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23 January 2019

Post by Mike » Wed Jan 23, 2019 4:10 pm

Essence pouches have received several improvements:
  • Can now contain pure essence
  • Pouch contents are now saved on logout
  • Essence inside your pouches will automatically be used when crafting runes at an altar
  • When teleporting to the Abyss, you will now be taken to the outer circle where you can kill monsters that drop small, medium, large and giant pouches
  • In order to reach the Abyss inner circle, you need to use agility, thieving, woodcutting, mining or firemaking to proceed, similar to OSRS. The Abyss can be considered safe for skillers as the obstacles cannot cause damage nor are the monsters aggressive (unless you decide to attack them of course)
  • You can have a maximum of 1 of each pouch on your account (so you can have 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large and 1 giant pouch)
  • The mage of Zamorak now sells essence pouches: 5K for small, 20K for medium, 80K for large and 320K for giant pouch. Not available to Ironman Mode players

The coal bag has also been added. It can contain up to 27 pieces of coal and can be bought at the general store for 200K coins. The coal inside your coal bag is automatically used when smelting ore at a furnace or using superheat. You can only have one coal bag on your account at a time.


A couple of other bugfixes and improvements:
  • Made an improvement to the instanced GWD boss rooms to prevent multiple boss spawns as well as preventing a room to no longer spawn due to multiple boss spawns. I cannot guarantee that all GWD room issues are now resolved, so please let us know in the bug reports if people experience any other GWD related bugs or rooms not spawning/double spawning
  • Fixed a bug that made items in an instanced boss room disappear if a player would log out and back in
  • Glacors are now also assigned as non-wilderness elite slayer tasks
  • You can no longer use one of the top level ladders of the pirate ship in the wilderness, to prevent players from having a safe spot from PK'ers there
  • Fixed humidify spell not filling up an empty watering can
  • The humidify spell can now be used to water seedlings in a plant pot
  • Fixed the ::home command not failing the wilderness achievement to kill all bosses in a single trip
  • The 'Dagannoth' teleport option has been renamed to 'Dagannoth Kings'

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8 February 2019

Post by Mike » Fri Feb 08, 2019 12:36 pm

The menagerie has been added!


When adding rooms to your player-owned house, you now have the option to add indoor and outdoor menageries for 300M coins.
Unlike OSRS, you can have as many menageries as you want. The amount of pets you can hold in your player-owned house purely depends on your donator rank, rather than the kind of pet house you build inside a menagerie. I could have made the max amount of pets depend on the kind of pet house, but this would have taken me a lot of time to develop and didn't seem to be worth the effort.
Aside from the pet list, all objects in the menagerie are purely decorative and have no actual use (so you can't have pets battle in the arena - sorry).
Regular players can store up to 20 pets in their house, donators up to 50 and premium members can store an unlimited amount of pets (regardless of how many menageries you have).
Storing and withdrawing pets is done from the pet list interface, to bring it up all you have to do is click the 'pet list' object in your menagerie after which you can use the interface as if it were a bank.


In a future update, I would like to give players the ability to have their pets freely roam their house (limited to the first few that are shown in their pet list). However, I didn't want to postpone the menagerie update just to add this fancy feature.

We have also decided to add some new items to our donator store. Several weapons and pieces of equipment, including void sets, are now available for purchase. More items will be added later on. The donator store now has 3 tabs:

