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Post by Lieven » Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:08 pm

Admin adam wrote:
Thelategamer wrote:I didn't know that and I've been playing this server for a few years. Maybe it would be beneficial to have some type of announcement on how to report a player properly if we're really trying to crack down on this type of behavior.
I mean, that's just a tip for veteran players. Honestly, if someone isn't capable of taking a screenshot on your computer and sending it to someone in 2019 idk. Gyazo, ::ss, Print screen button and crop it. Upload and send url. I can be reached just about anywhere. Forums Report section, Forums pm, discord dm, email me the pictures at [email protected], pm me the image url ingame. It is such an easy thing to do. The community claiming that reporting is too hard just means that they are lazy. And if they don't want to take action with something, they probably wont get the results they want.

I get so many pms ingame along the lines of "Player A called me a racial slur, please mute him". I ask for a screenshot and they say that they cba.
It's not the incapability, but that they can't be arsed doing so. Afterall, why go through procedures and actual effort to get a player muted hours or potentially days (depending on how active staff is) after they said some dumb stuff? When stuff like that is happening, they want a solution "right now". The solution Jagex offers is a few logs of the most recent chat to be sent for review or W.E, so it's low effort for players to report people who actually break rules. It's not an instant mute, but it doesn't have to be as you know there's proof out there without having to take screenshots allday long and report them by going through the process of uploading the picture and making a new thread. What we currently have just disrupts the gameplay more than that the person who broke the rules is lmao, so people reporting are either really got heavily offended because they belong to some ethnic group or have a deceased family member that the person made remarks on (e.g edgy "yo mama" jokes), or there's some beef between the two players already.

When they ask you upfront and that they're being flamed at that moment, yeah it's kinda stupid that they don't send you some ss on discord.
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