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18 June 2019

Post by Mike » Tue Jun 18, 2019 2:24 pm

In today's updates:
  • Added 5 available variations to the Max cape: the Fire max cape, the Ava's max cape, the Zamorak max cape, the Saradomin max cape and the Guthix max cape.
    These can be created by using the corresponding item on a max cape to combine them. Using a knife will split the two again, returning the max cape and the added item.
    They're nothing more than a cosmetic upgrade (link).
  • Also added the 5 corresponding Max hoods. These can also be created by using the item on a Max hood. Using a knife will again split the two items.

  • Fixed the bug making the Butler not being able to note items. Now it's possible to use any item on the Butler in your Player Owned House to note- or unnote an item (link).
  • Added the ability to note items at any deposit box. Seeing as noting seems equal to depositing, this was added to make Ultimate Ironmens life better.
  • The amount of noted/unnoted items, selected by the 'Unnote X' / 'Note X' option, will now replace the Note 10. This will be saved only for the current session.
  • Fixed noted potions dissapearing when destroying the Looting bag. Now, noted potions will drop to the ground instead of vanishing (link).
  • Added the ability to tan noted hides at the Crafting store at ::shops (link).
  • Changed the names of the combat teleports to make them easier for newer players (link)
  • Added some more deposit boxes at some of the farming patches and hunter area (link)
  • Added coloured drop texts when receiving items of value (1b+ = purple, 500m+ = gold, 100m+ = green and 10m+ = red). Also filtered gamechat will now show drops over 100m. (link)
  • The message stating your overload effect has run out will now show through the filtered game chat. Before only the 30 seconds warning would show. This also applies to the messages about Zaros cancelling the effect.
  • Added the ability to cast high-alchemy on items in the Godwards dungeon (link)
  • Added Sacred Eels, which can be caught at Zul-Andra. A knife can be used to get 2-4 Zulrah's Scales per Eel. Roughly ~1.2K catches per hour. (link)
  • Added the Rogues' Castle chest for thieving. They give a lot of Thieving experience when Bounty Hunter is enabled. It's possible that the chest is trapped, hitting 2-8 damage. There's also a 1/400 chance of obtaining a hard clue scroll (link)
  • Added Armadyl Crossbow to the list of Armadyl Godwarddungeon items (link)
  • Added the ability to use noted Mole skin on the Crafting npc (link)
  • Removed the prompt that asked the amount of bones you wanted to bury. It will now start burying all bones, like in OSRS (link)
  • Added the correct animation and graphics when offering bones on an altar.
  • You're now able to runecraft double Law runes and double Death runes at their corresponding levels, like on OSRS (link)
  • Added a new tree farming patch at the Gnome Stronghold (link)
  • Added the ability to add Super compost after something has been planted. This will result in a 50% time-decrease, instead of the regular 66% (when using compost earlier) (link)
  • Cyclops at the Warriors' Guild will now drop all defenders up to Rune. Having one of the defenders equipped/in your inventory will make the Cyclops drop the next tier up. The higher the tier, the more rare they become. The higher level Cyclopes also have a higher droprate than the lower ones. (link).
  • Revamped the Warriors' Guild as a whole. Now the Magical Animators work correctly, making it possible to obtain Warrior guild tokens. Use a set of armour on the animators to activate them and spawn an Animated armour set.
  • Fixed up the droptable of the Cyclops at the Warriors' Guild, they now drop more interesting items. Alongside now having a small chance of dropping a wearable cosmetic Cyclops head.
  • It's now required to have Warrior guild tokens to enter the Cyclops room, instead of Slayer points. (link)
  • Fixed the Chaotic Maul 90 requiring an Ancient repair kit, instead of a Chaotic repair kit.
  • The player will now receive a warning when trying to combine a Kraken tentacle with a whip (of any sort) (link)
  • The message on death will now show the correct remaining amount of time untill your items despawn. It used to always say 5 minutes.
  • It's now possible to sell your items back to the Castle wars store. Unchargable items will return for 50% of the Castle wars tickets, while chargeable items may range from 20% to 75% (link)
  • The Scorpia's offsprings (monsters in her lair) now don't drain prayer on every hit. This is not the case in OSRS either. They now only drain prayer some of the time.
  • The prayer drain from the Scorpia's Offsprings is halved when wearing the Spectral spirit shield (link).
  • The Death morph ring transformation now has the same effect as wearing a Spectral Spirit Shield (link).
  • Fixed the bug that made the Infernal PICKaxe turn into an Infernal Axe when running out of charges. It now returns the Infernal pickaxe, like intended (link).
  • It's now possible to enter the Bandos' Stronghold using the Dragon warhammer (link).
  • The Infernal Mages now use the correct attack style (link).
  • The Battle Mages now use the correct attack style and animations (link)
  • Ironman players no longer need to unlock Trading Rights to obtain a Max Cape. Ironmen cannot trade, so these rights are not relevant for this gamemode (link)
  • Added the Coin grab effect on the Ring of Wealth. Dropped coins get placed directly into your refund box when wearing a Ring of Wealth (link).
  • It's now possible to check the remaining charges on Infernal axes and pickaxes, by operating or 'checking' (link).
  • Fixed the 'Challenge'-option at Clan Wars, which wasn't functional for a little while. It's now possible to challenge other players to a Clan Wars.
  • The player is now shown a warning when trying to equip a Black Mask. These do not provide any bonus, and the player is now told to combine them for a Slayer helmet.
  • The strength bonus of the Werewolf transformation on the Morph ring has been nerfed to 147 (from 167). The ancient ranger, warrior and mage special attacks now cost 60% (from 40%) and the ancient warrior special attack now only offers 70% bonus max hit (from 200% bonus max hit).
  • You can now use the ::event command to teleport to an NPC event no more than once every 5 minutes.