Spoiler: show
  • Mystery box (250)
  • Donator status (2,500)
  • Premium status (2,500)
  • Honor status (12,500)
  • 2M coins (1)
  • 100M ticket (50)
  • 1B ticket (500)
  • Imbue scroll (1,350)
  • Frozen whip mix (10,000)
  • Volcanic whip mix (10,000)
  • Rogue set (20,000)
  • Gilded armor set (25,000)
Spoiler: show
  • Whip of Chaos (7,500)
  • Whip of Magic (7,500)
  • Whip of Shadows (7,500)
  • Holy whip (7,500)
  • Unholy whip (7,500)
  • Whip of Balance (7,500)
  • Whip of Souls (7,500)
  • Whip of Fortune (7,500)
  • Light ballista (900)
  • Heavy ballista (1,800)
  • Staff of the Dead (700)
  • Toxic staff (3,000)
  • Toxic trident (2,000)
  • Toxic blowpipe (3,000)
  • Armadyl crossbow (2,250)
  • Dragon claws (450)
  • Zamorakian hasta (1,300)
  • Armadyl godsword (750)
  • Bandos godsword (150)
  • Saradomin godsword (150)
  • Zamorak godsword (150)
Spoiler: show
  • Fire cape (250)
  • Dragonfire shield (25)
  • Spirit shield (150)
  • Blessed spirit shield (350)
  • Arcane spirit shield (350)
  • Spectral spirit shield (350)
  • Elysian spirit shield (750)
  • Divine spirit shield (750)
  • Dragon defender (100)
  • Serpentine helm (1,600)
  • Tanzanite helm (6,750)
  • Magma helm (6,750)
  • Amulet of Torture (2,250)
  • Necklace of Anguish (2,250)
  • Tormented Bracelet (2,250)
  • Ring of Suffering (2,250)
  • 'Perfect ring' (17,500)
  • Salve Amulet (e) (1,100)
  • Armadyl helmet (700)
  • Armadyl chestplate (900)
  • Armadyl chainskirt (900)
  • Bandos chestplate (800)
  • Bandos tassets (1,000)
  • Bandos boots (100)
  • Void melee set (top, robe, gloves, melee helm) (100)
  • Void ranger set (top, robe, gloves, ranger helm) (100)
  • Void mage set (top, robe, gloves, mage helm) (100)

Other changes in today's update:
  • Fixed a bug where completing an easy, medium, hard, elite or master clue wouldn't be logged in your PoH bookcase
  • You can now use noted rings of recoil on the ring of suffering to quickly charge it
  • When using an unnoted ring of recoil on a ring of suffering, all rings of recoil in your inventory will be used instead of just one
  • You can now pack void melee, ranger and mage sets at the item set exchange clerk
  • Buckets of sand (for the desert habitat in a PoH menagerie) can be filled at the sandpit in Yanille
  • Papyrus (for the pet list) can be purchased at the estate agent

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15 February 2019

Post by Mike » Fri Feb 15, 2019 9:50 pm

Ultimate Ironman Mode has been released, along with the appropriate highscores!


In addition to Ironman Mode restrictions (no trading, staking or looting), Ultimate Ironman Mode also has the following restrictions:
  • You do not have access to a bank
  • On death (outside safe minigames), you will lose all items you have with you. The items will stay on the floor for 1 hour, after which they will vanish
  • You cannot create item sets
  • Items that would normally go to your refund box at a price on death, for example a fire cape or custom whip lost in the wilderness, will completely vanish instead of being added to the refund box
  • Ultimate Ironman Mode players cannot make use of bonus XP weekends. They can however participate in NPC-related bonus weekends

However, you can use the following features to save inventory space:
  • Use an item on a bank booth to note or unnote it
  • Use the refund box to store coins, 100M tickets and 1B tickets
  • A looting bag can be used to add items while inside the wilderness (obtainable by killing wilderness NPC's)
  • A rune pouch can hold up to 16,000 of up to 3 types of runes (sold in the slayer store for 1,250 slayer points)
  • A menagerie in your player-owned house can be used to store your pets - up to 20 for regular UIM players, 50 for donators and an unlimited amount for premium members

Today's update also comes with a change for other players: when losing items on death outside PvP, your items will now stay on the floor for one hour. They will only be visible to the player itself, but after the hour expires they will become visible to other players for a few minutes, after which they will vanish forever. This applies to both regular players and Ironman Mode players (including HCIM and UIM).
Considering that's the way it's been on OSRS for some time now, we decided it would be best to do this as well in order to avoid any confusion. However, unlike OSRS, other players will have a few minutes to pick up any lost items from other players after the one hour timer is over.

