11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

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11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Thoby » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:20 pm

Image The Slayer Expansion

So, welcome to a new update! This one has been in development a little while and was my passion-project while working on ToB. I've aimed to include as much requested updates in one patch, so a huge shout out to Mike for actually managing to review all of this! 'Slayer Expansion' mostly serves as a title, but this update is much, much more than just Slayer-related content! Nonetheless, we recognize that Slayer is one of the most beloved skills we have to offer, so that is why this time around we want to emphasize on improving it even further. This update is fully centered around expanding on the Slayer skill; ranging from a brand new interface, new slayer master, new slayer rewards and way more general improvements, we proudly present: The Slayer Expansion!

Buckle your seatbelt, grab a snack and let's dive into every new exciting addition:

Improved Slayer Masters & Slayer Perks
A completely dedicated Slayer interface has been added, looking very similar to the one OSRS offers.
However, some small additions have been made to complement our own features and gameplay.

Unlockable Slayer Perks
Alongside the new interface, a bunch of new unlockable perks have been added.
These perks are mostly buyable using Slayer Points, with a few small exceptions.
Some of the perks are tiered, which means that they can be upgraded more than once.
However, the higher the tier, the more the upgrade will cost.
Here is a full list of all newly available perks:


Each perk explained in a bit more detail:
  • Treasure Hunter (I - X)
    Provides a +2.5% chance to obtain a Clue scroll from your task monster per tier (for a maximum of +25% at tier 10).
  • Wild Key Gatherer (I - X)
    Provides a +2.5% chance to obtain a Brimstone Key in the Wilderness, from your task monster (for a maximum of +25% at tier 10).
  • Efficient Provoker (I - X)
    The 'Amulet of Aggression' will consume charges 10% slower (for a maximum of 100% slower, resulting in 50% consumption).
    Requires an Amulet of aggression to unlock.
  • Expeditious Enchantment (I - X)
    Increase the chance of the Expeditious bracelet activating by 2%, stacking onto the original 10% (for a maximum of 30% at tier 10).
    Requires an Expeditious bracelet to unlock.
  • Slaughtered Enchantment (I - X)
    Increase the chance of the Bracelet of slaughter activating by 5%, stacking onto the original 10% (for a maximum of 65% at tier 10).
    Requires an Bracelet of slaughter to unlock.
  • Consistency is key (I - V)
    Increase the effect of the Slayer helmet by 1% (for a maximum of +5%, offering a max of +20% damage and accuracy on task).
    Requires a slayer streak of at least 40 to unlock.
  • Harsh blockade (I - III)
    Unlocks an additional spot to block a specific slayer task (for a maximum of +3 additional spots, stacking with the +5 of donators).
  • Godly Passage (I - VIII)
    When on task, -5 killcount is required to enter the Godwars chambers of the assigned boss (with a minimum of 0, which is very expensive).
    Requires the player to have unlocked the 'Minion Frenzy' perk.
  • TzHaar-Skiphus (I - VI)
    When on task, you skip the first 5 waves in the Fight Caves minigame (for a maximum of 30 waves at tier 6).
    Requires the player to have unlocked the 'TzHaar-Bonhus' perk.
  • Bigger and Badder
    When killing certain slayer monsters, there's a chance of a superior version spawning.
    These superior slayer monsters will have a chance of dropping new and exciting items (read about them below).
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
  • Big Ork Visitant
    Be able to obtain slayer rewards from Bork every 10 hours, instead of every 20 hours.
  • Dark Totem Collector
    While killing monsters on task in the Catacombs of Kourend, they will be more likely to drop Dark totem pieces.
  • Shard Hoarder
    While killing monsters on task in the Catacombs of Kourend, they will be more likely to drop Ancient shards.
  • TzHaar-Bonhus
    While on a TzTok-Jad task, the Slayer helmet bonuses will also apply to the other monsters inside the Fight Cave.
  • Minion Frenzy
    While on a Godwars task, the Slayer helmet bonuses will also apply to the bosses' minions (only those in the bosses' chamber).
  • Shayzien Enhancement
    The Slayer helmet will get the same effect as the Shayzien helm (5), protecting from the poison attacks from the Lizardman Shamans.
  • Pest Terminator
    The Pest Control portals will become an available elite slayer task, rewarding additional Pest Control points on death.
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
    Requires the completion of the Pest Invasion quest.
  • Nacht der Untoten
    The Zombies from the Zombie Minigame will become an available hard slayer task.
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
    Requires access to the Zombie minigame to be unlocked.
  • Bone Pulverizer
    Adds the Bonecrusher effect to the Slayer helmet, making the helm act like a bonecrusher on task.
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
  • Gold Magnet
    Adds the Ring of wealth 'coin-grab' effect to the Slayer helmet, making the helm transfer coin drops to your refund box on task.
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
  • Key Magnet
    Automatically transfer dropped Brimstone keys directly to your refund box.
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
  • Lazily Extended
    Extend slayer tasks completely free of charge (costs an additional 2b coins to unlock).
  • Deliberate Camper
    Get assigned more monsters on tasks that are originally shorter. For example, GWD tasks are lengthened.
    This perk can freely be activated / deactivated once unlocked.
  • Counting on it
    The 'Log' option on the Enchanted gem contacts your Kill count book in your bank (still requires a Kill count book on the account).

