20 October updates: NPC pathfinding, item sets, bugfixes

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Re: 20 October updates: NPC pathfinding, item sets, bugfixes

Postby Thearlygamer » Tue Oct 30, 2018 7:54 pm

Admin adam wrote:
Ruler wrote:@thelategamer, it must so hard to take the position that somebody else didn't deserve to get an item, and that for the sake of the community it is justified to take away the item. Wondering how it would be if you were that person, it' always easy to make decisions that are only negative for someone else.

If it was justified that he got the items is definitely debatable, but he did receive them. Removing them without any compensation is not very nice.

Not exactly the same scenario, but I had about 100 barrows gloves that I could have sold before they were put in the shop for cheap. I deliberately pushed to tank the price because it would be better for the server overall. I am constantly submitting new prices on items where I lose a shit load of money, but I do it anyways because I know the majority will benefit. Lost about 10b on dragon bones, 10b on cannonballs, some lesser amounts on other things. I also have a white apron that I bought for 200B, I would be fine with introducing a spawn somewhere, even though I would lose that money.

Not saying that any of this is of the same magnitude. Frankly, I have no idea about Tom's situation, because I wan't around at the time. This is just the attitude that I take towards the game now as a longtime player.

@adam, for being a selfish admin I applaud you

@Ruler, read my post on me thinking it's fair if he gets a different untradable item. And, please don't assume what I would do in that position, I've tried to think of what's best for the server in my posts (even though at times they might seem/be biased since I'm an ironman). If I had an example of sacrifice I'd post it, but I've never been in this position on PkHonor. I think I could see why players would find it unfair if one day I wake up with a tradable dragon kiteshield in my bank on my regular account and it being known that it'll never be spawned again.

EDIT: just to be clear on my stance
•items that are tradable 1 off items that have NEVER been traded- I agree to giving them a UNtradable 1 off item that's purely cosmetic as compensation

•items that are tradable 1 off items that HAVE been traded- compensate them with the value they bought the item for

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Re: 20 October updates: NPC pathfinding, item sets, bugfixes

Postby Rapsey » Fri Nov 02, 2018 5:50 pm

Let's continue this here (or not at all).


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