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27 June 2019

Post by Mike » Thu Jun 27, 2019 4:03 pm

The Catacombs of Kourend
Underneath Zeah lies a vast set of catacombs. Distorted by the dark altar and overrun by all kinds of creatures, these catacombs are no place for everyday adventurers. The catacombs are filled by all sorts of dangerous monsters, the same that occupy the catacombs of OSRS. The walls of the catacombs make it so that burying the death will restore some of your prayer points. Not only that, but these monsters seem to be aggressive towards those who have been assigned to kill them. Be wary, because a good portion of the catacombs is multi-combat.


Added in this update:
  • All max capes and completionist capes now have the proper skillcape emotes.
  • A bug has been fixed where the non-imbued uncoloured slayer helmet had the stats of the imbued slayer helmet.
  • A teleport has been added to the Monster spell, which teleports you right inside the catacombs.
  • Within the slayer dungeon, burying bones will restore your prayer. The higher the tier bone, the more points it will restore (this will also apply to bones buried by the bonecrusher).
  • All monsters from OSRS have been added to the dungeon, each with their own drop table.
  • The catacombs are multi-combat, except for the dragon area (north-west).
  • When assigned to kill a monster inside the catacombs, the monsters will become aggressive to you. They will stop attacking you once you've finished your assignment.
  • The monsters in the Catacombs can drop both Dark Totem pieces and Ancient shards. They will always drop the totem piece that you have least of.
  • New slayer tasks have been added for the following monsters:
    • Ankous (found in the Catacombs)
    • Dagannoths (found in the Catacombs; alternatively, the Dagannoth kings can be killed instead)
    • Red Dragons (found at the Monster - Dragon teleport; alternatively, the Brutal Red Dragons inside the Catacombs can be killed instead)
    • Hill Giants (found at the Catacombs and in the Taverly Dungeon)
  • The variants of the monsters in the Catacombs can also be killed while on task (Brutal Black Dragons for a Black Dragon task, Brutal Blue Dragons for a Blue Dragon Task, Warped Jellies for the Jelly task, Twisted Banshees for the Banshee task, Mutated Bloodvelds for the Bloodveld task, etc).
  • Turoths have been moved to the Medium slayer master, seeing as their combat level (level 86) was by far the lowest of those assigned by the Hard Slayer master.
  • Silverlight, Darklight and Arclight have been added to Lillia's store:
    • Silverlight: provides +40% increased accuracy and damage against Demonic creatures. Can be bought for 3 Ancient shards from Lillia (at the Catacombs entrance).
    • Darklight: provides +50% increased accuracy and damage against Demonic creatures. Can be bought for 3 Ancient shards + a Silverlight from Lillia (at the Catacombs entrance).
    • Arclight: provides +70% increased accuracy and damage against Demonic creatures. Can be bought for 3 Ancient shards + a Darklight from Lillia (at the Catacombs entrance). Arclight initially has 1,000 charges and 1 charge is consumed each attack. At 0 charges it will revert back to Darklight. You can use shards on Arclight to recharge it, adding 1,000 charges for every 3 shards used.
    • Darklight and Arclight have a special attack that drains 5% of your opponent's strength, attack and defence (10% for demons). Note that you cannot drain the strength and attack levels of NPC's.
    • Darklight and Arclight can also be created by using 3 ancient shards on Silverlight/Darklight or by using the shards or swords on the dark altar.
    • A completed Dark Totem can be bought from Lillia for 10 Ancient shards.
  • The Altar in the middle of the Catacombs can be used to teleport around the Catacombs.
  • If the player holds a completed Dark Totem, they're able to teleport to Skotizo Lair using the Altar in the centre of the Catacombs. The mechanics of Skotizo work exactly the same as on OSRS. He's able to awaken his altars which heavily reduce the damage Skotizo takes (roughlt 20% per active altar). Skotizo will also spawn minions around half health and can continue to re-spawn them. Attacking the Awakened altars with Arclight will always deal 100 damage.
  • Skotizo has a 5% chance of dropping an Elite clue scroll, otherwise he'll drop a Hard clue scroll.
  • Dying in Skotizo's Lair will make your loot appear outside (it will NOT be considered a safe death).
  • Skotizo can drop a Dark Claw, which can be used to buy a Purple slayer helm and its imbued variant from any Slayer Master.
  • Skotizo can drop Skotos, the adorable pet version of Skotizo. It can be upgraded to a lucky version.