Slayer Helmets
The Slayer helm can now be imbued by using it directly on any Slayer master.
The cost has remained 700 Slayer points, but should now be more flexible than the way it was (in the shop).

The Slayer helm can now be recoloured by using one of the recolour-items on it, like the stuffed KBD heads, stuffed KQ head, stuffed Abyssal head, Dark claw, stuffed Vorkath head or stuffed Hydra heads.
It can be done directly in your inventory and does not require you to go to a Slayer master.
Clicking on one of the slayer heads will provide more information on what to do and how to combine the two.
Combining these has remained at the same price (2,500 slayer points).

On a PvM death, the recoloured slayer helmets will now no longer transform into a regular slayer helmet.
If imbued, they will solely lose their imbue. However, dying to a PvP death has remained the same: removing both the colour and imbue.


Blocking Tasks
We have improved on how Slayer tasks can be blocked!
First, using the 'Harsh Blockade' perk it's possible to block 3 additional tasks (alongside the 5 donators+ are used to).
Alongside that, the Slayer masters will now only show the tasks they themselves will assign. So it will be easier to navigate to a (un)desired task.
From there it's also possible to see which tasks are already blocked and unblock them if needed.


Wilderness Slayer Master
This update adds in a new slayer master: The Wilderness Slayer master!
This slayer master can be found in north-east Edgeville or by using the 'Combat → Slayer → Wilderness' teleport.
Krystilia has taken this role upon her and will only assign slayer tasks that can be completed in the Wilderness.

This new slayer master completely replaces the mixed Elite slayer master.
The (non-wilderness) Elite slayer tasks can still be accessed, but are taken over by Duradel in the Slayer tower.
Chaeldar is therefore enjoying her early retirement in Zanaris, feel free to visit her once in a while.

In addition to the existing elite wilderness slayer tasks, a handful of new tasks have been added to the available tasks to spice up her task list.


Extra towns & cities teleport
Since Chaeldar used to be the only way of getting to Zanaris, a completely new page has been added to the 'Towns & Cities' teleports in the spellbook. These new teleports now include:
  • Zanaris (At the entrace, just next to the Chicken statue).
  • Taverley (in the middle of the city, offering a new and easier way of getting to the Taverley dungeon).
  • Tai Bwo Wannai (just north-east of the Karambwanji spot, offering a more accessible way of fishing these).

Partnered Slayer
This update marks the release of Partnered Slayer! Invite a friend along and tackle a slayer task together.
By using an Enchanted gem on another player, you can invite a player partner up for a slayer task.
Being slayer partners will provide benefits, like sharing experience and getting bonus experience from each others' kills.
  • To start a Partnered Slayer task, both players cannot have a task currently assigned. Both need a combat level over 91. They cannot be ironmen or honors.
  • After using the Enchanted Gem on another player, you get prompted what tier task you would like to be assigned (Hard, Elite or Wilderness).
  • After selecting the desired tier, the other player will receive an invite. When the other player accepts the invite, both players will get the same slayer task. With the doubled amount of assigned kills (which cannot be extended).
  • Only monsters accessible to both partners will be assigned. Only the blocked task list of the player that sent the invitation will be taken into account. It's not possible to get instanced bosses assigned like Vorkath, TzTok-Jad or Zulrah.
  • The amount of kills is shared between the two players, so killing an assigned monster will remove 1 from the necessary kills of both players.
  • Once the slayer task is completed, the partnership will reset. To get a new task as partners, the gem has to be re-used on the other player.
  • When fighting the same NPC (like a boss), the XP and points will be split between the partners, scaled to their contribution to that kill. This will grant +10% more points and experience than doing it solo.
  • When both players are actively killing the same type of monster near each other, it's possible that some experience and points will be received from each others' kills. These will be a bonus and won't take away from the killer.
  • The partnership can be cancelled within the Partner-option of an Enchanted Gem. Doing so will split the remaining kills in half, which still need to be finished by both players individually. Cancelling the task at any slayer master will also cancel the partnership. So the other player will still have to complete half the kills (or cancel the task as well).


