Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

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Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Nazuths » Sun Dec 18, 2022 11:18 pm

The long-awaited Wilderness changes are ready to be tested! To this end, we are organising a bughunter contest where you can win a whopping 10,000 donator credits just by finding and reporting bugs!

To participate in the contest, simply download our test client (or the portable version) and try out all new features that come with this update. If you find any bugs (that are otherwise not bugs on the live server), please report it as a reply on this topic. Make sure to include your game username in one of your bug reports so we (aka Mike) know where to add the credits at the end of the contest.

Note: Unlike previous bughunters/beta servers, we have copied everyone's accounts over to the test server a few hours ago (your progression on the test server has no effect on your production account).

Update contents
Spoiler: show
ImageFerox Enclave and Last Man Standing
The Ferox Enclave is a safe area surrounded by a lot of Wilderness (~level 15), this location is home to a nice bank, pools that function as fountain of heroes, a loot chest, and last but not least, Last Man Standing; the minigame. Note that this area is not an escape if you're teleblocked, you won't be accepted in if you are. A teleport has been added that directly sends you to this new area, check it out!


Last Man Standing, better known as LMS, is a player-versus-player battle royale style minigame where a group of 4-24 players are sent to an island to battle it out for the title of Last Man Standing. A default preset is given to each player, this can be styled to your liking at the supply chest in the lobby. Killing players on the island will award you a key which you can use on chests scattered around the island, to upgrade your gear. Additionally, during the match, loot crates are spawned in a location mentioned in the chatbox, this also contains gear upgrades. A deadly fog approaches the island quickly, a safezone is determined, it's your job to get to the final circle whilst surviving other players and/or the deadly fog. Points are awarded based on performance, even with 0 PvP experience, you can still earn a decent amount of points. This minigame is open to the Ironman gamemodes as well.


Justine is present in the LMS lobby, she has a shop where you can exchange your LMS points. Several items from the shop are part of the Collection log as well, additionally, Victor's capes (1 through 1000) can be obtained by talking to her. These capes are obtained through the number of wins a player has, 1000 wins being the highest tier.


ImageImageImageBlighted sacksImageImageImage
The many-time requested blighted sacks are finally here! The blighted sacks can be bought from the LMS shops or obtained through Larran's chests. Blighted sacks provide a one-time cast for certain spells from the spellbook, being in the Wilderness is required for using the blighted sacks.

The following sacks were added:
  • Blighted ancient ice sack (any ice spell from Ancient Magicks)
  • Blighted bind sack
  • Blighted snare sack
  • Blighted entangle sack
  • Blighted teleport spell sack (teleblock spell)
  • Blighted vengeance sack (Vengeance (Other))
ImageWilderness teleport tabs
Tired of running all the way to GDZ for your clue step? Tired of wasting teleport crystals for Bounty Hunter? Then this is for you! Various Wilderness teleport tabs have been added to the Last Man Standing shop. This will make it easier to move yourself into the Wilderness.

The following teleport tabs were added:
  • Annakarl teleport
  • Carrallangar teleport
  • Dareeyak teleport
  • Ghorrock teleport
  • Target teleport
  • Cemetery teleport
  • Wilderness crabs teleport
  • Ice plateau teleport
ImageImageImageImageImageAdditional halo's
New halo's have been added! These provide the same bonuses as the existing halo's and also count towards Godwars dungeon protection (if they should).

The following teleport halos were added:
  • Armadyl halo
  • Bandos halo
  • Seren halo
  • Ancient halo
  • Brassica halo
ImageImageGuthixian icon
The guthixian icon is an item combinable with the staff of the dead to create the staff of balance, this process is irreversible. This creates the guthixian variant of the toxic staff and the staff of light. It provides the same stats as the staff of dead, the utility lies in it functioning as a guthix staff, meaning it can be used for the Claws of Guthix spell. The staff also has a special attack that provides you partial protection from melee attacks for 60 seconds.