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21 February 2019

Post by Mike » Thu Feb 21, 2019 1:57 pm

Cerberus has been released!


Found in its lair beneath the Taverley dungeon, Cerberus guards the River of Souls, preventing the living from entering, and the dead from escaping. Are you up to the challenge of defeating her?

She is very similar to OSRS in many ways, meaning:
  • You can access her lair through the Taverley dungeon, the quickest way being to run a bit north, jump across the spikes and then run further north until you come to a cave entrance
  • Alternatively, you can use the key master teleport to teleport very close to her lair. This scroll is dropped by Cerberus
  • She can only be killed while on a hellhound or Cerberus slayer task, unless there is an ongoing Cerberus event. Note that, similar to Krakens, you cannot get Cerberus or hellhounds as a slayer task unless you have a slayer streak of at least 3
  • At the start of the fight, a wall of flames will spawn which deals 5 damage when crossed
  • She can attack with all 3 styles (melee, ranged and magic)
  • At the start of the fight, she will use all 3 attacks in quick succession (this special attack can also hit with melee from a distance)
  • Once below 400 health, she can summon 3 souls that will attack you with magic, ranged or melee. They spawn in a random order but the first attack will always be from the west. Each attack will deal 30 damage and can only be blocked by a protection prayer. If you protect against an attack, 30 prayer points will be drained instead (15 prayer points if you are wielding a spectral spirit shield)
  • Once below 200 health, she can form 3 hot pools, one under you and two nearby. If you stand on a pool, you will take 10 - 15 damage; if you stand next to one, you will take 7 damage
She drops the smouldering stone, which can be combined with a dragon axe to create an infernal axe, which burns 1/3rd of the logs you cut, granting 100% of the firemaking XP. It can burn 5000 logs, after which it will become an infernal axe (uncharged) and you need to use a smouldering stone on it to recharge it.
Combine the smouldering stone with a dragon pickaxe to create an infernal pickaxe, which smelts 1/3rd of the ore you mine, granting 100% of the smithing XP. It can smelt 5000 ores, after which it will become an infernal pickaxe (uncharged) and you need to use a smouldering on it to recharge it. If you wish to make steel, mithril, adamant or rune bars with the pickaxe, you do still need to have the appropriate amount of coal in your inventory.
When uncharged, the infernal axe/pickaxe will act just like a dragon axe/pickaxe. The smouldering stone can be traded, the infernal (pick)axe cannot.

She also drops eternal, pegasian and primordial crystals, which can be combined with infinity, ranger and dragon boots respectively, requiring a runecrafting and magic level of 60 and granting 10,000 runecrafting and magic XP. The boots are similar to the ragefire, glaiven and steadfast boots we already have in the game, you can visit the OSRS wiki for the exact eternal, pegasian and primordial boots stats, which we also use.
Until further notice, the ragefire, glaiven and steadfast boots will remain unchanged, so the two sets of boots will simply coexist. The eternal and pegasian boots offer slightly better stats than the ragefire and glaiven boots, while the primordial boots offer a slightly lower attack bonus than the steadfast boots (but it does have a slightly higher defense overall).

And last but not least, the hellhound puppy!

A few other things included in this update:
  • The dragon axe now has the proper OSRS special attack, granting +3 to your woodcutting level and using up 100% of your special attack bar. The same goes for the infernal axe and the infernal axe (uncharged)
  • Hellhounds now also drop the smouldering stone, as an extremely rare drop
  • Fixed a bug where two bosses could be in the same instance at the same time, although one of them would be unattackable (this happened outside GWD)

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9 March 2019

Post by Mike » Sat Mar 09, 2019 8:48 pm

The Abyssal Sire has been released!


Do you dare to disturb this monstrous abomination from its slumber in the mouth of the Abyss?