Brimstone Chests
While on a Slayer task, the assigned creatures have a chance of dropping a Brimstone key.
These keys can be used for new and exciting loot, obtainable from the Brimstone Chests. These Brimstone chests are located near all 5 slayer masters.

The keys have a similar drops to OSRS's but with a slight boost.
Unlike OSRS, the keys are NOT solely locked behind area-specific tasks, but any monster killed from any slayer master can drop keys!

When active, the slayer perk 'Key Magnet' will automatically transfer dropped Brimstone keys to your refund box.
Also, the slayer perk 'Wild Key Gatherer' will further increase the chance of getting Brimstone keys from your assigned slayer creatures while inside the Wilderness.
Finally, it's possible to buy Brimstone keys in the Slayer store for 2,000 Slayer points each (price might change in the future, whenever more of the introduced items are in the game).


The loot from each key used is roughly worth 100m and includes a range of new items:

Image Amulet of Aggression
A piece of player-suggested content: the Amulet of Aggression. The amulet is untradeable and will make monsters around the player aggressive.
The Amulet of Aggression can be charged using onyx gems. A single onyx will last for about 15 minutes.
The slayer perk 'Efficient Provoker' will decrease the charges used, making a single onyx last up to 30 minutes.
Take into account that these are just estimates; the amulet will only lose charges when attracting unaggressive monsters.

This amulet can be extremely useful for training combat skills or making monsters aggressive that aren't aggressive by default - to obtain valuable drops without having to click every single monster.
NOTE: It's possible to trade in the Amulet of Aggression for 8 to 12 Brimstone keys at any Slayer master. This is because of its untradeable nature.

Image Expeditious bracelet
An untradeable bracelet, which has the same equipment bonuses as the Barrows gloves.
When worn, the bracelet provides a 10% chance for a monster killed to count as two kills towards the player's slayer assignment without granting additional experience.
The use of this item is to speed up Slayer tasks and can be used to receive the completion bonus quicker. The bracelet does NOT degrade.

The slayer perk 'Expeditious Enchantment' will increase the chance of this taking effect by 2%, capping at a maximum of 30%.
NOTE: It's possible to trade in the Expeditious bracelet for 8 to 12 Brimstone keys at any Slayer master. This is because of its untradeable nature.

Image Bracelet of slaughter
An untradeable bracelet, which has the same equipment bonuses as the Barrows gloves.
When worn, the bracelet provides a 10% chance for a slayer assignment kill not to count as a kill towards it, but still granting the appropriate slayer experience.
This can be used for extending slayer tasks and staying at a single task for longer.

The slayer perk 'Slaughtered Enchantment' will increase the chance of this taking effect by 5%, capping at a maximum of 60%.
NOTE: It's possible to trade in the Bracelet of slaughter for 8 to 12 Brimstone keys at any Slayer master. This is because of its untradeable nature.

Image Bracelet brawling kit
A tradeable upgrade kit, which can combine Brawling gloves (slayer) and one of the slayer bracelets (Expeditious bracelet or Bracelet of slaughter).
Combining these will consume the kit and the brawling gloves, upgrading the bracelet to an upgraded (b) variant.
This upgraded variant also offers the traditional +30% xp and point bonus from the Brawling gloves (slayer), combined with the special effect of the bracelet.

Image Amulet of the Damned
The Amulet of the Damned is a tradeable amulet that provides extra buffs to Barrows equipment.
It has the same bonuses as an amulet of fury. In addition to the armours' set effects, the following bonuses are granted if a player wears a full set of Barrows equipment in conjunction with the amulet of the damned:
  • Dharok the Wretched's equipment - Players wearing Dharok's set will have a 25% chance of recoiling 15% of damage taken. This effect will stack with Vengeance and the ring of recoil effect.
  • Verac the Defiled's equipment - Players wearing Verac's set will have an additional +7 Prayer bonus, in addition to the amulet's +3.
  • Torag the Corrupted's equipment - Players wearing Torag's set will hit twice, doing 60% damage each hit (70% in PvM).
  • Guthan the Infested's equipment - Players wearing Guthan's set will be able to heal 10 above their base Hitpoints level.
  • Karil the Tainted's equipment - Players wearing Karil's set will have a 25% chance of hitting twice with one attack.
  • Ahrim the Blighted's equipment - Players wearing Ahrim's set will have a 25% chance of dealing a hit with 30% increased damage.

