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Forum Guides [ Registering ]

Post by Maurits » Wed Aug 14, 2013 9:40 pm

~ Forum Guides - [ REGISTERING ] ~
Welcome to my guide on how to register on forums.
When you're ingame, type ::forums and you will be send to this screen.

Keep your mouse on the Login/Register button and click on "Register".
Once you've done that you should see the following screen.

Enter your in-game name and in-game password to link your in-game account to the forums.
Once you've filled in your information correctly, simply click on "Submit" to continue to this screen...

Here you should fill in an existing email address that you still use, this for when you need to recover your password if you were to forget it.
The password should contain atleast: One uppercase character, One lowercase character and one number.

Examples that will work: Pietdewit123, AmazingBazinga810991, Leprechaun71771.

Examples that won't work: amazingbazinga7771, Amazingbazinga, leprechaun.

Simply click on "Submit" to continue and you should be getting this message..


You are now registered on the Pkhonor forums, goodjob!

Guide you may be interested in after registering: Guide on Posting a Topic/Reply.