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28 June 2019

Post by Mike » Fri Jun 28, 2019 4:55 pm

In today's update:
  • A bug has been fixed where players were still able to deal damage for one game tick (0.6 seconds) after dropping to zero hitpoints. Two players can still kill each other on the exact same game tick.
  • A bug has been fixed where the Arclight and Darklight special attack would heavily increase a monster's defence level, rather than reduce it.
  • You can no longer use the agility shortcut in level 21 wilderness at the west side to escape the wild.
  • All monsters now have the proper slayer level requirement (a few Catacombs monsters could be killed at 1 slayer level, such as abyssal demons and brutal black dragons).
  • Reanimated demon spawns can now walk through Skotizo.
  • Skotizo and the demon spawns have had their accuracy and defence buffed.
  • A bug has been fixed where several weapons would hit 100 on the awakened Skotizo -altars, rather than just Arclight.
  • An extra dark beast spawn has been added in the Catacombs.
  • A bug has been fixed where deviant spectres would drop unnoted rune essence instead of noted rune essence

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23 July 2019

Post by Mike » Tue Jul 23, 2019 3:24 pm

Red skull

Players now have the ability to get a red skull, which is like a regular skull except you cannot use the protect item prayer, so you will always lose every single item on death. You can activate the red skull either by talking to Death in Edgeville or by using the ::redskull command. You can switch back to a regular skull by talking to Death again. Once the red skull expires (after 12 minutes, after dying or when drinking from the Fountain of Heroes), the next time you attack an enemy in the wilderness you will gain a regular skull again.

Milestone capes

Milestone Capes are now available for creation in-game. The capes are purely cosmetic, but what better way to proudly show off you're well on your way to maxed experience?


You can make them by bringing the requisite number of balls of wool, as well as 10M coins, to the Loom on the farm between Falador and Port Sarim. New capes are unlocked at the following thresholds, and require the following number of balls of wool:
1,000,000,000 experience - 1
3,000,000,000 experience - 2
5,000,000,000 experience - 3
10,000,000,000 experience - 4
15,000,000,000 experience - 5
20,000,000,000 experience - 6
30,000,000,000 experience - 7
40,000,000,000 experience - 8
46,000,000,000 experience - 9


Donator store & master clue additions

There are seven new permanent cosmetic items in the donator store. These items have also all been added as rare drops to master caskets (aside from ankou which was already a master clue reward). They all have the same stats as OSRS, but without any requirements (also sold to ironman):
Robes of darkness (top, bottom, hood, boots, gloves) - 10,000 credits
Ankou outfit (top, leggings, mask, socks, gloves) - 10,000 credits
Mummy outfit (body, legs, head, feet, hands) - 10,000 credits
Samurai set (shirt, greaves, kasa, boots, gloves)- 10,000 credits
Katana - 10,000 credits
Nunchaku - 7,500 credits
Dual sai - 5,000 credits

As well as one extra weapon (in the weapons tab): the dragon warhammer, sold for 3,000 credits each (not available for irons).