Additional notable loot
Alongside the mentioned new items, the following notable items can also be looted:
  • Mystic (dusk) equipment
  • Arcane Blast Necklace*
  • Arcane Pulse Necklace*
  • Amulet of Ranging*
  • Ancient shards
  • Dark totem (full & the pieces)
* = These items have been removed from the Slayer shop, meaning the Brimstone chest is the only way of obtaining these items from now on.


Elite Void Equipment
Introducing the Elite void equipment! These two pieces of armor add an additional +2.5% boost to magic damage, ranged damage and ranged accuracy.
Also, these pieces of armor offer improved prayer bonuses over the regular void equipment.
This equipment can be quite useful for the Theatre of Blood and will help with hybridding.

We have been discussing the exact implementation of the Elite void equipment for quite some time now.
After quite some discussion, we have decided to add in a new Npc on the Pest Control island, which will sell the equipment after having completed the Pest Invasion quest.
Also, you require at least 20 minigame completions to be able to access the shop (tracked since the 29th of August - the 'Kill count' update).

The price of the pieces is the original piece + 200 pest control points.
The equipment is untradeable and vanishes on death, returning a part of their original price if you die in PvM or transferring a part of the original part to the killer in PvP.

Additionally, the Elite void equipment has been added to the Bounty Hunter shop for PKers to buy.
These have no requirements, aside from their price of 20,000 BH points.
This is to stimulate its use for PvP purposes!


'Bigger and Badder'
With the addition of the new Slayer Perks, a new perk called 'Bigger and Badder' was added.
Those familiar with Oldschool RuneScape, will know that this perk enables Superior slayer monsters.
Superior slayer monsters are more powerful versions of normal slayer monsters that have a 1/100 chance to spawn upon the death of one of its normal counterparts.
They will only spawn while assigned to kill their normal counterpart.
This can be toggled on and off after being unlocked without loss of points.

Killing these Superior monsters will grant a heavily increased amount of slayer points and experience.
Upon death, they also offer a chance at two new unique drops:

ImageImage Eternal gem / Slayer ring (eternal)
The Eternal gem is a rare drop from the Superior creatures and has the exact same features as a regular Enchanted gem.
However, the Eternal gem can be brought to any Slayer master and be turned into a Slayer ring (eternal) for 1,000 slayer points.
This new ring will grant the player 15% increased slayer points and slayer experience and will be the best-in-slot ring for Slayer (rivalling the 'perfect' ring at 10% increased slayer points)!

Image Imbued heart
The second rare drop from the Superior creatures is the Imbued heart.
The imbued heart is a magic-boosting item that is used to temporarily increase your Magic level by 1 to 10 levels (1 + 10% of the player's level, rounded down).
It can be activated an infinite number of times, but it can only be activated once every seven minutes per player, regardless of how many imbued hearts are owned.

The imbued heart grants a boost up to 109 magic level when you have a level of 99.
This is 3 more than the boost received when using an Overload potion.
This effect also works in the Wilderness.

The following superior monsters are available in the game:
  • Greater abyssal demon
  • Night beast
  • Marble gargoyle
  • Nechryarch
  • Choke devil
  • Vitreous Jelly
  • Vitreous warped Jelly
  • Insatiable bloodveld
  • Insatiable mutated bloodveld
  • Malevolent mage
  • Monstrous basilisk
  • Screaming banshee
  • Screaming twisted banshee
  • Crushing hand


Theatre of Blood
Some additional changes have been made to improve the Theatre of Blood even further!
Our focus was on reworking the rewards, fixing some bugs and problems and adding new features! Check it out below:

Purple chests
A highly anticipated change: the addition of purple chests. Whenever one of the players receives a rare drop, the player's chest will have a purple outline.
This will mean that you are able to see if someone got lucky when you run into the treasure room and you can hype out.

Alongside that, when opening a chest with a rare item, an announcement will be send to the whole party with what item you have obtained.
This means that everyone is able to see what you got at the same time and will know you're trolling when you shout out "[email protected]@@" for the fiftieth time ;)


Reward revamping
We received a bunch of feedback on the rewards from the chests and the lackluster feeling players get when not receiving a rare item.
This has been changed up; new items have been added to the chest to make it feel more rewarding.
This should make it worth a bit more after spending 20 minutes in the hardest possible challenge.
Feel free to leave feedback on the updated droptable. Is it better? Can it still improve? We'd love to hear your feedback.

