill your invo with rocktails! ~ALSO! ::notedfood (gives 5k noted mantas)
~~~~what? OH NO!.. Your prays running out to! Oh dear.. Don't worry though! Use the command: ::pray This will give you full pray points again

~~Have you unlocked curses? need a quick pray swap for melee, range, or mage? the command ::prayer Will swap your spell book!

(Mage and Runes Commands)
~~SO your gonna pk? maybe do a little risky barrows? maybe just enchant some jewelry? Well, on that note, The follow commands swap spell books!
~~~ ::normal (gives normal spell book) ::lunar (gives lunar spell book) ::Ancient (gives ancients spell book)
~~ The following four commands are shortcuts that will allow you to bypass entering codes to spawn, and just gives u the runes! ::barrage (gives 60k water, 40k death, 20k blood) ::veng (gives 40k astral, 20k death, 100k earths) and! ::TB "teleblock" (gives 100 law, 100 death, 100 chaos) And last but not least ::Runes This will give you 10k Of EVERY rune!! woohoo!

(Teleportation Commands)
~~ Is your friend doing something at God Wars? Maybe even down at risky barrows? Dang your stuck in varrok?! well no worries there, you can easily teleport to them! (yes teleport, what wizardry, Amuse your friends!) Use the command: ::xteleto (player name) this will bring u to them! (Note that if your friend is in wilderness, Kq, Dags, Or in a private, You will not be able to teleport to them)

~~Oh no, U forgot your GPS at home again.. DANG IT where am i?? not to worry there's a command for that! type: ::mypos (will tell u your coordinates)

Here is a list of locations you can teleport to using the x y command! Saves abit of time, always nice!
Spoiler: show
To teleport to the area type; “::tele x y”


Abyss 3040 4844
Agility Arena - Karamja 2761 9557
Air Alter 2845 4832
Al Kharid 3293 3174
Ape Atoll 2801 2704
Ape Atoll Dungeon 2805 9142
Ardougne 2662 3305

Baby Blue Dragons 2898 9766
Bandit camp 3176 2987
Barbarian Agility Course 2541 3546
Barbarian Village 3082 3420
Bedabin Camp 3171 3026
Barrows chest 3551 9694
Barrows Top 3564 3288
Barrows Tunnel 3568 9695
Big Cave 2645 9900
Big Dwarfs 2776 10162
Big Dwarfs 2 2838 10126
Big Dwarfs 3 2923 10191
Big Waterfall 2534 3511
Black Demons 2860 9775
Black Dragons 2829 9826
Blue Dragons 2910 9801
Blurite 3007 9550
Boat Crash Island Place 2795 3321
Burthorpe 2926 3559

Camelot 2757 3477
Camelot Castle 2758 3495
Camelot Flax 2744 3444
Canifis 3506 3496
Castlewars Bank 2441 3090
Castlewars Center 2400 3103
Castlewars dungeon 2399 9500
Castlewars holding blue 2380 9488
Castlewars holding red 2421 9523
Catherby 2813 3447
Catherby ship 2804 3420
center of duel arena 3360 3244
Center Of Maze 2912 4576
Chalice Of Eternity 2603 9910
Chaos Druids 2932 9848
Coal Trucks 2582 3481
Cool Place 2366 4968
Cool Wierd Cave 2576 9877
Crafting Guild 2933 3285
Crandor 2851 3238
Crystal Chest 2914 3450

Dagannoth Cave 2446 10147
Death Altar 2207 4836
Desert City 3291 2764
Desert Mining Camp 3286 3023
Desert Pyramid 3233 9315
Digsite 3354 3402
Distant Kingdom(alive) 2576 4655
Distant Kingdom(dead) 2803 4723
Draynor 3093 3244
Dramen Tree 2861 9736
Drill Deamon Camp 3157 4822
Druids Circle 2926 3482
Duel Arena 3345 3251
Dwarf meeting Area 2035 4529
Dwarfs 2035 4529

Ectoplasm Floor 3681 9889
Edgeville 3093 3493
Ele Dungeon 2715 9889
Elf Camp 2197 3252
End Of Wild 3100 3957
Entrana 2834 3335
Essence mine 2911 4832
Exam Centre 3354 3344

Falador 2965 3380
Falador Mining Guild 3038 9800
Fenkenstains Castle 3550 3548
Fight Arena 2585 3150
Fight Pits 2395 5154
Fishing Guild 2603 3414
Fishing Platform 2782 3273
Football Traning Area 3559 9895

