23 January Updates: minor bugfixes, NPC defence nerf

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Re: 23 January Updates: minor bugfixes, NPC defence nerf

Post by Fungamer » Fri Jan 28, 2022 11:48 am

Brant wrote:
Thu Jan 27, 2022 4:46 am
Will be ok2 wrote:
Wed Jan 26, 2022 4:10 pm
Nazuths wrote:
Wed Jan 26, 2022 9:47 am

I've just killed 10 supremes and averaged a time of 20 seconds per kill, are you using max melee on each Dagannoth King? Because if that's the case, that was the whole point of the update, to prevent that 1 combat style works for everything, especially DKS, which all have their weakness. You should try bringing tribrid and melee the Supreme, mage the Rex and range the Prime, let me know how that works!
The range one isn’t the “worst” to kill, I only brought melee there. This update is for shit to be honest… Even Patel said it’s faster on OSRS. I don’t think Mike understands how this is going to impact the game. New players won’t make a forums account to complain from the minute they log in and see this, they’ll just quit. Even now so many people complain in game and when I direct them to forums to voice their opinions they just said “I cba to use forums”

Obviously there is a clear problem with this especially when there is a pvm event going on and NOBODY IS DOING IT.. revert this change please @Mike
That's how the dks were supposed to be put out to begin with.
At least if you get a bring on osrs it's a nice drop. On PKH its a different situation due to pring existing as "the best" (the passive outweighs the stats for many people) and imbues cost a lot of GP while on OSRS it just takes some afking at NMZ.

DKS aren't really endgame content for OSRS and they were underwhelming on PKH even when they were so weak. If they remain buffed it would be cool to see them drop imbue scrolls or other stuff that makes them less underwhelming and worth the effort of bringing tribrid. But then again, the core reason why they exist is to drop rings that everyone should reasonably be able to get without breaking the bank so keeping their stats buffed might just increase the ring prices too.

I agree with Rapsey that players don't want a watered-down version of content, but I think there definitely are some exceptions like DKS.

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