Item rebalancing
We are currently actively discussing rebalancing a lot of our equipment, but to temporarily make the Theatre of Blood items more worth it, we have boosted their usability.

First off, we have added a significant hitpoints boost to the Justiciar equipment in line with the tanky nature of the equipment. The boost, alongside the existing damage reduction, makes it the BIS equipment for tanking.

Secondly, we have looked into the Scythe of Vitur as we received complaints that it was quite inaccurate. As it turns out, the "Chop" attack option accidentally used the crush attack bonus (+30) instead of the slash attack bonus (+110). All other attack options seem to use the correct attack bonus. The weapon should now be more accurate and more useful. We are open to further feedback, so feel free to let us know of any additional problems! Also, the Scythe of Vitur received its correct graphics, like it has in OSRS. The timing and direction should now be correct.

Practice mode
As suggested by Declan harp, we added a Theatre of Blood practice mode! You can create a practice mode party by talking to the practice mode npc at Ver Sinhaza. After creating a practice mode party, you can invite players that want to practice with you. When entering the Theatre you will get the option to select any of the waves and your party will start on that wave.

If you complete the wave, you will be teleported out of the Theatre. You won't get rewards and you won't have to pay a fee if you fail the Theatre. This is solely meant for players that just want to practice the Theatre and are having trouble with a specific wave. Hopefully this makes it easier for players to start doing the Theatre of Blood!


Sinhaza shrouds
A Mysterious stranger now wanders around the Theatre. If you show him that you have mastered the Theatre of Blood you will receive a Sinhaza shroud.
This is to show off your skill and experience in the Theatre. He will hand out the different tiers at the following kill count:
  • Sinhaza shroud tier 1: 50 completions.
  • Sinhaza shroud tier 2: 250 completions.
  • Sinhaza shroud tier 3: 500 completions.
  • Sinhaza shroud tier 4: 1.000 completions.
  • Sinhaza shroud tier 5: 2.000 completions.


  • The Pestilent Bloat will no longer attack players that are already dead. This stops party members from getting damaged further.
  • The Nylocus Vasilias will have an extended delay after switching. This gives the players additional time to switch prayers.
  • The Nylocus Vasilias will now show the correct damage type when hitting it with the incorrect combat style (deflect damage).
  • The original Theatre of Blood interface was added, including the hitpoints orbs to the left of the screen and the bigger boss HP bar on top.
  • A Fountain of Heroes was added to Ver Sinhaza, just south of the ToB entrance.
  • The Maiden of Sugadinti will now lower the stats of those hit by her magic attack. She will target the skill with the highest equipment bonus.
  • The 'Strategy Table' in the treasure room will now show some additional information about the run (MVP, deaths and damage). We will look into adding the appropriate interfaces in the future.
  • Added in a Cabbage for the absolute legends who die every round.

Catacombs of Kourend
We have heard the community regarding the Catacombs of Kourend and Skotizo and that's why special attention was paid to making Skotizo a more accessible boss.

Alongside an overall increase in droprate, the unlockable slayer perks 'Dark Totem Collector' and 'Shard Hoarder' can be used to boost the droprate of shards and dark totem pieces even further (while on task).

To not exclude Skotizo to only those who do hard slayer assignments, the totem pieces and shards have also been added to the Brimstone chest.
This enables players to defeat Skotizo without solely having to do hard slayer task in the Catacombs.


Client, client and... even more client!
As you might have read in Mike's recent developers blog, Mike and Rapsey finally managed to set up a client-development environment; which means that I can finally add anything visual in the client (new interfaces, new settings, visual changes, etc). So, here are all changes made to the client:

Price checker
The button to open the price checker in the equipment tab now finally works!
You're able to check the price of any item and collectively check their estimated price.
No need to price check in trade anymore ;)
The prices used are the calculated average price, according to the low and high prices from ::prices:


Some changes have been made to the way the minimap works: first and foremost, we added a HD minimap setting!
This is a toggleable option that makes the minimap look more detailed, showing shadows and depth.
Alongside the HD setting, we also added custom map icons to the most visited (and custom) areas.
This makes it so the map actually corresponds with what PkHonor has to offer, for example:


Hitpoints & hitsplats
To kick this subject off; we made the bigger hitpoint bars exclusive to the right npcs.
Some monsters had bigger hitpoint bars, even though this was not right (and looked quirky).
Alongside that, the bigger hitpoint bar now have their 'modern' variant, so they will switch according to the setting in ::settings.

