28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

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28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Mike » Wed Feb 28, 2018 3:46 pm

The wilderness achievement diary is almost complete, all it really needs is final approval - and perhaps a few extra challenges - from our community. If you believe any of the listed achievements need to be changed or others added, now is your chance to say so! Rewards for completing the achievement diary (aside from being a completionist cape requirement) will be announced soon.

In the meantime, please see below for today's updates. We have opted to re-enable Bounty Hunter for all players who had it disabled, so players are made aware of what they are missing out on when they disable it. To disable your Bounty Hunter, simply talk to Nastroth near the PK leaderboard in Edgeville.

The following changes to the wilderness and Bounty Hunter have been released:
  • Whenever you PK items that are worth Slayer Points, Pest Control Points or PkHonor Points, you now always receive 30 - 80% of the original shop price in SP/PC/PKP. If you have Bounty Hunter enabled, you receive 60 - 80% of the original shop price instead. When you lose such items in PvM, you only receive 10 - 30% of the shop price
  • On top of the bonus listed above, players who have Bounty Hunter enabled now receive the following bonuses in the wilderness: +30% PkHonor Points on player kills, double PkHonor Points from PvM kills, +20% slayer, combat, cooking, smithing, firemaking, hunter & agility XP, 20% faster mining, woodcutting and fishing, an extra slayer streak upon completing slayer tasks and +20% bonus drops in PvM (including pet and clue drops)
  • You now have the ability to enable "Bounty Hunter zones" at Nastroth. When you enable these zones on your account, you will only get a target assigned that is in level 1 - 5 wilderness if you are also in level 1 - 5 wilderness. If you are in level 6+ wilderness, you will only get a target assigned that is also in level 6+ wilderness. This option is disabled on default
  • The Bounty Hunter penalty after killing a target is now always 60 seconds (30 seconds if you are ranked on the PK leaderboard). When you die, there is no penalty at all
  • There is now a 100% chance to receive an Emblem (tier 1) on a BH target kill if you don't have any emblems on your account yet
  • When you kill a BH target that is carrying an emblem (tier 2 or higher), you will always receive their emblem as a drop, degraded by 1 - 4 tiers (random)
  • Whenever you kill a BH target, there is now always a 20% chance of receiving a new Emblem (tier 1), even if you already have one or more emblems on your account. During Bounty Hunter Events or Wilderness Events, this chance is increased to 30%
  • You now have 20 minutes to kill a Bounty Hunter target before being assigned a new one (instead of 15 minutes). There is no penalty if you don't manage to kill your target in time, so you can get assigned a new one right away after the 20 minutes
  • You are now allowed to leave the wilderness for up to 4 minutes (instead of 3 minutes). In order to prevent players from continuously leaving and re-entering the wilderness, this timer only goes back up slowly after re-entering. For every 3 seconds in the wilderness, you are allowed to leave for 1 more second, up to a maximum of 4 minutes. The same applies for entering a wilderness level that's too low to fight your target. If you leave the wilderness for too long, you now receive a penalty of 2 - 5 minutes, depending on the maximum emblem tier you have on your account (1 - 2.5 minutes if you are ranked on the PK leaderboard)
  • When logging out, you now have 15 seconds to log back in before your target is reset (rather than instantly being reset on logout). You are only allowed to do this once per target, otherwise you will receive a 2 - 5 minute penalty
  • A welfare melee set has been added to the Bounty Hunter store, costing only 80 Bounty Hunter Points and containing a dragon scimitar, obsidian shield, rune platebody, rune platelegs, berserker helm, amulet of strength and rune boots (suggestions for changes or additions are welcome)

Most of these changes were made based on feedback from our community, along with what we deem to be the best for our community and the wilderness in general. We are always open to suggestions and improvements to our system, so our players can get the best out of their PK'ing experience.

