The construction skill

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The construction skill

Postby Mike » Tue Aug 06, 2013 1:35 pm

Below, you will find a guide on:
  • How to get started
  • Where to obtain materials
  • What benefits the construction skill offers.

Getting started
To buy a house, simply talk to the Estate Agent in Varrock. He can be found at the North-West side of the Varrock square, next to the Player-Owned House portal.
Depending on how much you pay the agent, you can build up to a certain amount of rooms. Prices are as follows:
  • 3 rooms: 1 million coins
  • 12 rooms: 20 million coins
  • 25 rooms: 100 million coins (donator and premium only)
  • 150 rooms: 2 billion coins (premium only)

Furthermore, the estage agent also offers the option to hire a servant. A servant costs 200 million coins and will follow you around in your house. He provides free access to your bank and can tell you how many rooms you currently have in your house. If you have guests in your house, they too have access to their bank through the servant.

The estate agent sells maps, landscapes, portraits and alchemical charts which you can use to decorate your quest hall or study.

He also sells brawling gloves, which cost 500 million coins and for which you need level 99 construction to buy and wear. If you wear these gloves while training the skill associated with the gloves, you will receive +30% XP and PkHonor points.

Obtaining construction materials
-> Normal planks: 150 xp
Oak planks: 250 xp
Teak planks: 350 xp
Mahogany planks: 500 xp
To make planks, first cut logs of the appropriate type at the Woodcutting area (Spellbook -> Skilling teleport) or buy them from other players.
Then you can choose between using the plank make spell (which costs 2 astral runes, 15 earth runes and 10 nature runes) or by going to the sawmill operator who will saw all your logs into planks for 60,000 coins per plank. You can find the sawmill operator in the building just West of the bank in Seer's village (Spellbook -> Cities teleport).

-> Bolt of cloth: 5 xp, can be bought at the Crafting store for 1000 coins

-> Soft clay: 5 xp, can be mined at the crafting guild (Spellbook -> Skilling teleport)
Note that you can only mine hard clay. To make soft clay from hard clay, use the clay on a water source such as a sink.

-> Limestone block: 10 xp, can be mined at the crafting guild
This requires a mining level of 10 and a crafting level of 12. You also need a hammer and a chisel in your inventory for this.

-> Marble block: 70 xp, can be mined at the crafting guild.
This requires a mining and crafting level of 99. You also need a hammer and a chisel in your inventory for this.

-> Gold leaf: 1,000 xp
To get gold leaves, bring gold bars to the stonemason in the crafting guild, who will turn all your gold bars into gold leaves for 150,000 coins per leaf

-> Magic stone: 5,000 xp
This item can only be obtained from elite clue caskets. They can however be traded freely between players.

-> Bagged plants: 1 xp - 800xp
These are sold in the gardening supplies shop, in the building just west of the bank in Seer's village (Spellbook -> Cities teleport). Prices vary from 200 coins to 200,000 coins

-> Steel bar: 2 xp
Nails: 0 xp

Any other items you use in construction not listed here will not yield any construction experience. If you use coins to buy something (for example a monster in your dungeon), the amount of XP you get is 1/400th of the amount of coins you spend. This is capped at 5,000 XP.

Construction benefits
Note that only the owner of the house will receive extra XP or PkHonor Points.
Guests will be able to use all furniture, but they will not get any bonuses, unless they wear Brawling gloves of the appropriate skill. Brawling gloves always give +30% experience.

-> Fireplace: you can burn logs in them and will receive extra firemaking XP
- Clay fireplace: +5% firemaking XP
- Stone fireplace: +10% firemaking XP
- Marble fireplace: +15% firemaking XP

-> Bookcase: this shows an overview of how long you have been playing, your kills/deaths, pkhonor points and all your achievements in PkHonor. With achievements, we mean the following:
- The amount of times you killed a boss monster (KBD, KQ, Nex, Graardor, Kree'Arra, Kril'Tsutsaroth, Zilyana, Corporeal beast, Nomad)
- The amount of rare items you have obtained (godswords, torva, pernix, virtus, zaryte bow, dragon claws, morph ring, spirit sigil)
- When (if) you obtained level 99 construction
- When (if) you have obtained 2 billion XP in any skill
- How many times you won the lottery

-> Trees: you can chop these down, giving +15% woodcutting XP.
Note that using an inferno adze in a player-owned house will also result in +15% firemaking XP while cutting logs.