Next, the modern hitsplats have been revamped. A shadow was added and they now have the font that RS used in 2011.
Here's the old (left) and the new (right) side-by-side:

Image Image

Also, the correct modern hitsplats have been added for venom, npc healing and Verzik's blue shield hits.

Next, we added darker hitsplats for hits done by other players or npcs: this way it's easy to identify which hits are relevant to you and which are not.
This feature, of course, is toggleable and disabled by default. The feature also works for oldschool hitsplats.


Lastly, the hitpoint orb will now change color accordingly when venomed or poisoned.
This way it's easy to identify if you need to drink antivenom or antipoison!

  • It's now possible to scroll within the ::settings interface to access more settings.
  • The equipment interface has been extended to include magic strength, ranged strength and bonuses against undead and slayer creatures.
  • The oldschool loading messages (from back in the day) were added back into the client. Enjoy ;)
  • Added in Discord Rich Presence, which shows that you're playing PkHonor in the friends list.
  • Added a slight outline to the XP counter (and the XP drops) to make them more readable.
  • Fixed a bug with the XP orb showing the incorrect sprite when hovered / unhovered.
  • Added in oldschool options for default chat colouring and chat effect. This feature is exclusive to donator players, however.
  • Added in right-click teleport options to the Zamorak mage at Varrock.
  • Added in the option to hold CTRL and click on the minimap to teleport to the clicked location (exclusive to honor accounts).
  • Added in hotkeys for building furniture in Construction (press 1 through 8 to select a furniture type).
  • Moved Donator shop & Rune pouch interface out of the corner; they should be more centered now.
  • Added in HP orbs and %-bar to the Theatre of Blood, like OSRS.
  • A setting for the skybox was added, which changes the background color according to the area you're in.
  • Added in the option to show the name and price of ground items above them. You can set a minimum price, so lower tier items don't show up.

Pet trader
As suggested by Dj church, a pet trader was added to Edgeville. She has taken the spot of the Archeologist, south of the bank.
She will trade boss pets for unique items dropped by their boss counterpart.
Giving her a Graardor Jr for example, will give you one of the unique Bandos items dropped by General Graardor.
Some pets are excluded, due to lacking unique items, or being rare enough as is.

Keep in mind that the Pet trader does not care about Lucky pets.
She will take them, but she will treat them like their regular counterparts.
So if you prefer to keep your lucky pets, don't feed them to the Pet trader ;)


Some changes were made to Vorkath, to promote killing the undead blue dragon.
First and foremost, a bug was fixed that stopped Vorkath from dropping any clues. Vorkath will now drop clues ranging from hard to elite.

Alongside this, the prayer XP gained from Superior dragon bones has been boosted. Since Vorkath is significantly harder to kill than Frost dragons, this seemed suitable. Their base experience has been increased to 6,000 prayer XP per bone.

Lastly, a new drop has been added to Vorkath's droptable: Dragon bolts (unf). This means that Dragon bolts are now officially in the game! Dragon bolts are the new best-in-slot bolts for crossbows, offering +122 base ranged strength (compared to the +120 of rune bolts). Not only that, but gems can be used to create gem-tipped dragon bolts, having the exact same effects as their existing variants, bundled with a +122 ranged strength. The dragon bolts can only be fired using an Armadyl Crossbow or Chaotic Crossbow.


Other Monster Improvements...
We have had quite some feedback on some of our bosses / creatures. Vorkath was one of them and we have taken into account feedback on it in this update. However, two other bosses required our attention: the Evil Chicken and the Kraken.

The Evil Chicken
The Evil Chicken is supposed to be a fun boss and was intended to be the number one source of feathers for Ironman players.
However, as nicely pointed out by Nazuths, the rates were no better than killing regular chickens.

This has now been changed: the drop rate of feathers has been increased significantly and the Evil chicken's egg has received a new purpose as well.
It can now be handed in to the Guildmaster (located in the Champion's guild) for some extra feathers.
This should make the Evil Chicken the most viable source of obtaining feathers.

The Kraken
The Kraken has been one of the least enjoyed Slayer bosses. The boss was deemed quite boring, due to its weird mechanics and its lackluster droptable.
So we have tried to fix this. For starters, the hitpoints have been lowered from 500 to 255.
Also, the offensive and defensive stats were recalibrated to reflect the Kraken on OSRS.
Alongside that, some additional items have been introduced to Kraken's droptable, to make it more interesting to kill.
Finally, the Kraken now only uses 'typeless' magic attacks, which can not be protected against.
Because of all this, the Kraken should feel less lackluster now. Feedback is more than welcome on our suggestions forum!