Games Room 2196 4961
Gnome Village 2521 3177
Goblin Cook Place 2981 9914
Goblin Village 2956 3506
Gold Mine Rock 2358 4959
Grand Tree 2480 3488
Grave Digger 1928 5002
Grave Island 3504 3575
Green Dragons 2979 3611
Gul'tanoth 2516 3044

Ham Camp 3165 9629
Hangar 2390 9886
Hellhounds 2867 9844
Heroes Guild 2902 3510
Heroes Guild Dungeon 2916 9912
Hope Bridge 3021 5194
Huge Cave 3555 9947

Ibans Trap Drop 2319 9804
Ice path 2856 3812
Ice Queen Lair 2867 9955
Initiate 2443 4956
Isafdar 2241 3238

Juna The Snake 3251 9517
Jumping Course 3541 9891
Jumping Steps Agility 3539 9872
Jungle Demon 2657 4568
Jungle Deamon Area Bottom 2714 9183
Jungle Deamon Area Top 2703 9178

Kalphite Lair 2716 9454
Karamja 2948 3147
Karamja Agility 2761 9557
Karamja Dungeon 2843 9636
Karamja Lessers 2835 9562
KBD Cave 2717 9808
KBD Cave 2 2273 4695
Keldagrim 2937 9999
Kharazi 2822 2911
Kharazi Jungle Dungeon 2772 9341
King Lathas Training Area 2516 3369

Legends Guild Dungeon 1 2727 9774
Legends Guild Dungeon 2 2375 4705
Lighttower 2519 4642
Lumbridge 3222 3218

Mage Arena 3105 3930
Mage Arena Dungeon 2519 4719
Mage Arena Room 2545 4715
Mage Tower 3113 3170
Menaphos/Sophanem 3274 2784
Metal drags 2713 9564
Mining Guild 3016 3339
Miscellania 2512 3860
Mod Room 2650 9900
Monastery 3051 3490
Monkey Nuts 3022 5457
Morings Mine 2044 4649
Mort'ton 3489 3288

Nowhere camp 3305 2789

Party Room 2739 3472
Pest Control 2667 2594
Pest Control Bank 2658 2649
Phasmatys 3687 3502
Pollnivneach 3359 2910
Port Khazard 2665 3161
Port Phasmatys 3687 3502
Port Sarim 3023 3208
Prifddinas 2242 3278
Pyramid Plunder Room 3281 2765
Pyramid 3233 2902

Range Guild 2658 3439
Rat Hole Wierd (show) 2966 9633
Rimmington 2957 3214
Relekka 2660 3660
Rouges Den 3044 4973
Rouges Maze 3050 5071
Ruins Of Uzer 3490 3090

Seers 2708 3492
Seers Church 2695 3464
Seers Party Room 2736 3473
Shantays Pass 3304 3116
Shadow Warrior 2705 9758
Shilo Village 2827 2995
Skeletons 3288 3886
Slayer Tower 3429 3538
Swamp Dungeon 3168 9572
Stone Henge 2926 3482
Sub Mage 2538 4717

Taverly Dungeon 2884 9798
Tears Of Guthix 3257 9517
The Ogre 2584 9737
Top Of Pyramid For DT 3232 2896
Tree Gnome Hanger 2390 9886
Tree Gnome Stronghold 2461 3443
Tree Gnome Village 2525 3167
Trollheim 2910 3612
Tzhaar 2480 5175
Under A Volcano 2863 9570

Under Desert City 3298 9179
Under Draynor Manor 3177 9753
Under Edgeville 3132 9909
Under Gnomes Grand Tree 2470 9899
Underground Pass Level 1 2495 9715
Underground Pass Level 2 2337 9798
Under Passageway To Canfis 3424 9891
Under Pyramid 3233 9313
Under Water 2972 9507
Uzer 3490 3090

Varrock 3210 3424
Varrock Cave 2385 4685
Varrock DUngeon 3232 9896
Varrock East Bank 3250 3423
Volcano 2861 3165

Waterfall 2534 3511
Werewolf Agility 3549 9865
White Knight Tasks Area 2443 4956
White Wolf Mountain 2848 3498
White Wolf Mountain Cave 3048 9582
Wildy Pit (JAD) 3113 3685
Wilderness Agility Course 3003 3934

Yanille 2606 3093

Zipline Agility 3528 9871

Alter Area 2527 4547
Mind Alter 2796 4818
Earth Alter 2660 4839
Fire Alter 2584 4836
Water Alter 2713 4836
Nature Alter 2398 4841
Law Alter 2471 4838
Cosmic Alter 2162 4833
Chaos Alter 2269 4843
Random Events