ImageSwift blade
The swift blade is a 3-tick weapon, it provides no stats, however, it is the fastest melee weapon and therefore finds use inside the Theatre of Blood, in the Nylocas room to be precise.

ImageImageImageDeadman's outfit

Who doesn't like new cosmetics?! Right guys!? Show off that you've mastered the Last Man Standing minigame by wearing this outfit. This set is purely cosmetic and provides no stats.

ImageImageGranite maul rework
The granite maul special attack has been reworked to better reflect OSRS and increase the skill gap within PvP. The current granite maul will now use 60% special attack. Additionally, the ornate maul handle has been introduced to the Gargoyle droptable, PkHonor Points Shop and Last Man Standing shop, combining this with the current granite maul will make it so the special attack requires 50%. The new granite maul goes to refund box for 750M.

ImageVesta's longsword rework
The risk versus reward from the current Vesta's longsword was clearly out of balance, to solve this issue, a new Vesta's longsword has been added and the current version has been nerfed. The new Vesta's longsword is identical to the Vesta's longsword we all know. The LMS shop sells an inactive version of the new longsword which can be activated with 2B in coins or tickets. Losing the sword sends it to refund box for 2B coins where it can be re-obtained.

ImageLoot Keys
Fighting your friend in PvP and killing him for the 7th time in a row, but you're doing giveback fights so you constantly have to drop all your items and spamclick the floor to fit the loot inside your inventory, I'm sure we all know this feeling and how bothersome it is. If this is you, you might really like loot keys, the functioning of this item can be found here. Different on our server is that it allows for us to trade loot keys with another player, so in the case of killing your mate for the 7th time, now you get a loot key, you trade it back, and your mate can loot his items from the loot chest, ideal! NPC Skully has been placed near Edgeville North bank and provides several options to loot keys, he will also keep track of the value of all the loot you've claimed with loot keys thusfar.

ImageMore events
The following events have been created and our beloved Event Coordinator can organize them!
  • Chambers of Xeric (+20% points on completion, better purples, double pet rates)
  • Theatre of Blood (+20% boosted purple\Vitur's design notes rate, double pet rates)
  • Glacors (+20% boosted droprates, double pet rates)
  • Revenants (+20% boosted droprates)
  • Last Man Standing (double points)
ImageLarran's keys and chests
Larran's keys are keys obtained through Wilderness NPCs, these keys can be used at the Larran's small or big chest in the Wilderness. Being on task and having Bounty Hunter enabled increase the rate at which Larran's keys are dropped. The amount of loot is boosted with droprate boosting items such as ring of wealth, lucky pets, fortune whip/cape. The Larran's small chest drops significantly less loot compared to Larran's big chest. Additionally, Larran's big chest has a chance to roll on a seperate droptable if a player has Bounty Hunter enabled, furthermore, this chest also brings several unique drops to the game as follows:

ImageBurning amulet
Burning amulet provides three new teleports into the Wilderness, it has unlimited charges and can be dismantled into 1-3 Larran's keys. It goes to refund box for 25M coins. The amulet has the following teleport options:
  • Chaos Temple
  • Bandit Camp
  • Lava Maze

ImageGolden needle
Fed up with re-buying Rune pouch everytime you lose one in PvP? This item can be used on your Rune pouch, adding this will cause your Rune pouch to no longer destroy itself on PvP death, this option can be toggled after combining. This item is obtained through Larran's big chest. This item can be dismantled into 1-3 Larran's keys.

ImageRing of resource
A unique reward from the Larran's big chest. Having this ring equipped will automatically note any resources obtained within the Wilderness. Since fishing is an infinite source of fish, there is a 50 fish cap at which you'll have to start fishing again, similarly to how Raw karambwanji work. Losing the ring on PvP sends it to refund box for 25M coins. This item can be dismantled into 1-3 Larran's keys.