The Sire is very similar to OSRS in many ways, meaning:
  • It is found near the south end of the Abyss. To get there, talk to the Zamorak mage to teleport to the Abyss, then walk south and go through the passage
  • The Sire can only be killed while on an Abyssal Demon or Abyssal Sire slayer task, unless there is an ongoing Abyssal Sire event. In order to get one of these tasks, you need a slayer streak of at least 3
  • The fight consists of several phases:
    - First, you need to wake the Sire with a ranged or magic attack
    - Once awoken, you need to disable it by either dealing 75 damage (with ranged or magic attacks) or by casting a shadow spell. In the meantime, the Sire can launch spawns and poison pools at you. Poison pools can deal up to 15 damage while spawns will mature into stronger scions if not killed within 10 seconds
    - When the Sire is disabled, destroy the respiratory systems in the room with ranged or magic attacks
    - After destroying the respiratory systems, it will walk into melee range and deal a lot of damage with melee attacks that can sometimes hit through your prayer
    - Once below half health, it will walk to the middle of the room and start the next phase, where it won't deal damage but constantly launch spawns and poison pools
    - Once below 140 hitpoints, you will be forcibly teleported close to the Sire, after which it will explode dealing heavy damage. This damage can be avoided if you quickly run South after being teleported
The most notable drop is the Unsired, which has a droprate of 1/100 (affected by RoW/ex-ex-parrot/lucky pet) and can be used on the Font of Consumption in return for one of the following items:
  • One of three Abyssal bludgeon pieces (62/128 chance). You are guaranteed to receive the piece you don't have yet in case you already have one or more pieces. Once you have all three pieces, simply use them on each other to create the bludgeon. It has the same stats as on OSRS as well as a special attack that requires 50% special attack energy and deals 0.5% extra damage for each prayer point your opponent is missing (only works in PvP situations)
  • An abyssal dagger (26/128 chance). It has the same stats as in OSRS, its special attack requires 50% special attack energy and has a 25% increase in accuracy with 15% reduced damage. The special attack's first hit must deal damage for the second hit to deal damage
  • An abyssal whip (30/128 chance)
  • An abyssal head (10/128 chance)
The Sire also drops the Abyssal Orphan. Unlike OSRS, the Orphan is directly dropped from the Sire, rather than being obtained from the Font of Consumption.

Some other important changes included in this update:
  • In PvP situations, the damage you deal will now ignore your opponent's current hitpoints, so in theory you can hit a 90 on someone with just 2 hitpoints. However, you will only receive the XP for 2 hitpoints. This change also puts an end to the so called 'tick eating' mechanic
  • A bug with magic accuracy calculations in PvP has been fixed
  • Players with a lot of records in their Player-owned House bookcase now have their records split into two separate pages
  • Fixed a bug where some players logged in at 0 hitpoints and died right after logging in. Also fixed a subsequent pet duping bug when this occurred
  • Abyssal demons now also drop the abyssal dagger at a rate of 1/10,000

Yesterday we had already released a new client in preparation for today's update. This new client also fixed an age old issue where players with an operating system in a non-standard character set, such as Turkish or Arabic, were unable to start our client. We are now one of the very few (if not the only) RSPS that now supports these operating system languages! Everything will still be in English of course.

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27 March 2019

Post by Mike » Wed Mar 27, 2019 4:32 pm

Today, I am glad to release the Lizardman Shamans, something that our newest trial developer Thoby has recently been working on!

The Lizardman Shamans can be found in the Lizardman Canyon, accessible through the Monsters teleport in your spellbook.
Just like OSRS, the Lizardman Shamans drop the Dragon warhammer. This weapon's special attack lowers your opponent's defence level by 30% while using up 50% special attack energy. It works against both players and NPC's and is therefore a very effective weapon in both PvP and PvM situations.