Quality of Life
  • Trade rights have been removed! You can now freely trade items from the Pest Control Point shop and PkHonor Point shop to other players.
  • Slayer helmets can now be disassembled for its pieces. However, the slayer points will be lost.
  • Elf Warriors (the ones on Crash Island) have now been added as an available Hard slayer task.
  • Lizardman Shaman has now been added as an available Elite slayer task.
  • The ores in the Premium Skilling Zone have a heavily decreased chance of depleting versus any other location.
  • Lava Scales & Superior Dragon Bones now show an interface when used on a Pestle and Mortar to help crush the items. This can be toggled off in your ::settings.
  • The Rune pouch is now allowed into Castle Wars. It can be used to save some inventory space.
  • The Fountain of Heroes in the Heroes' Guild dungeon can now be used to charge jewelry, also by non-donators. Note that the fountain cannot be used to heal, like the fountain in the POH or Edgeville.
  • Using a piece of jewelry on either the Fountain of Heroes or Fountain of Rune will now charge any variant of that item in the inventory. This means that using an Amulet of Glory (2) will charge any Amulet of Glory in your inventory. This will speed up charging jewelry and make hunting for an Amulet of eternal glory more viable.
  • Vengeance can no longer be casted twice. Trying to do so will display a message.
  • General Graardor & Commander Zilyana will now yell out battle cries.
  • A lot of existing Slayer tasks have received a revision on their suggested location, to more accurately represent their (most accessible) location.
  • The Enchanted gem / Slayer helm interfaces have been slightly improved, to be aligned more centered and use colours to more clearly indicate the slayer task.
  • When a (higher level) hardcore ironman player loses their status, a server-wide message will be displayed with information on the account (experience & time played). This is for the F's in the chat.
  • The player will now be placed directly in the Treasure room at Barrows.
  • The entire Slayer master dialogue has been revamped. It should now be easier to access the required information / functions and each of the Slayer masters will provide more accurate information.
  • Each of the Slayer masters can be asked what tasks they offer. An entire list will be shown of all assignable creatures. All monsters that cannot be assigned at the time (due to lacking slayer streak, level requirements, perk or status) will be striked through by a red line.
  • The message when opening the Herblore shop has been changed to more accurately describe ways of obtaining herbs.
  • Some shops have been combined into one, using the existing interface originally used for the donator store. This way it's easier to access multiple tabs of items without having to run around. More may be added in the future!
  • The Enchanted Gem is now included as one of the starter items.
  • The Rogues that you can pickpocket, located near the Fight Arena, will now wander around a bit. This will hopefully make it harder to auto-click them.
  • A message will now be shown when trying to buy items from the donator store while having Donator points as an item in your inventory.
  • When using the special attack of the Death morph, the player's prayer points will no longer be lowered to 99.
  • The Easy slayer tasks have been shortened, since players quickly outlevel them.
  • The WildyWyrm timer has been removed from the Ironman spawners.
  • Honors can now drop items worth more than 1M in combat.
  • Most weapons have a slightly changed animation upon idling.
  • The accuracy of the Arclight against demons has been slightly increased, to match OSRS and become more useful against demons.
  • Players will no longer be able to accidentally leave the Theatre of Blood (by clicking a teleport spell). You can now leave the Theatre by typing ::home.
  • The Castle Wars Halos will now go to your refund box on death.
  • The Aviansies in the Godwars Dungeon now drop noted Adamantite Bars.
  • The King Black Dragon can now be killed while on a Black dragon task.
  • Lava dragons will now drop Black Dragon Hide on each kill.
  • Upon completion of the Wilderness PvM Achievement diaries, you can now toggle noted hide drops in the Wilderness. This can be useful for camping Wilderness dragons.
  • There is now an equal amount of Kingly implings on both the regular height and the morph height.
  • Tiadeche now sells 200 Karambwanji instead of 50. Since a new teleport is added to Tai Bwo Wannai, it's possible to quickly access his shop.
  • The Farming teleport interface was slightly changed to include 5 options, to make using the hotkeys more responsive.
  • Brian was removed from the Ranging store in Varrock. He was trespassing.
  • A dialogue was added to Zul-Onan (in Zul-Andra) that further explains the use of the Sacred eel.
  • A message was added when entering the Abyssal Sire's lair, to leave for 10 minutes if it does not spawn. This will hopefully help some players that experience this bug.
  • A bracelet mould was added to the crafting shop (at ::shops).
  • The Bandos godsword special effect has been improved towards npcs. However, it will only target the defence of the npc and not continue on to their strength. This is done due to technical limitations.
  • The Ferocious gloves and Avernic defender will now go to your refund box for 80m and 180m respectively.
  • The new max cost for resetting a slayer task has been lowered to 700 slayer points (from 1,000).
  • The Dragon hunter lance now has the correct attack animation.
  • The Dragon dart now have the correct special attack animation.
  • The experienced gained from fishing & cooking Karambwan has been rebalanced.