Evil Bobs Island 2525 4776
Freaky Forester 2596 4780
Frog Cave 2477 4768
Lost And Found 2338 4747
Prison Pete 2095 4428
Mime 2008 4762

Seperate Draynor 2118 4913
Christmas Workshop 2007 4431
Wierd Cave 2384 4721
Wierd Castle Scaperune 2092 4428
Wierd Desert 3044 4700
Wierd Grassland 2091 3210
Tutorial Island 3094 3107
Tutorial Combat 3110 9512
Tutorial Mining 3079 9505
Weird Island 2152 5095
RFD Dining Quaters 1860 5345
Awesome Sky 1894 5333
Odd Church 1971 5001
Gashole 2464 4782

~~ Another fun teleport Ability is moving either 1 square in any direction up to as far as you want to go! These commands can work to position yourself into a spot or item, Enter the following for them: ::yplus (north) ::ymin (south) ::xplus (east) ::xmin (west)

(God Wars Command)
~~Heading off to God wars? Not in the mood for a kill count? (Who is?!) well, here's a fix for that! ::gwkillcount (gives 40 in each)

(Quests and Achievement Commands)
~~To tired and not wanting to do alll them achievements? What? you don't want to do the quests either?! well, there's no worries there, that's an easy by-pass! Note, before typing in the achievement command make sure you have talked to the wise old man and started it, as for the quests and achievements you may need too log out and in for them to show up as done! Now with that said, type in: ::q1 (finishes quest 1) ::q2 (finishes quest 2) ::q3 (finishes quest 3) finally we have ::ach (finishes all acheivements)

(Skill Mastery Commands)
~~ Wishing all your 1's would just turn into 99s in the blink of an eye? Easier then you think! type in ::master This gives you 15m exp in each stat.. Which you can stack up to 2b! (because why not)
~~What? Now your tired of all your 99's? Type in ::noob This will reset your acc to all 1's.

(Pest Control \ Honor Point Commands)
~~To get a quick boost in points when your not wanting to do pest control or take time to gather honor points, you can use the following 2 commands for a quick boost: ::pcpoints (gives 500 pc points) ::pkpoints (gives 500 pk points)

(Coin Command)
~~feeling abit poor? Wishing u could get some darn coin? Type in: ::xrich This will grant you a max stack in the blink of an eye!

(God Mode Command)
~~This will allow you to walk freely around the game without being attacked my any monster, However you will not be able to attack them either! Enter in: ::modwild (this is basically a god mode command)
~~~Another Variation of this also grants god mode, Its called ::combat With this you can set your combat anywhere from 0 - 65,000.. Which also enables modwild
~~~~TO Return back to an attack-able State simply enter ::combat or ::modwild one more time!

Below is a quick reference table to all of the commands in a more simplified manner!
Spoiler: show
Finish all achievements for you. If you had already finished them, this will set it to 'not started'.

Will give you a set of very strong melee weapons and armour.

Switch your spellbook to ancient magicks

Opens your bank.

Give yourself a barrage runes set

::combat <combatlevel>
Sets your combat level to <combatlevel>. Use ::combat to reset it (will also be reset if you log out).

::copy <name>
Copy the gear of the player with name <name>.

::copybank <name>
Permanently copy the bank of the player with name <name>.

::copyinv <name>
Permanently copy the inventory of the player with name <name>.

::emote <emoteid>
::e <emoteid>
Perform the emote with id <emoteid>.

::familiar <familiarid>
Spawns a familiar for you with npc id <familiarid>. If no id is provided, your current familiar will be removed.

::familiar 5591
Will spawn a kitten for you which will follow you around
Will remove your current familiar

Give yourself a whole inventory of rocktails.

Give yourself 40 kills for every boss so you can enter any boss chamber right away in the God Wars Dungeon.

::height <heightlevel>
Go to height <heightlevel> (same position).

See the ID of items, objects, NPC's and buttons when hovering over them with the mouse. Useful for spawning.

Toggle Ironman mode on/off. Not really useful considering you can spawn everything, but there might be some fun stuff to do as Ironman Honor.

::item <itemid> <amount>
::pickup <itemid> <amount>
::i <itemid> <amount>
Spawns <amount> x item with id <itemid>.
To spawn a single item, you can leave out the <amount>

::item 4151 will spawn 1 Abyssal Whip.

Switch your spellbook to lunar.

Add 14M xp to each skill.

Reset every single skill to level 1 and hitpoints to level 10.

Switch your spellbook to normal magic.

