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Welcome to PkHonor

Post by PkHonor » Fri Jun 22, 2018 8:50 pm

Hello and Welcome to PKHonor!
PkHonor is an oldschool style RSPS that has been around since May of 2008. The server was originally a 317 source and converted to the OSRS source in late 2016.
We are an economy RSPS with excellent skilling, pvming, and pking.
In-Game Help

If you are looking for help ingame, Helpers Image , Player Moderators Image Image Image , and Administrators Image are all available for questions. The best way to get help ingame is by joining the "Help" or "Pkhonor" clan chat. In order to talk in a clan chat, type a forward slash followed by your message.
Example: /Where can I find black dragons?
Alternatively, you can click the big red help button at the bottom of your client to submit a help request. If you need to contact a moderator, typing ::staff ingame will bring up a list of moderators who are currently logged into the game.

Helpful Info and Links

The Wiki is the best source of information. You will be able to find the answer to most of your questions somewhere within. You can search the wiki in-game by typing ::wiki followed by a search term. The forums also have many useful features including account support sections and discussion sections.