18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

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18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Mike » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:08 pm

Thanks to Thoby's hard work, our players can once again enjoy a whole bunch of much asked for quality of life updates. But first, I have an important announcement to make.

Both Thoby and Jeremy have been trial developer on PkHonor for quite some time. Within that time, both of them have exceeded our expectations, creating amazing and properly worked out content for our server, faster than I could have imagined (and sometimes faster than I have the time to review). Therefore, I am happy to announce they have both been promoted to the rank of Developer!

In today's updates:
  • Added 5 available variations to the Max cape: the Fire max cape, the Ava's max cape, the Zamorak max cape, the Saradomin max cape and the Guthix max cape.
    These can be created by using the corresponding item on a max cape to combine them. Using a knife will split the two again, returning the max cape and the added item.
    They're nothing more than a cosmetic upgrade (link).
  • Also added the 5 corresponding Max hoods. These can also be created by using the item on a Max hood. Using a knife will again split the two items.

  • Fixed the bug making the Butler not being able to note items. Now it's possible to use any item on the Butler in your Player Owned House to note- or unnote an item (link).
  • Added the ability to note items at any deposit box. Seeing as noting seems equal to depositing, this was added to make Ultimate Ironmens life better.
  • The amount of noted/unnoted items, selected by the 'Unnote X' / 'Note X' option, will now replace the Note 10. This will be saved only for the current session.
  • Fixed noted potions dissapearing when destroying the Looting bag. Now, noted potions will drop to the ground instead of vanishing (link).
  • Added the ability to tan noted hides at the Crafting store at ::shops (link).
  • Changed the names of the combat teleports to make them easier for newer players (link)
  • Added some more deposit boxes at some of the farming patches and hunter area (link)
  • Added coloured drop texts when receiving items of value (1b+ = purple, 500m+ = gold, 100m+ = green and 10m+ = red). Also filtered gamechat will now show drops over 100m. (link)
  • The message stating your overload effect has run out will now show through the filtered game chat. Before only the 30 seconds warning would show. This also applies to the messages about Zaros cancelling the effect.
  • Added the ability to cast high-alchemy on items in the God Wars Dungeon (link)
  • Added Sacred Eels, which can be caught at Zul-Andra. A knife can be used to get 2-4 Zulrah's Scales per Eel. Roughly ~1.2K catches per hour. (link)
  • Added the Rogues' Castle chest for thieving. They give a lot of Thieving experience when Bounty Hunter is enabled. It's possible that the chest is trapped, hitting 2-8 damage. There's also a 1/400 chance of obtaining a hard clue scroll (link)
  • Added Armadyl Crossbow to the list of Armadyl God Wars Dungeon items (link)
  • Added the ability to use noted Mole skin on the Crafting npc (link)
  • Removed the prompt that asked the amount of bones you wanted to bury. It will now start burying all bones, like in OSRS (link)
  • Added the correct animation and graphics when offering bones on an altar.
  • You're now able to runecraft double Law runes and double Death runes at their corresponding levels, like on OSRS (link)
  • Added a new tree farming patch at the Gnome Stronghold (link)
  • Added the ability to add Super compost after something has been planted. This will result in a 50% time-decrease, instead of the regular 66% (when using compost earlier) (link)
  • Cyclops at the Warriors' Guild will now drop all defenders up to Rune. Having one of the defenders equipped/in your inventory will make the Cyclops drop the next tier up. The higher the tier, the more rare they become. The higher level Cyclopes also have a higher droprate than the lower ones. (link).
  • Revamped the Warriors' Guild as a whole. Now the Magical Animators work correctly, making it possible to obtain Warrior guild tokens. Use a set of armour on the animators to activate them and spawn an Animated armour set.
  • Fixed up the droptable of the Cyclops at the Warriors' Guild, they now drop more interesting items. Alongside now having a small chance of dropping a wearable cosmetic Cyclops head.
  • It's now required to have Warrior guild tokens to enter the Cyclops room, instead of Slayer points. (link)
  • Fixed the Chaotic Maul 90 requiring an Ancient repair kit, instead of a Chaotic repair kit.
  • The player will now receive a warning when trying to combine a Kraken tentacle with a whip (of any sort) (link)
  • The message on death will now show the correct remaining amount of time untill your items despawn. It used to always say 5 minutes.
  • It's now possible to sell your items back to the Castle wars store. Unchargable items will return for 50% of the Castle wars tickets, while chargeable items may range from 20% to 75% (link)
  • The Scorpia's offsprings (monsters in her lair) now don't drain prayer on every hit. This is not the case in OSRS either. They now only drain prayer some of the time.
  • The prayer drain from the Scorpia's Offsprings is halved when wearing the Spectral spirit shield (link).
  • The Death morph ring transformation now has the same effect as wearing a Spectral Spirit Shield (link).
  • Fixed the bug that made the Infernal PICKaxe turn into an Infernal Axe when running out of charges. It now returns the Infernal pickaxe, like intended (link).
  • It's now possible to enter the Bandos' Stronghold using the Dragon warhammer (link).
  • The Infernal Mages now use the correct attack style (link).
  • The Battle Mages now use the correct attack style and animations (link)
  • Ironman players no longer need to unlock Trading Rights to obtain a Max Cape. Ironmen cannot trade, so these rights are not relevant for this gamemode (link)
  • Added the Coin grab effect on the Ring of Wealth. Dropped coins get placed directly into your refund box when wearing a Ring of Wealth (link).
  • It's now possible to check the remaining charges on Infernal axes and pickaxes, by operating or 'checking' (link).
  • Fixed the 'Challenge'-option at Clan Wars, which wasn't functional for a little while. It's now possible to challenge other players to a Clan Wars.
  • The player is now shown a warning when trying to equip a Black Mask. These do not provide any bonus, and the player is now told to combine them for a Slayer helmet.
  • The strength bonus of the Werewolf transformation on the Morph ring has been nerfed to 147 (from 167). The ancient ranger, warrior and mage special attacks now cost 60% (from 40%) and the ancient warrior special attack now only offers 70% bonus max hit (from 200% bonus max hit).
  • You can now use the ::event command to teleport to an NPC event no more than once every 5 minutes.