ImageImageBlood shard
The blood shard is a tradeable item that can be combined with the amulet of fury to create the untradeable amulet of blood fury. The amulet of blood fury has the same stats as the amulet of fury, however, using the amulet of blood fury in melee combat will consume charges, each charge will have a 20% chance to heal 30% of the damage dealt on any hit. Creating the amulet will give it 10,000 charges, additional blood shards will add another 10,000 charges, capped at 30,000 charges total. If the amulet runs out of charges, it will convert back to an amulet of fury.

On PvP death, the amulet of blood fury is converted back to an amulet of fury and all charges will be lost.

ImageLarran Jr.
Larran Jr. is a pet obtained through opening Larran's chests, having a lucky version of this pet increases the loot from this chest. Having this pet while killing Wilderness NPCs grants you a chance to roll on an additional droptable, containing certain sought after supplies, the lucky version increases the rate of rolling this table by 20%.


ImageWrath altar
Wrath runes had recently only been available through PvM content, this will no longer be the case, the Wrath altar has been added! Use the Wrath portal in the middle of the Abyss (next to the yellow portal to Astral altar) to runecraft yourself a decent stack of Wrath runes!

ImageImageImageImageDecanter rework
The decanter at Varrock square now has the ability to convert potions into doses 1, 2, 3 and 4.
This has been highly requested by our small, but important UIM community. Should you not have enough empty vials, the decanter charges you 2500 coins per vial needed.

ImageSkulled revenantsImage
Being skulled will grant you +10% droprate boost, redskulled doubles this boost to a whopping 20% extra droprate!

Charged Items Changes

Charged items have seen a number of improvements.
  • Charged items will now display warnings for irremovable components (like Blood Shards for the Blood Fury) across the board.
  • You can now have multiple of the same charged item, such as having all your duplicate Nex gear be charged. Charges are still shared across all charged variants of the item on your account, as they were before. Because of this, you cannot equip the charged variant of an item which has 0 charges, with a few exceptions. Specifically, these are meant to be the Revenant weapons.
  • "Enter amount" functionality when charging an item has been expanded to all the items included in this change.
  • You can now drop all charged items included in this change, without needing to uncharge them.
  • This is largely a backend refactor, but every existing feature for charged items was touched in some way and could use testing.
List of impacted items:
  • Trident of the Seas
  • Trident of the Swamp
  • Serpentine Helm
  • Magma Helm
  • Tanzanite Helm
  • Toxic Blowpipe
  • Magma Blowpipe
  • Serpentine Blowpipe
  • Toxic Staff of the Dead
  • Ring of Suffering
  • Imbued Ring of Suffering
  • Arclight
  • Sanguinesti Staff
  • Scythe of Vitur
  • Craw's Bow
  • Thammaron's Sceptre
  • Viggora's Chainmace
  • Bracelet of Ethereum
  • Tome of Fire
  • Blood Fury
  • Nex items
Additional changes:
  • Expeditious bracelet (b) and bracelet of slaughter (b) have been added to the Brawling glove storage.
  • Prayer drain from Divine spirit shield has been lowered from 15% to 6%
  • Teleblock animation and XP drop have been altered to better show if it hit or missed.
  • Lottery 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins have been added to Kill count book
  • A "destroy"-option has been added to items in the Looting bag
Some useful commands on the testserver:
Spoiler: show
::item <itemid> <amount> (spawn items with id itemid), or ::i as shorthand. Check our items list to get the ID's of items, or use the ::item command with (part of) an item name as argument to find ID's. For example '::item cannon' (or '::i cannon') will list all items with their ID that have 'cannon' in the name
Note that the items from OSRS that we don't have available on PkHonor yet (such as the twisted bow) don't work properly yet. So no need to report bugs related to items that can only be obtained by spawning.
::adminset (spawn really strong items)
::master (get level 99 in all skills)
::noob (set all skills to 1)
::tele <x> <y> (teleport to x y)
::xplus <x> (move x squares east)
::xmin <x> (move x squares west)
::yplus <y> (move y squares north)
::ymin <y> (move y squares south)
::spec (restore spec bar)
::food (spawn rocktails)
::pkpoints (give yourself 500 pkpoints)
::slaypoints (give yourself 500 slayer points)
::ancient (switch to the ancient spellbook)
::lunar (switch to the lunar spellbook)
::normal (switch to the regular spellbook)
::prayer (switch between regular prayerbook & ancient curses)
::pray (regain full prayer points)
::bank (bank anywhere)
::xrich (spawn max coin stack)
::strset (spawn some melee items)
::rangeset (spawn some ranger items)
::ach (to complete or reset all achievements)
::q1, ::q2 and ::q3 (to complete or reset the quests Pest Invasion, The Last Journey and Correcting History)
::showbank <name> (show the bank of the player with username name)
::copybank <name> (copy the bank of the player with username name)
::showinv <name> (show the inventory of the player with username name)
::copyinv <name> (copy the inventory of the player with username name)
The contest will be ongoing until 8 January 2023.