  • The Kill Count Book has been improved. Some glitches occurred when resetting the kill count or when trying to change settings when no kill count was obtained yet.
  • The bug with having 'Make All' turned off, while trying to enchant bolts, has been fixed.
  • Using the Fertile Soil spell will now use the correct items and not insert an empty bucket into the player's inventory.
  • A bug has been fixed where the slayer helmet would not grant any accuracy or damage bonus against Vet'ion's first form while on a slayer task.
  • The message in the Wilderness Achievement Diary concerning the chance of obtaining an Amulet of Eternal Glory has been changed to correctly reflect the actual rate.
  • The Dragonstone bracelet now no longers requires a defence level to be equipped.
  • The Amulet of Glory will now teleport the player outside the Al Kharid palace. This is done to prevent players from getting stuck.
  • Killing Revenants on task will now always count towards the slayer streak.
  • It is now no longer possible to invite players into the Theatre of Blood party while party members have already entered. This caused an incorrect amount of chests to appear.
  • TzHaar-Xil now have access to the correct droptable.
  • It's now possible to fill the Rune essence pouches if there is already essence in the pouch. This was already possible for regular Rune essence, but not for Pure essence.
  • The Infernal pickaxe is now counted as a pickaxe when kept in the inventory.
  • The options for banking the looting bag have been fixed.
  • Added the Black defender to the Cyclopses in the Warrior's Guild.
  • Removed the defence requirement for the Black h'ween mask.
  • Whenever a player gets stuck on the Wilderness agility log, they can still escape by re-clicking the base of the log and redo the obstacle.
  • The Whip of Balance idle animation has been fixed.

And... that's it for today! Hopefully you will enjoy all this update has to offer.
If you encounter any bugs, or have any feedback, feel free to let us know! We love hearing from you guys.

So... what's next? Well, I'll be getting access to the pathing code! I'll be diving into it while Mike sets up the general framework for the CoX. Hopefully I can get around to actually solving some problems and rewriting some of the code. After that I'll be joining Mike in developing the Chambers of Xeric! I'm looking forward to it, hopefully you are too.

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Patel » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:36 pm

Wow. Just wow. Kudos to you and everyone involved
Trade rights have been removed!
Incredible. I didn't think it could get any better then I read the QoL section


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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by 026 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:37 pm

Holy shit, thanks for all your hard work.

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Monys » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:42 pm

Wow.... Just wow is all I have to say.


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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by The underdog » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:46 pm

Good stuff, quite a lot even. Hopefully no bugs are introduced. Wildy slayer master, magic stats in equipment overview, hitpoints icon with poison, working price checker, no double venge and Juntows unban. Me like most.

Any benefit going to wilderness as opposed to normal elite slayer master? Been a long time since I've done slayer, but I can't remember them being that good relatively to non wild.
Wishlist del updates:
Remove tree during farming run
Stackable clue's or something similar/autosolve
Pathing tings
Remember attack style :!:

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Uimpepsi » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:55 pm

Oh my how I love the staff of PKH, all your hard work really makes me reassured that this Private Server will be rocking on for a long time.
Also, SO MANY CHANGES IN 1 UPDATE! Insane people, insane! I'm loving it!
Thanks so much for the dedication and so excited to give this new update a shot!

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Freeze em » Tue Feb 11, 2020 4:58 pm

Jesus thats a lot of stuff. Amazing job fellas. I guess its finally time to finish 2b slayer lmao.

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Will be ok2 » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:13 pm

Honestly a whole new server over the past year, insane work to all the dev’s and ty for all the hard work and long hours this must have taken it is very appreciated

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Doctor drop » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:20 pm

holy damn bro! goodjob on the team and thanks for all the amazing content

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Re: 11 February Updates: The Slayer Expansion

Post by Iron help » Tue Feb 11, 2020 5:30 pm

Keys are not appearing in refund or on the ground. i bought the perk tho.

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