My "resignation"

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My "resignation"

Postby Andres » Mon Jun 25, 2018 3:24 pm

Some of you already noticed, some of you did not.
I officially take distance from the Developer rank here in PkHonor.

there are several reasons that led to my 'resignation".
One of them is the community and the other one is my attitude towards the community.

When I started coding for PkHonor I wanted to give the community more updates on a on a regular basis.
But with creating those updates, a part of the community claimed that I only develop for my 'personal gain'.

When I was promoted to trial developer I did put a lot of hours in understanding/reading the code to make some features afterwards.
And it is just not fun getting so much negative reactions for something you love doing because the updates are not the ones you are looking for.
It demotivates you instead of motivating. No one likes to put hours into something just to read that the update sucks, or is made for personal gain only.
I never denied the fact that I prefer making ironman content because 'I am an iron man player" myself. But claiming that I only make stuff for my own benefit is wrong.
If you are honest to yourself, you should know that I pushed out a lot of content that did benefit both regular and ironman players.

Another reason I step down from my rank is myself.

I am the first one to admit that I don't always have the correct mindset and attitude that is expected from me.
But it's hard for me to keep my head cool when they throw so many (false) accusations towards you, and it is indeed something I should work on, and I will.

However, I will take a (long) break from PkHonor as a developer to work on myself and come back better.
When I come back I will also stop playing the game completely as a player.

I found out the hard way that you are simply not allowed to play this game as a developer.
Because apparently you code for your own benefits paired with a lot of 'special treatment'.
Which isn't true at all by the way.

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