-> Provides dungeon access

-> Kitchen larder: here, you can obtain all ingredients to make a pizza.
Note that you don't need to combine tomato and cheese with a pizza base, you simply need to have all the ingredients in your inventory and use the pizza dough on a range.
- Wooden larder: meat for meat pizza (45 cooking, 2000 xp, 2 bites, heals 10 per bite)
- Oak larder: anchovy for anchovy pizza (65 cooking, 3500 xp, 2 bites, heals 12 per bite)
- Teak larder: pineapple rings for pineapple pizza (85 cooking, 5000 xp, 2 bites, heals 14 per bite)

-> Cooking range: can be used to cook food on, you'll receive extra cooking XP and burn rates are lower.
- Firepit: no extra xp or lower burn rates
- Firepit with hook: +3% cooking xp, -6% burn rate
- Firepit with pot: +5% cooking xp, -10% burn rate
- Small oven: +7% cooking xp, -14% burn rate
- Large oven: +9% cooking xp, -18% burn rate
- Steel range: +12% cooking xp, -24% burn rate
- Fancy range: +15% cooking xp, -30% burn rate

-> Sink: you can make soft clay from hard clay or refill a watering can or bucket here. Soft clay will be made faster and buckets will be filled faster.
- Pump and drain: no speed bonus
- Pump and tub: 2x the normal speed of creating soft clay and filling buckets
- Sink: 3x the normal speed of creating soft clay and filling buckets

-> Shelves: provide beer glasses (same for all levels)

-> Beer barrel: provides an infinite amount of beer (for guests as well). All beers and ales you need can be bought at ::chill.
- Normal beer: get wasted for free
- Cider:
- Asgarnian ale:
- Greenman's ale:
- Dragon bitter:
- Chef's delight:
(to be continued)

-> Cat basket: currently has no use, will be used by cats and kittens once they have been added

Dining room:
-> Bell pull: call your servant (if you have any). If your servant is already following you, this will not do anything.

-> Workbench: create planks from logs at a discount
- Wooden workbench: 2% discount (58.8k coins per plank)
- Oak workbench: 4% discount (57.6k coins per plank)
- Steel framed workbench: 6% discount (56.4k coins per plank)
- Bench with vice: 8% discount (55.2k coins per plank)
- Bench with lathe: 10% discount (54k coins per plank)

-> Repair stand: fixes barrows equipment at a discount and gives a chance at repairing chaotic equipment at no cost.
To use the stand, simply use the broken item on the stand.
- Repair bench: 20% discount on fixing barrows equipment, 20% chance at not using up a kit when repairing chaotic equipment
- Whetstone: 40% discount on fixing barrows equipment, 40% chance at not using up a kit when repairing chaotic equipment
- Armour stand: 60% discount on fixing barrows equipment, 60% chance at not using up a kit when repairing chaotic equipment

-> Clockmaker's bench: here you can make clockwork and toys. All toys can follow you around as if they were pets.
Making clockwork or toys only gives a small amounts of crafting xp.
- Clockmaker's bench 1: clockwork (lvl 50 crafting)
- Clockmaker's bench 2: clockwork (lvl 50 crafting), toy soldier (lvl 70 crafting)
- Clockmaker's bench 3: clockwork (lvl 50 crafting), toy soldier (lvl 70 crafting), toy doll (lvl 75 crafting)
- Clockmaker's bench 4: clockwork (lvl 50 crafting), toy soldier (lvl 70 crafting), toy doll (lvl 75 crafting), toy mouse (lvl 80 crafting), toy cat (lvl 80 crafting)

-> Tool store: provides all tools you could need for construction, crafting, farming and firemaking

-> Dresser/wardrobe: buy costumes

Skill hall:
-> Provides stairs to access the dungeon or first floor

Quest hall:
-> Provides stairs to access the dungeon or first floor
-> Amulet of glory: provides free teleportation to Karamja Island

Games room
This room currently has no uses. Minigames for the games room will be added later.

Combat room:
-> Boxing ring, fencing ring, combat ring, ranging pedestals: duel another player for fun. First to die or leave the ring loses.
Note that this is a safe activity, meaning you cannot lose any items on death.