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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Lieven » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:24 pm

Hell yeah!
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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Brant » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:25 pm

dang what a big list of updates. Nice work you 3

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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Empty pot » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:27 pm

these capes crazy!!!! been wanting them for so long holy fuck!

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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Sam » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:31 pm

Great work & Congratulations to you both!
Moderator Sam

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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Thoby » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:35 pm

Thanks so much for the opportunity! And big congratulations to Jeremy too, he is an amazing developer so it's even more deserved.

Big shoutout to all the people that made the suggestions implemented in this update. Hopefully this will take care of most suggestions that have been laying around for a little while.

Hope you all enjoy!
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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Ayoisno1 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:43 pm

Ancient warrior got absolutely nerfed zzzzzz

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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by A iron girl » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:37 pm

Great Work Devs (especially Thoby)!

3 things I would like to say.

Since the ring of wealth collects coin, can we make ex-ex and lucky pets do the same? Ex-ex takes 2 ring of wealths to create.

The wildy chest gives dragon darts, but all previous sources gave dragon darts p++. Can we change the wildy chest to give dragon darts p++ instead? More of an QoL thing so that these darts can stack.

It seems ironman cannot participate in clan wars... I don't think they should be limited since we are allowed to participate in castle wars
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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Will be ok » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:39 pm

Congratulations to thoby and Jeremy! That’s huge hopefully this will be what the server needed so updates can get done in a quick fashion now, excellent work all of you guys there QOL updates are great and really do make a huge difference.

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Re: 18 June Updates - QoL, developer promotions

Post by Skiller » Tue Jun 18, 2019 3:58 pm

Brant wrote:dang what a big list of updates. Nice work you 3
All credit goes to thoby and mike on this one

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