Ancient Repair Kit Poll

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Add ancient repair kits to Brimstone chests, rewarding kits at comparable rates to Nex
Don't add ancient repair kits to Brimstone chests
Double Nex's Ancient Repair kit drops
Triple Nex's Ancient Repair kit drops
Don't increase Nex's Ancient Repair kit drops
Drop 10 noted kits with Nex item drops
Don't drop 10 noted kits with Nex item drops
On death, drop the contained charges rounded down, noted
On death, destroy all the contained charges, as it is now
Total votes: 126

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Re: Ancient Repair Kit Poll

Post by Fungamer » Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:14 pm

Mike wrote: Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:06 pm
Fungamer wrote: Fri Nov 18, 2022 9:00 pm
Mike wrote: Fri Nov 18, 2022 8:54 pm Thank you everyone for your input, based on the results we have implemented and released the following changes in today's update:
  • Ancient repair kits have been added to the Brimstone Chest drop table at rates of 1 in 6 for 1 kit, or 1 in 100 for 10 kits.
  • Nex will now drop 10 noted repair kits any time you obtain a Nex item as a drop.
  • On death, when a charged Nex item is dropped, a number of noted ancient repair kits will also be dropped equal to the charges you still had on the item, divided by 4000 and rounded down. This is equal to losing one (partially used) kit on death.
More Nex item-related polls will be set up in the near future once we start working on the new and updated Nex with its new items and the actual OSRS Nex map.
I'm curious, why don't 4k charges just get subtracted from your account (without going under 0) rather than fully uncharging the armor & dropping the kits? Seems a bit arbitrary and more tedious than punishing.
For one, because this allows PK'ers to actually PK someone's gear if they go into the wilderness with it. Fully uncharging the item and dropping the uncharged, tradeable item is how PK'ers can obtain Zulrah and Nex items from players in the wilderness, which otherwise wouldn't be possible (since charged items cannot be traded).

I suppose in theory it is possible to partially uncharge an item in a PvM death and drop the untradeable item, but it's a separate death mechanic that we haven't implemented for any items yet, as far as I know. Maybe in a QoL update at some point in the future. Can't really say for sure, and we'd definitely have to take all possible scenarios into consideration.

Good point for the PVP deaths. Fair enough. Let's hope for the future that we get to use ancient repair kits on nex items to repair em without a stand (with the stand providing potential bonuses like with chaotics) so we can charge an item with 2 clicks rather than one. Takes fully charging all sets from ~ 270 clicks down to ~180 clicks :prayge:

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