-> Telescope: if you are on a treasure trail, you can see the area near your current clue location, giving you an idea of where to look
- Wooden telescope: see an area within 120 squares of the clue location
- Oak telescope: see an area within 80 squares of the clue location
- Teak telescope: see an area within 40 squares of the clue location

-> Lectern: craft teletabs at a lower level than 99 and get extra runecrafting XP
- Oak lectern: no bonuses
- Eagle/demon lectern: craft teletabs at runecrafting level 89, +10% bonus runecrafting xp
- Teak eagle/demon lectern: craft teletabs at runecrafting level 79, +20% bonus runecrafting xp
- Mahogany eagle/demon lectern: craft teletabs at runecrafting level 69, +30% bonus runecrafting xp

Costume room
No uses at the moment

-> Altar: you can offer bones on it and will receive extra prayer xp.
Both the level of the altar and the level of the burners determine how much extra you get.
To get the highest possible extra xp, use a gilded altar and marble burners. Those two combined will give +15% prayer xp.
- Oak altar: +1% prayer xp
- Teak altar: +2% prayer xp
- Cloth altar: +3% prayer xp
- Mahogany altar: +4% prayer xp
- Limestone altar: +5% prayer xp
- Marble altar: +6% prayer xp
- Gilded altar: +8% prayer xp

- Steel torches: +1% prayer xp
- Wooden torches: +2% prayer xp
- Steel candlesticks: +3% prayer xp
- Gold candlesticks: +4% prayer xp
- Incense burners: +5% prayer xp
- Mahogany burners: +6% prayer xp
- Marble burners: +7% prayer xp

Portal chamber:
-> Bork portal: teleport to bork, once a day you can kill him for a lot of slayer xp and slayer points, if you kill him again after that you'll get less until 20 hours have passed
-> Slayer cave (donator only)
-> Frost dragons (premium only)

Formal garden:
-> Fountain: offers the same as the fountain of heroes in edgeville, higher level fountains give a higher boost

Throne room:
-> Lever: choose whether the dungeon is a pVm (dangerous) or pVp (safe) area. You can also use this to activate the trapdoor in the middle of the throne room, any players caught in the trap will end up in the oubliette below.
Note that pVp mode needs to be enabled to use this. Therefore, if a player falls into the oubliette, he cannot lose any items upon death.
If the house owner chooses to switch to pVm (dangerous) mode while there are still guests in the dungeons, those guests will be teleported out.

Dungeon oubliette, junction and corridor
-> (oubliette only) provides access to your throne room
-> Monsters can be placed here, which can be assigned as slayer tasks by a slayer master. If you kill monsters in your dungeon while on a slayer assignment, you'll receive +30% slayer points, slayer XP and pkhonor points.

Dungeon stairs room
-> Provides access to your garden, formal garden, skill hall or quest hall

Dungeon treasure room
-> A guardian and a chest can be placed here. In order to open the chest, you first need to defeat the guardian, which will drop the key to the chest.
The reward inside the chest depends on the levels of both the chest and the guardian. Note that only the house owner can obtain a key as a drop from the guardian, if a guest kills the guardian and the owner is absent, no key will be dropped.

At construction level 99, a magic chest can be made with Nomad as guardian. Only if you have both of these, you can obtain a unique item: the Morph Ring.
This ring is untradeable. When worn, it will transform you into a monster with appropriate attack and defence bonuses. You can not use this ring in pVp activities or in the wilderness.
To transform into a stronger monster, the Morph Ring needs to be charged. This can be done with slayer points (1 charge per 20 slayer points), or by having the ring in your inventory while killing other players in the wilderness (1 charge per kill). Note that you cannot attack players while transformed, only NPC's.
You can freely choose which monster to transform into, as long as you have the required amount of charges for that specific monster.
The following monsters are available for transformation:
- Kitten: 0 charges
- Cat: 10 charges
- Imp: 20 charges
- Goblin: 40 charges
- Unicorn: 80 charges
- Spirit hound: 100 charges
- Barbarian spirit: 150 charges
- Saradomin priest (can be used for The Last Journey quest): 200 charges
- Ork (can be used for The Last Journey quest): 250 charges
- Werewolf (can be used for The Last Journey quest): 300 charges
- Aviansie (can be used for The Last Journey quest): 350 charges
- Ancient mage: 500 charges (special: next spell deals double damage and heals you for half the damage)
- Ancient ranger: 550 charges (special: next attack always hits, deals double damage and deals minimum 20 damage)
- Ancient warrior: 600 charges (special: next attack has increased accuracy and deals triple damage)
- Archmage: 750 charges (special: block all incoming damage for the next 3 minutes)
- Death: 1000 charges (passive: heals 20% of all damage dealt at the cost of some prayer points, special: next attack always hits, deals up to 255 damage and restores prayer points)

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