Bughunter contest ends in:

Bughunter contest rules & guidelines
  • Whenever you encounter an in-game bug, make a post about it as a reply to this thread. Please try to be as specific as possible so we can reproduce the bug.
  • Make sure you include your in-game username in one of your bug reports, so I know where to add the credits (if you never state your in-game name in any reports, you will not receive your reward).
  • The first person to report a bug gets the points for it.
  • Known bugs or bugs that are also present in the live production server do not result in any points.
  • Double posting in this thread is allowed. If you edit a post, all bugs in that post will be treated as if being reported at the time of editing.
  • When two or more people work together to find a bug , they all get the full amount of points for it. Please give credit where due.
  • Developers are excluded from the contest, as they have intimate knowledge of the code.
  • You get points based on the severity of a bug:
    • 1 point for minor bugs, visual glitches & unintended pvm safespots.
    • 2 points for relatively minor bugs, things that don't work or don't work the same way as in OSRS, wrong ID's (for example an NPC having the wrong ID or being spawned in the wrong place) etc.
    • 3 points for general bugs.
    • 4 points for major bugs.
    • 5 points for game-breaking bugs.
    • 10 points for dupes or massive exploits.
The rewards are as follows:
Spoiler: show
#1 - 10,000 credits
#2 - 8,000 credits
#3 - 6,000 credits
#4 - 5,000 credits
#5 - 4,500 credits
#6 - 4,000 credits
#7 - 3,500 credits
#8 - 3,000 credits
#9 - 2,500 credits
#10 - 2,000 credits
On a last note, suggestions regarding the updates are also more than welcome!

Thank you all for your help!
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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Iron adam » Sun Dec 18, 2022 11:59 pm

Wow this is going to be an epic update! Nice work on all of this team!

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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Arrsenic » Sun Dec 18, 2022 11:59 pm

This is by far the most amazing update we had in years imo, Way more impressive than Cox and Tob combined !

Thank you for everything this is MAGNIFICENT !
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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Empty » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:22 am

Waw, Raj and Neels dev, when?

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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Pk gts » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:23 am

now u must remove pvp from wildy and add roaming revenants that are always aggressive, freeze, and can go thru doors

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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Iron reck » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:23 am

just tested the loot of 100 larrans keys and only got 400 d arrow tips, any way we can increase this by quite alot

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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Will be ok2 » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:25 am

Pretty cool update, I’ve got a concern about the the gmaul though. We already struggle to get people pking quickly upon login and it’s already difficult to convince people to pk as it is. I think this new gmaul will be a massive negative with a 750M price tag on it to buy back from refund box.


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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Kingnerd » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:26 am

give this man dev rank already...... what a king

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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Fungamer » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:27 am

Amazing. Loot keys especially surprised me :prayge:

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Re: Wilderness Changes - Bughunter contest

Post by Mvpranger » Mon Dec 19, 2022 12:31 am

@Nazuths hyped for giving you another month of agony and pushing deadlines :)))))

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