Raj's WIP Thread

PkHonor's work in progress and future updates will be posted here.
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Raj's WIP Thread

Post by Raj » Mon Mar 13, 2023 10:26 am

Hello gamers,

I'm going to be keeping notes here on all my work, and its completion status. Keep in mind I have a job, and a few side projects, and I'm a gamer, so these things may come along slowly at times and very quickly at others.

If anyone has development experience and would like to help with small subproblems, let me know.

So here's a big list. I will periodically update this list as things get done. There's a few features I'm working on which aren't included here, either because adding them would be a chore relative to the substance of the changes, and also because there are things which simply can't be known until the day they're released because of the merchers.

Color codes:
Spoiler: show
Feature color codes:
  • In progress
  • Beta
  • Submitted for review

Subtask codes:
  • Todo
  • In progress
  • Done with minor todos, or todos dependent on other subtasks
  • Done

Combat Achievements
Spoiler: show
Tasks remaining to be completed:
  • Zulrah Mechanical
  • More grandmasters
UI work:
  • Filtering by boss
  • Filtering by task type
  • "Send failure messages" setting
  • Rewards
  • Boss/type filtering behavior
  • "Send failure messages" implementation
Tombs of Amascut
Spoiler: show
  • Instance abstraction (thank Mike)
  • Path abstraction
  • Action handling backend improvement: giving easy access to arbitrary object state for object/NPC click processing
  • Invocations/scaling
  • Party system


I have deliberately started with the most difficult problems, and I'm quite upset with myself for it.

  • Light beam/mirror reflection
  • Light beam collision
  • Puzzle layout generation
  • Seal behavior
  • Dark orb things
  • Pickaxe storage
  • Spikes
  • Poison
  • Water mechanics (waterfalls/tree)
  • Crocodile NPC
  • Puzzle 1
  • Puzzle 2
  • Puzzle 3
  • Puzzle 4
  • Puzzle 5
  • Baboon NPCs
  • Waves
  • Repair/DD mechanics - Someone with experience with team ToA, please message me. I only know the solo mechanics for this room.

Boss fights:
All (this section is itself a todo)
Charged Item Refactor - Bughunter is over, but beta is still running
Spoiler: show
  • Charged item abstraction

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Re: Raj's WIP Thread

Post by Raj » Tue Mar 14, 2023 2:56 pm

Made big progress today on the light puzzle generation. Here's the closest anyone will get to a rendering of it until tomorrow (minimum) when I finish and tweak it.
Spoiler: show
Screenshot 2023-03-14 090020.png
Spoiler: show
Screenshot 2023-03-14 085959.png
Spoiler: show
Screenshot 2023-03-14 085332.png
Basically, the solution was to generate a guaranteed possible light beam path (indicated by L), and then place barriers (indicated by B) around it in a way that they don't block the guaranteed solution. The block of X's is the unwalkable area in the middle of the room reserved for the Caster and Shielded Statues, and the Protected/Weakened Seal.

Still need to add breakable barriers and random mirrors, but it's something.
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Re: Raj's WIP Thread

Post by Raj » Fri Mar 17, 2023 11:24 pm

Light beam collision
Puzzle layout generation

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Re: Raj's WIP Thread

Post by Raj » Mon Mar 27, 2023 7:31 pm

Hello all, so I am indeed making progress on the Tombs, but slowly. Past few days I’m mostly grinding my own project(s), since I’m currently jobless as of a few days ago and I now have the ability to do that without worrying about intellectual property and conflicts of interest and non-competes and whatnot.

I found out the animations in our cache for Akkha and co. (his shadows) are just broken. The data for the animation frames simply isn’t there. So I’m needing some help from Mike on that. But I’m still progressing through the puzzles for now. The last thing I did was set up mining for Het’s Seal, triggered room finish on its death, and set up the events that need to happen when the room is finished (for raid progression and whatnot).

The biggest time sink is that I’m rewriting a bunch of old systems so that they’re less bug prone and have robust and intuitive APIs. Like I had to make heavy modifications to the World Object system to allow for moving the mirrors with the right click “push” option, updating the position both on the server and on player clients by just calling object.setX(x). I also needed the java objects for world objects to be a bit more mutable so I could just keep a list of puzzle objects without needing to modify that list and add new objects every time a player moves a mirror or breaks a barrier. Previously these things would make a new java object with its own reference. I believe I fixed a bug where objects which would disappear after some time would be unwalkable, despite being invisible, in the process.

Essentially, things will substantially increase in speed as I go along due to having progressively better tools to use. However, initially writing those tools is going to be a time sink.