The Shamans have similar attacks to OSRS and their poison can hit up to 30 damage. You can evade the poison by running away or you can counter the effect by wearing Shayzien armour, which can be obtained by talking to captain Babacus. The more Shamans you have killed, the higher tier Shayzien armour you can obtain and the more effectively you can counter the poison attacks.
Armour tiers are as follows:
  • Tier 1: 50 kills
  • Tier 2: 100 kills
  • Tier 3: 150 kills
  • Tier 4: 250 kills
  • Tier 5: 500 kills

A couple of bugfixes included in this update:
  • The abyssal bludgeon special attack max hit now depends on your own missing prayer points, instead of the missing prayer points of your opponent (oops)
  • The Zulrah melee phase now properly hits the player
  • You can now block the Abyssal Sire as slayer task
  • Destroying your looting bag will no longer destroy noted potions
  • Fixed a bug where adding an unnoted item to your looting bag and choosing "All" would only deposit 1 instead of all
  • Fixed a bug where the game would think you still have runes from your rune pouch after depositing the pouch in your bank
  • Fixed not being able to use the Preserve prayer alongside any other overhead prayer when using quick prayers
  • Fixed Ironman Mode players being able to spawn an instanced Vet'ion while Vet'ion reborn is already spawned
  • The stand, walk, run and attack animations for the Zamorakian hasta have been fixed
  • Fixed a bug where the wrong interface would sometimes pop up when trying to join a clan chat
  • The poisoned versions of the abyssal dagger can now be traded in the Grand Exchange

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2 May 2019

Post by Mike » Thu May 02, 2019 5:28 pm

Here it finally is: the cache that contains all recent OSRS items, NPC's and maps, allowing us to add a ton of really cool stuff that you have all been waiting for. In the next several weeks, we will focus on adding the Catacombs of Kourend, Skotizo, Vorkath and the Chambers of Xeric!

Today's update also fixes the issue with disappearing Lizardman Shamans. On top of that, the fix takes care of a couple of annoyances with Zulrah and the Giant Mole that use similar "teleport" mechanics. First off, your character will keep attacking after the NPC moves from one location to the other. Secondly, there should no longer be any issues with killing an NPC while it is submerging in terms of dropping items or respawning.

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13 May 2019

Post by Mike » Mon May 13, 2019 10:35 pm

A major frustration of many a PK'er is being addressed in today's update: as of now, whenever you follow another player, you will no longer follow their footsteps (leading to strange pathing) but instead you will always try to take the shortest path to your target. I have also made some changes that should stop your character from randomly "giving up" on attacking your enemy.
The pathing near big NPC's (most notably the Abyssal Sire) has been improved as well, so you won't get "pulled" to the side of the NPC but run to the center instead.
Hopefully these changes should address any remaining pathing issues currently present in the game. If there are still any problems with pathing, please do let us know, preferably with appropriate videos to document the issues.

This update also brings a change to items lost in the wilderness: if you are killed by an Ironman Mode player, the items you drop will become visible to the killer, but as Ironman Mode player they will not be able to pick them up. After two minutes, the items will become visible for all other players. This also means the player who died has the chance to run back to where their items were dropped and reobtain them if no other player picks up the loot at the same time.

  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to use chaos-imbued rune bars on the statue in the Last Journey quest
  • The accuracy of all melee attacks has been further increased in PvP, so you will hit more often than before
  • The Vesta's longsword special attack will now always hit at least 20% of your max hit and its accuracy has been greatly buffed by rolling it against 25% of the opponent's defence, just like OSRS
  • The Morrigan's throwing axe special attack will now always hit at least 20% of your max hit, just like OSRS
  • Wearing a full Dharok's set now further increases your accuracy when on low hitpoints (the lower your HP, the higher the accuracy). This is not how it works in OSRS (in OSRS, only the max hit is increased with lower hitpoints), but it appears the community does not want to hit any 0's while on low hitpoints
  • The special attack of all custom whips now offers +50% accuracy bonus (+100% for the unholy whip)
  • Fixed a bug where unnoting items (by using noted items on a bank booth) with a full inventory could result in the loss of one item
  • Vet'ions attack range has been reduced to what it should be, but instead he will now follow you if you're standing up to three squares away from him
  • Callisto will now walk move up to players to attack them
  • Fixed not being able to walk through one side of the quest hall in a Player-Owned House
  • A few of the frost dragons in the deep wilderness could not be attacked from certain spaces, they have been moved a bit in order to fix them
  • Fixed not being able to properly pick up items from the ground when there are 250 or more items on the floor tile
  • Item stacks on the floor now only have 1 examine option per unique item
  • Large item stacks on the floor will no longer show more than 20 of the same item
  • Fixed being able to use coal from your coal bag without having the bag in your inventory
  • Fixed a visual bug when using the plank make spell
  • Fixed certain tiles in Ardougne where players were unable to walk
  • The bugged revenant cyclops animations have been temporarily removed until its proper animations can be re-added
  • Fixed honors not being able to use the Black Chinchompa teleport
  • Fixed one bank booth not being usable in Catherby