Several items in the Bounty Hunter store have also had a price adjustment and now cost (in Bounty Hunter Points):
Spoiler: show
  • Adamant Defender: 750 (from 1000)
  • Rune Defender: 3000 (from 2000)
  • Book of war: 30000 (from 7500)
  • Book of law: 30000 (from 7500)
  • Book of darkness: 30000 (from 7500)
  • Chaotic Rapier 20: 50000 (from 75000)
  • Chaotic Longsword 20: 65000 (from 75000)
  • Chaotic Staff 20: 40000 (from 60000)
  • Fighter torso: 2500 (from 50000)
  • Helm of neitiznot: 1000 (from 1250)
  • Mithril gloves: 30 (from 2000)
  • Barrows gloves: 4000 (from 40000)
  • Vesta's chainbody: 20000 (from 25000)
  • Corrupt Vesta's chainbody: 12000 (from 7500)
  • Vesta's plateskirt: 20000 (from 25000)
  • Corrupt Vesta's plateskirt: 12000 (from 7500)
  • Statius's platebody: 20000 (from 25000)
  • Corrupt Statius's platebody: 15000 (from 7500)
  • Corrupt Statius's platelegs: 15000 (from 7500)
  • Hand Cannon Shot: 75 (from 125)
  • Master wand: 1500 (from 5000)
  • Mage's book: 450 (from 5000)
  • Corrupt Vesta's longsword: 10000 (from 7500)
  • Corrupt Vesta's spear: 12000 (from 7500)
  • Zuriel's staff: 15000 (from 20000)
  • Corrupt Zuriel's staff: 8000 (from 7500)
  • Corrupt Statius's warhammer: 15000 (from 7500)
  • Ahrim's armour set: 12000 (from 15000)
  • Dharok's armour set: 30000 (from 20000)
  • Guthan's armour set: 10000 (from 15000)
  • Verac's armour set: 10000 (from 15000)
  • Pure melee set: 2500 (from 5000)
  • Main melee set: 16000 (from 10000)
  • Hybrid set: 26000 (from 12500)
  • Imbue scroll: 150000 (from 45000)
  • Barrage runes pouch: 2500 (from 7500)
  • Vengeance runes pouch: 1000 (from 5000)
  • Manta ray: 10 (from 15)
  • Shark: 5 (from 10)
  • Potions box: 3500 (from 5000)
  • Teleport crystal (4): 750 (from 500)

4 PvM Completionist Cape requirements have also been added today. These only affect players who have not yet obtained a Comp Cape. Due to technical limitations, those who already have one will still be able to wear it even if they don't meet these 4 requirements:
  • 100 Dagannoth King kills (the sum total of your kills of all 3 Kings is counted together)
  • 50 Zulrah kills
  • 50 Kalphite Queen kills (used to be 20)
  • 50 Chaos Elemental kills (used to be 20)

Other improvements & bugfixes:
  • Whenever you are able to vote on one of the top 4 toplists, you will now receive an in-game notification. These notifications can be disabled at the voting store salesman in Varrock
  • Fixed a bug where players who use DPI scaling on their computer couldn't take a proper screenshot
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to extend your current slayer task through an enchanted gem or slayer helmet
  • Fixed a bug where the Max Cape was not included in the Completionist Cape price (visual bug, as it did always cost you a Max Cape to buy a Comp Cape)
  • Made a few visual improvements to the Wise Old Man achievement list & dialogues
  • Added a glacor on Morph height in the slayer cave
  • Fixed a bug with extending slayer tasks
  • The 4 Nex mages are now immune against venom

Finally, there is a Bounty Hunter weekend, starting in:

and ending in:

Enjoy! And remember, we welcome any and all feedback and suggestions regarding both our Bounty Hunter system and the new wilderness achievement diary!

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Im on meth » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:11 pm

Nice work :thumbsup:

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Billyx » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:16 pm

Thanks guy's!

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Isaac » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:20 pm

Awesome updates as always.

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Troll n roll » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:27 pm

Nice! Good changed to the penalties!

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Ely » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:30 pm

Looks great!

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby The underdog » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:43 pm

Me like most of it :thumbsup:

Except for the mass dc

Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Moleman » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:54 pm

Looks alright!

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Grizzly mint » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:43 am

Some magical improvements to BH, and the wildy in general. Great work. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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Re: 28 February Updates: Bounty Hunter rework

Postby Skiller » Thu Mar 01, 2018 2:57 am

Actually saw like 5-6 fights happening simultaneously in Edge today!!!!! LIIIIIIIIT


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