And the ecumenical key, which is now sold in the donator store for 10 credits each (available to irons).

White apron sale

There is currently an ongoing white apron sale. A very rare item, valued at hundreds of billions of coins, we are selling exactly 10 of these for 50,000 credits each. Get yours now, because gone is gone and it'll be at least another half a year before we sell this item again. Ironman mode players can purchase the apron as well.


Other bugfixes
  • Honors can no longer make NPC's immortal through the ring of suffering (r)
  • Fixed a bug where the game would always note or unnote 10 items instead of the custom amount you had last entered when using an item on a bank booth
  • It should no longer be possible for Cerberus to spawn twice in the same location at the same time
  • Skotizo kills are now shown in a PoH bookcase. They were already being tracked since the release, you simply couldn't see them in your bookcase yet
  • Hardcore Ironman Mode players now receive the appropriate armour when creating their account. They can also purchase this at the supplies store
  • Fixed the Bandos kiteshield not deflecting any damage back onto Nex
  • New players can no longer end up at coordinate 0, 0 when first creating their account
  • Nastroth's dialogue has been fixed when he explains Bounty Hunter to a player

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11 August 2019

Post by Mike » Sun Aug 11, 2019 7:10 pm

I am glad to announce the release of Vorkath!


As you may have guessed, it works pretty much the same as in OSRS. Vorkath is an undead creature susceptible to the salve amulet and crumble undead, while also being considered a blue dragon for the purpose of a slayer task.
In terms of dying, it is very similar to Zulrah, as in you don't lose any items when you die but hardcore Ironman players will still lose their hardcore status if they die at Vorkath! We've added an appropriate message upon entering to warn the Hardcore players.
As you cannot lose your items, there is also no cost to reclaim them. However, there is a fee of 100,000 coins each time you enter. Donators can enter for free.

Its attacks are very similar to OSRS as well:
First it uses 6 standard attacks, which can be any of the following:
  • Melee if you're in melee range
  • Magic
  • Ranged
  • Dragonfire (regular, one that can envenom you and one that disables your prayers). This dragonfire hits harder than regular dragonfire and requires more tiers of protection, such as a super antifire potion combined with an anti-dragon shield.
  • A slow moving fire bomb that can instakill you if you don't move out of the way. Moving just one square away only halves the damage, so you need to move at least 2 squares to be safe.
Then it uses one of two special attacks, randomly chosen:
  • You are frozen and a Zombified Spawn is summoned, which can deal up to 60 damage if not killed in time. Crumble Undead will always instakill the spawn as long a you don't splash. Vorkath is immune to damage as long as the spawn is alive.
  • Several acid pools are spawned, which can hit up to 10 damage each game tick you stand on one of them. Vorkath is healed for any poison damage you take. Additionally, it will hurl 25 fireballs at you in very quick succession, which can only be dodged by walking away from where you're standing. During this time, Vorkath takes 50% reduced damage.
After that, it uses another 6 standard attacks. Lastly, it uses the special attack that it didn't use before, then the cycle repeats until Vorkath is killed.

The only real difference with OSRS is that the max hit of the fire bomb, rapid fireballs and the Zombified spawn are slightly lower than on OSRS. There is also no guarantee of receiving a Vorkath's head on the 50th kill - the drop rate is simply 2% (1/50).

