Past server updates [last: 30 July 2020]

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24 July 2020

Post by Thoby » Fri Jul 24, 2020 11:00 pm

Image The Collection Log!

So, in today's news: the Collection log has been added to PkHonor! The collection log is a book that players can receive by interacting with a Mahogany bookcase in their own Player Owned House. It records nearly every unique drop the player can obtain from various content: Raids, Clue caskets, bosses and more. The player does not need to have claimed a collection log for it to start tracking newly obtained drops.


Items are not shared across logs. For example, if you obtain a Saradomin sword from Starlight, the Saradomin sword item from Commander Zilyana will still be locked. However, this does not apply to treasure trails or mystery boxes. If you obtain an item from a hard clue casket that's also in an elite clue casket, the item will be unlocked in both the hard and elite clue caskets. The same goes for items in mystery boxes and advanced mystery boxes.

You will be notified upon unlocking a new item on the log, which can be disabled by the right-click option 'Toggle-messages'. Also, once you unlocked an entire page / NPC, you will be notified of your achievement - this will still show with the messages disabled (since this can be quite an impressive milestone).

What about items I have already earned?
Originally we were planning on simply letting everybody start from scratch. However, we realized that some players would dislike to go through another 100+ hour grind for a specific item or pet for their collection log completion. So we decided to try our best prefilling the log to the best of our ability.

We are blessed with an extensive logging system that keeps track of the majority of item sources. This has made it possible for us to prefill most of the items obtained in the log. However, keep in mind that this doesn't apply to all areas: cheaper items tend not to be logged and items obtained through clue scrolls or reward chests have not been recorded entirely correctly. We aren't saying that we have managed to prefill the log perfectly, but we tried to the best of our ability. Some items or drop sources were also not being tracked until today (for example skilling pets), so it was not possible to prefill those.

An item is missing from this page, why is that?
With tracking over a 1,000 different items, it's almost impossible to get them all the first time.
If there are items / pages missing, let us know in the suggestions! We'll happily add them in.


  • The Maiden of Sugadinti now uses improved stats. These are 1:1 to the stats used on OSRS. This results in the BGS being properly effective.
  • The Bone spear (event item) will now go to your refund box if lost.
  • A bug with showing an improper amount of dropped ToB items in the Discord has been fixed.
  • Removed Ancient prayer book from the Hard clue scroll rewards for Ironman mode players. This was deemed a highly disliked reward.
  • Improved the logging of several item rewards. This will help to provide more insightful refunds.
  • Improved the shown time-remaining message when farming. Now shows minutes and seconds, instead of just seconds.
  • Added a right-click 'Respawn' option to the ironman Wilderness boss spawners. This will respawn the previously selected boss.
  • Lowered the threshold for showing drops and loot in the Discord from 15B down to 10B.
  • Fixed a bug which caused 'drops' not to show up in the Discord #game-feed channel.
  • Dragon plateskirt has been removed from the drop table of a couple of NPC's. Other NPC's have had it added to their drop table. This way, any NPC that drops dragon platelegs now also drops dragon plateskirts.
  • The second "ruined dragon armour lump" drop from dragon implings has been removed and a dragon platelegs drop has been added instead. This was a bug that had gone by unnoticed by us for years.
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30 July 2020

Post by Mike » Thu Jul 30, 2020 9:37 pm

Ultimate Ironman Mode players will be able to participate in all bonus XP events as of now. Just like for all other game modes, no skills are excluded from these bonus XP events.

There are also a couple of bugfixes included in this update:
  • A bug has been fixed where collection log entries would appear as nulled or as a different item (and with completely wrong amounts) as soon as you obtained 255 or more of a certain item.
  • Ironman Mode players now have the contents of their own hard, elite and master clue caskets added to the collection log (the collection log of non-ironman mode players has not been affected by this). These logs have not yet been prefilled with items obtained in the past, however. We will try to do so in the near future.
  • Ancient ceremonial robes items have been removed from Nex's collection log, since Nex does not actually drop those items.
  • The collection log entries for the dragon platebody pieces from implings have been fixed.
  • You can now attack the respiratory system at the Abyssal Sire again. Pathfinding toward the sleeping Sire has also been improved so your character will now properly walk toward him.
  • You can now craft body, mind and cosmic runes at the appropriate rifts in the abyss. The maps where these three altars stood are completely bugged (or may have been moved elsewhere by Jagex), so removing the teleport to the altars and allowing players to craft runes at the rifts in the Abyss instead seemed like the most appropriate solution for now.
  • You can no longer attack Verzik Vitur from behind a pillar. Pathfinding toward Verzik Vitur on the throne has also been improved so your character will now properly walk toward her.
  • Pathfinding toward Pest Control portals has been improved.
  • Pest Control NPC's can now attack the void knight again.
  • TzTok-Jad's animations have been fixed.