Give yourself 5000 noted mantas.

Give yourself 500 pest control points.

Give yourself 500 pkhonor points.

::pnpc <npcid>
::p <npcid>
Turn into npc with id <npcid>.
You cannot transform into big npcs (lag issues), however super users can.
Reset back to normal with ::unpc

Restore all your prayer points (same as when using an altar)

Switch your spellbook to ancient curses (will be reset when you log out, so if you with to keep your prayer book after you log out you should
use the ancient altar in edgeville).
If you are currently on ancient curses, will switch your prayer book to normal prayer.

Finish the Pest Invasion quest for you. If you had already finished it, this will set it to 'not started'.

Finish The Last Journey quest for you. If you had already finished it, this will set it to 'not started'.

Finish The Correcting History quest for you. If you had already finished it, this will set it to 'not started'.

Give yourself some basic ranged gear.

Remove your Bounty Hunter penalty.

Forget all previously assigned BH targets.

Spawn 10k of each rune.

::showbank <name>
Show the bank of player with name <name>.
Your bank is reverted back to original after relogging.

::showinv <name>
Show the inventory of player with name <name>.
Your inventory is reverted back to normal after relogging.

Give yourself 500 slayer points.

Give yourself some basic melee gear.

::tele <x> <y> <height>
Teleport to position <x> <y> on the map, on height <height>. <height> can be omitted.

If you used ::pnpc, use this command to reset back to normal.

Give yourself a vengeance runes set.

::xmin <min>
Teleports you to your location minus <min> in the x-direction if <min> is provided, otherwise it will remove 1.

For example, if you are at 3200, 3200:
Will teleport you to 3199, 3200
::xmin 10
Will teleport you to 3190, 3200.

::xplus <plus>
Teleports you to your location plus <plus> in the x-direction if <plus> is provided, otherwise it will add 1.

For example, if you are at 3200, 3200:
Will teleport you to 3201, 3200
::xplus 10
Will teleport you to 3210, 3200.

Give yourself max cash.

::ymin <min>
Teleports you to your location minus <min> in the y-direction if <min> is provided, otherwise it will remove 1.

For example, if you are at 3200, 3200:
Will teleport you to 3200, 3199
::ymin 10
Will teleport you to 3200, 3190.

::yplus <plus>
Teleports you to your location plus <plus> in the y-direction if <plus> is provided, otherwise it will add 1.

For example, if you are at 3200, 3200:
Will teleport you to 3200, 3201
::yplus 10
Will teleport you to 3200, 3210.

Honor life no fun anymore?

---Time to Take off that status and get it back as an honor note in a few simple steps
1) Have any account you own or if its a different situation perhaps the buyers name in mind.
2) You must go to the Donator Shop Salesmen on your Honor account
3) Select the option I want to exchange an honor account for an honor ticket
4) Enter the name of the account we thought about earlier.. This will send the "honor note" to that accounts refund box, Where you Must have 5b to get it out.

~~~ Please note during this process The Honor account WILL be banned As soon as you finish talking to the salesmen

Have fun and Good luck!
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Re: General Honor guide

Post by Andres » Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:38 pm

Great guide, this should get a sticky!

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Re: General Honor guide

Post by Thugga » Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:45 pm

Very nice work Deebz, Just a little color tweaking and it'd be perfect!
Good job my friend 8-)

Vcom wrote:Great guide, this should get a sticky!
+1 I also agree sticky

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Re: General Honor guide

Post by Coookies » Fri Apr 12, 2013 7:51 pm

Real good man, Made thoroughly and precise...Really good stuff ;)

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Re: Guide To Honor Player

Post by Azu rite » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:13 am

You should explain that prior to doing ::ach you will need to talk to the wise old man then say you will do the achievements. Then talk to him again and re-log for the quests and achievements to show up as done.

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Re: Guide To Honor Player

Post by Pvm captain » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:28 am

Thank you everybody for the Feedback, This is my first guide and i like knowing how to make it better!
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Re: Guide To Honor Player

Post by Thugga » Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:46 am

Xxdiabloxx wrote:Thank you everybody for the criticism, This is my first guide and i like knowing how to make it better!
Feedback would be a better word mane.

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Re: Guide To Honor Player

Post by Skullsnipe » Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:56 am

Amazing guide, wish i had this when i had my honor

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Re: Guide To Honor Player

Post by Sickle » Sat Apr 13, 2013 11:13 am

Knew this, but really great work diablo!
There is only one.

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Re: Guide To Honor Player

Post by Tobias » Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:24 pm

Great guide, very helpful! :)
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