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16 May 2019

Post by Mike » Thu May 16, 2019 11:07 pm

A couple of bugfixes today:
  • Fixed melee pathing, where you would run too far behind another player or NPC you're trying to follow
  • Fixed a bug where you would often hit your maximum melee hit when using the dragon claws special attack
  • The Vesta's longsword special attack accuracy has been slightly nerfed, since melee accuracy is already higher than it used to be
  • Fixed a bug where Zulrah items lost from dying in PvM would only stay on the floor for two minutes instead of one hour
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to attack other players or NPC's in certain places around the deep wilderness agility course
  • The Zulrah melee form should no longer hit three melee attacks (needs to be confirmed yet, so please let me know if this is still the case)
  • The spawn location of one of the kingly implings in the skilling area has been slightly changed so it should no longer fly under a tree
  • Fixed a bug where an infernal pickaxe would turn into an internal axe when it runs out of charges

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25 May 2019 - Skilling pets

Post by Mike » Sat May 25, 2019 9:53 pm

It's been sitting at the top of the suggested ideas for over a year, but thanks to the recent cache update and Jeremy's hard work, we are glad to finally release Skilling pets!


Whenever you perform any of the following actions, you have a chance to receive a pet:
  • Woodcutting (beaver)
  • Firemaking (phoenix)
  • Fishing (heron)
  • Farming (tangleroot)
  • Mining (rock golem)
  • Thieving (rocky)
  • Agility (giant squirrel)
  • Runecrafting (rift guardian)
  • Hunting chinchompas (baby chinchompa)

For each XP point you receive, there is a one in 400 million chance to receive a pet, so on average you will receive 1 skilling pet for each 400M XP you gain in a skill. If you have 2B XP in a skill but don't have the pet for that skill yet, your chance quadruples to 1 pet for each 100M XP on average.
Skilling pets can also be bought at the donator store for 10,000 credits each (9,500 for premium members), though this feature is not (yet) available for Ironman Mode players.

Some interesting information regarding these skilling pets:
  • Each pet can be fed an ex-ex-parrot, basically making it an ex-ex-parrot with a skin
  • You can recolour a baby chinchompa by right-clicking it and choosing 'Metamorphosis'. Each time it recolours, there is a 1/100 chance it will turn into a golden baby chinchompa
  • When runecrafting at any altar while having a rift guardian following you, it will change its colour to match that of the crafted rune
  • Rock golems can be recoloured by using a rock on them. Regular rocks are found in the Feldip hills south of Yanille, granite can be found at the quarry in the desert south of the bandit camp and elemental ore is found inside the elemental workshop, through the odd looking wall and down the stairs in Seers' village
  • Using the inferno adze or infernal axe also grants a chance at a phoenix pet

Today, we also introduce tradeable donator credits. Players can now purchase donator points in the form of item (tickets) which they can freely trade to other players or sell on the Grand Exchange. Other players can then sell these tickets back to the store to receive the actual credits on their account so they can purchase any item from the donator store. This allows players to purchase skilling pets (and other items) from the donator store without having to actually donate!

Lastly, we have added two small but nice QoL features:
  • Players now have the ability to smash vials when they drink the last dose of a potion. They can enable this by talking to the barbarian guard at the barbarian outpost south of the lighthouse.
  • All special farming patches, along with the snow hunter area, now contain a bank deposit box