Its most notable drops are as follows:
  • Superior dragon bones, which can be buried or offered at an altar, granting the same amount of prayer XP as frost dragon bones. They can also be ground up with a pestle and mortar to create crushed superior dragon bones. These crushed bones can be combined with an antifire potion to create a super antifire potion. You can further enhance this super antifire potion into an extended super antifire potion by adding lava scale shards.
  • Skeletal visage, which can be mounted on an anti-dragon shield (requiring 90 smithing) to create the Dragonfire ward. The Dragonfire ward is very similar to the Dragonfire shield, it can be charged with dragon breath - which increases its melee and ranged defence - and be operated to deal dragonfire damage to your opponent. The cooldown is shared with the DFS. The main difference with the DFS is that it has higher ranged stats and is therefore better suited for rangers than a DFS.
  • Vorkath's head, which has three uses:
    - Can be mounted in a Player-owned House after being stuffed, the mounted head can be used to fully charge a DFS or DFW in one go, just like mounted KBD heads
    - Can be used to purchase a turquoise slayer helmet at the slayer store, a purely cosmetic upgrade
    - Last but not least, can be combined with an Ava's accumulator to create Ava's assembler. This assembler grants better ranged bonuses along with +2 ranged strength. Ava's assembler can in turn be combined with a Max cape to create an Assembler max cape, a purely cosmetic upgrade of the Max cape with no extra stats
  • Dragonbone necklace, which restores 1 - 5 prayer points when burying bones (also applies to the bonecrusher). 1 prayer point for regular bones, 2 for big bones, 3 for babydragon bones, 4 for dragon bones and Dagannoth bones and 5 for superior dragon bones and frost dragon bones. Note that just like in OSRS, the effect only activates 9 seconds after you equip the necklace.
  • And of course, the Vorki pet, which can be upgraded to a Lucky Vorki by feeding it an Ex-Ex-Parrot.
When killed, two rolls are made on its drop table, so keep this in mind when checking out Vorkath's drop table as you need to double all of its drop rates, except for Vorki and the Skeletal visage.

But that's not all! This update also brings a much asked for Quality of Life improvement: game timers!

That's right, there is now a visual overlay in the top left corner of your screen that displays when the following will expire:
  • Antipoison potions and its variants
  • Anti-venom+ potions
  • Antifire potions and its variants
  • Overload potions
  • Entangle and freeze
  • Vengeance
  • Teleblock
  • Skull and red skull
These timers can be toggled on or off in your settings tab.

A few other updates:
  • Long overdue, but better late than never: our drop tables now show the exact drop rates for each item, rather than a rough estimate
  • You no longer require a slayer staff to cast Crumble undead, but you still need one if you wish to autocast the spell.
  • Players can no longer purchase donator credits in the vote store.
  • Monsters with 255 hitpoints or more now have a much longer health bar.


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29 August 2019

Post by Mike » Thu Aug 29, 2019 3:56 pm

Rune pouch, essence pouch and coal bag presets

This one is pretty self-explanatory. As of now, presets will also save the contents of your rune pouch, essence pouches and coal bag!
But that's not all - as of this update, the rune pouch has an overlay to show the runes currently inside.

NPC kill tracking

Up until now, we only kept track of bosses, demibosses and some larger NPCs such as Glacors, Ice Strykewyrms, Frost dragons and Lava dragons. As of now, most of the NPCs you kill will have their own record, with the exception of really low level NPC's such as chickens, cows, goblins, ...

To check your current killcounts, click on a mahogany bookcase in your Player-Owned House to receive the kill count book. This book will display the current killcounts and lets you toggle a bunch of settings, including to do a temporary 'soft' reset of your killcount or whether to display notifications each time you kill an NPC (or open a casket or complete a treasure trail, a game of Pest Control or loot the Barrows chest). Use the book on another player to see their killcounts.


The book also includes highscores for each NPC, so you can see which players have killed the most of a certain boss, completed the most trails etc. The highscores display the top 150 players for each NPC.

Feel free to request the addition of extra NPCs to be kept track of, through the in-game suggestions forum.

The Evil Chicken

Today, we added a highly anticipated demi-boss: The Evil Chicken, as suggested by the community.
This is a completely custom piece of content, offering a new and fun demi-boss to challenge. Note that it is a safe boss, so you will keep any items on death and Hardcore Ironman Mode players will not lose their status if they die.
The Evil Chicken can be found at the Champions Guild, in the chicken coop to the east of the guild. To get to the guild, you can either run from Varrock or use the farming teleports (Bush Teleport -> Champion's Guild).

The Evil Chicken fires rapid magical attacks, piercing right through protection prayers.
As a matter of fact, using a protection prayer will only boost the Evil Chicken's power. So be wary and be sure not to pray.

