Pkhonor video comp???

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Re: Pkhonor video comp???

Post by Iron adam » Wed Jan 23, 2019 5:47 am

You have been doing it constantly for the past month. I have deleted 8 of your posts. You have 3 warnings.
Will be ok wrote:also weird when i was getting flamed at edge ditch by 5 apes you had made a comment then said "just log off" to me? "egolith" is a witness as he replied "admin btw" "telling people to log off"
"Your butt-buddy that mark will make him eat ass"
"Read very carefully ok?"
"Ik it's hard for you monkeys to understand ok?"
"Mark throat fucked counterret in 1v1's"

Pretty clear you were the one flaming. At this point I said I would check their record for you and that it was 7-1 in counterret's favor. At this point you went afk.
Will be ok wrote:tell me again how you do not pick and choose sides?
Well I literally pk with them, so obviously I am going to take their side on most things if I agree with them. I am allowed to play the game as a normal player without being under constant scrutiny. But when it comes to issuing punishments. I am unbiased. If I was biased, you would still be banned for RWT and counterret would not be banned. But shocker, I actually followed the staff guidelines. Imagine that. Done wasting my energy on you for now. Have a good one.

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