The Evil Chicken drops 4 pieces of Evil Chicken equipment as an Ultra Rare drop, alongside a good amount of feathers:

This is all information we are able to give. To discover more about the Evil Chicken and its secrets, feel free to pay him a visit at the Champion's Guild ;)

  • Players no longer have the ability to select newer character looks during character creation or at the make-over mage. These looks are bugged anyhow, we may try to fix them later so players can enjoy new character looks, but for now we have chosen to disable them.
  • Fixed a bug where attacking a player while being red skulled and using the ancient curses prayerbook would turn off your prayers.
  • Fixed a bug where super antifire potions did not provide complete immunity against dragon breath. Note that Vorkath's dragon breath cannot be completely blocked by super antifire potions.
  • You can now decant noted super antifire potions and extended super antifire potions.
  • The ring of suffering (r) and ring of suffering (ri) can no longer be traded between players. You can only trade uncharged rings of suffering.
  • Vorki will no longer block Vorkath's special attacks (the freeze/zombified spawn and the acid pool/rapid attacks).
  • A bug has been fixed that allowed players to noclip through the north wall of Yanille.
  • Max hit dummies no longer have a health bar shown above them.

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15 November 2019 - Theatre of Blood

Post by Mike » Fri Nov 15, 2019 5:17 pm

After several months of works, it's finally here: The Theatre of Blood!

A lot of thanks to Thoby for laying the groundwork and implementing the first two rooms, along with everyone who participated in our bughunter contest to get rid of as many bugs as possible before the release.

I'm not going to delve too deep into the specifics of the Theatre itself, as we have done our best to make it as much like the OSRS ToB as possible. It's a very challenging task to complete this raid, even for the most experienced players with the best of gear. I highly recommend the strategy guide on the OSRS wiki along with the dozens of guides you can find on Youtube on how to beat the Theatre.

What I do want to highlight are the differences between the OSRS ToB and ours:
  • Hardcore Ironman Mode players will not lose their status when dying in the Theatre, it is therefore a safe activity.
  • You will never lose your items when dying in ToB. However, if your entire team dies, you will need to pay a penalty of 10M coins to play again. You can deposit up to 2B coins in the chest near the entrance to pay your fees in advance (you can also withdraw these coins at any time).
  • The hitpoints of ToB NPCs are 62.5% of the normal amount for two man teams and 50% when going solo.
  • When fighting Sotetseg solo (or if you are alone because the rest of your team died), the damage of the big red ball is 35 instead of 70.
The spoils, all of which are tradeable (except the pet, of course):
  • Avernic defender hilt, which can be attached to the dragon defender to create the avernic defender
  • Scythe of Vitur, which can hit large monsters up to three times (the second hit has 50% of your max hit, the third hit has 25% of your max hit) or hit up to three targets in an arc in front of you, similar to the dragon halberd. It can be charged with blood vials and blood runes for increased stats
  • Sanguinesti staff, which is basically a trident of the swamp but with a slightly higher max hit and a chance to heal yourself each hit. It is charged using blood runes and cannot be used in PvP
  • Ghrazi rapier, which has slightly lower stats than the chaotic rapier but does not degrade
  • Justiciar faceguard, chestguard and legguard, if you wear all three you get a damage reduction based on your defence bonus
  • And of course, Lil'zik, the pet version of the final boss, Verzik Vitur

lastly, enjoy some screenshots taken directly from the game:













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17 November 2019

Post by Mike » Sun Nov 17, 2019 4:05 pm

In today's updates:
  • A bug has been fixed where the size of a party would not always be correctly calculated. This would lead to NPCs having an incorrect amount of hitpoints or loot chests not spawning when finishing the Theatre of Blood.
  • If you die at the same time as a Theatre of Blood boss, you will no longer be counted as being dead.
  • You will no longer get kicked from your party if you disconnect while inside the Theatre.
  • You will no longer have to pay a penalty of 10M coins if you teleport out of Ver Shinhaza while in a party, as long as you have not yet entered the Theatre itself.
  • The droprates on the Theatre of Blood drop table on our wiki have been fixed. They were always correct in-game, but they were incorrectly shown on the wiki (it might take some time before the wiki droprates are properly updated).

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20 November 2019

Post by Mike » Wed Nov 20, 2019 8:20 pm

In today's updates:
  • A bug has been fixed where players could get randomly hit out of nowhere while inside the skilling center.
  • A bug with Xarpus has been fixed where it might become invisible or spawn random NPCs.
  • Verzik Vitur should no longer continuously spawn Nylocas Matomenos that made it impossible to kill her.

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30 November 2019

Post by Mike » Sat Nov 30, 2019 3:01 pm

  • A bug has been fixed where unopenable rewards chests may be spawned at the end of a raid if you were still in the Verzik room while a team member has already left the treasure room.
  • If your team kills Verzik or the Nylocas while you are both dead and disconnected, you will now be properly teleported to the middle of the room after logging back in.