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2 April 2018

Post by Mike » Mon Apr 02, 2018 6:43 pm

  • Fixed a bug where presets wouldn't properly save your current prayer book after logging out. Keep in mind that you need to have endless curses unlocked in order to use this preset feature
  • When trading stackable items to another player, the game will now take into account items that the other player already has in their inventory
  • A pet in your inventory is now considered as having a value of 0 coins on death, so everything will protect over it. Pets can be reclaimed at your refund box for free on death
  • Fixed a bug where your Bounty Hunter timer would be reset to 0 if you die to someone in the wilderness who isn't your target
  • Random events will no longer trigger a jail if the player has run away from the NPC
  • The total amount of bank slots used is now correctly updated when using the "deposit carried items" or "deposit worn items" button
  • Removed the undead max hit dummy at Falador park
  • Fixed typo's in the PoH bookcase at the Barrelchest and Ice Strykywyrm entries

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28 April 2018 - Wilderness achievement diary

Post by Mike » Sat Apr 28, 2018 2:18 pm

At last, we have our very own Wilderness achievement diary as replacement for the 500 killcount requirement for the Completionist cape!

There are 2 parts to the achievement diary. There is a set of PvM/skilling tasks and there is a set of PvP tasks. Ironman Mode players do not have the PvP tasks - instead, they need to do twice the amount of each PvM task.

Everyone who had a completionist cape will be unable to equip it until they have completed the wilderness achievement diary. In the meantime, you can obtain a free replacement max cape from the cape rack in your Player-Owned House costume room. Once you have completed the diary, you can reclaim your completionist cape for free by trading in your max cape at the cape rack again.
Those with player kills already have a portion of their PvP tasks completed, up to 2/3rd of each task if you have 500 kills (1/3rd of each task if you have 250 kills etc.). Ironman Mode players with player kills have a portion of their PvM tasks completed already, up to 1/3rd of each task if you have 500 kills (1/6th of each task if you have 250 kills etc.).
Players who already obtained certain rare item drops, a boss pet or boss kills in the past also have the appropriate amount of tasks completed already (based on our NPC drop logs and PoH bookcase boss kills). For the tasks that we didn't track yet (such as boss slayer tasks or clue steps), everyone has to start at 0.

An overview of all wilderness achievement tasks:

PvM/skilling tasks (double of each task amount for Ironman Mode players)
  • WildyWyrm: 1 clue scroll or 40 kills
  • King Black Dragon: 1 draconic visage or 120 kills
  • Venenatis: 1 treasonous ring or 250 kills
  • Callisto: 1 tyrannical ring or 250 kills
  • Vet'ion: 1 ring of the gods or 100 kills
  • Scorpia: 1 shard (odium or mal.) or 60 kills
  • Cr. Archaeologist: 1 shard (odium or mal.) or 80 kills
  • Chaos Fanatic: 1 shard (odium or mal.) or 80 kills
  • Kill each boss once in 1 trip, no trading/looting players: 3x (these bosses are WW, Vet'ion, Venenatis, Callisto, Crazy Archaeologist, Chaos Fanatic, Chaos Elemental, Scorpia and KBD). Note: dealing 100% damage is not needed, you just need to be the one to receive the drop. You are allowed to log out without resetting your trip and you are also allowed to bank in between 2 trips
  • Boss pet: 1 from any wild boss or kill each boss (that has a pet) 150 times
  • Complete boss slayer tasks in the wilderness: 2
  • Revenants: 4 pieces of PvP armour
  • Mage Arena: 3 different god capes
  • Glacors (in wild): 20 choc-ice
  • Frost dragons (in wild): 100 frost dragon bones
  • Frost dragons: 20 kills using no anti dragonfire measures
  • Lava dragons: 80 lava dragon bones
  • Chaos elemental: 300 hand cannon shots
  • Chaos elemental: 10 full solo kills while staying under 40hp
  • Regular dragons (in wild): 500 dragon bones
  • Agility Course: 50 laps wearing spotted/spottier cape
  • Clue scroll: 10 clue steps in the wilderness
  • Black salamanders: 100 caught
  • Black chinchompas: 150 caught
  • Dark crabs: 300 caught
  • Magic logs: 300 cut
  • Runite golems: 300 runite ore mined

PvP tasks (only on Bounty Hunter targets)
  • Obtain Bounty Hunter points by trading emblems: 35,000
  • Artifact drops from player kills: 10
  • Full kills while using normal prayer book: 15
  • Full kills while wearing any full Barrows set: 10
  • Full kills with ranged: 5
  • Full kills carrying less than 200M in items: 5 (the price checker button between your equipment and items kept on death will tell you how much you're carrying in wealth - includes equipment)
  • Freeze, bind, snare or entangle players: 500 seconds
  • Loot from player kills: 500M worth
  • PkHonor Points from player kills: 2000
  • Pest Control Points from player kills: 200
  • Damage with poison or venom: 200
  • Damage with vengeance, deflect or recoil: 2000
  • Prayer points drained with smite: 500

And the rewards:

Once you complete the PvM/skilling tasks (or, for Ironman Mode players, once you complete 14/27 tasks):
  • All bones drops in the wilderness are noted (can be toggled at Death in Edgeville)
  • You can right-click your WildyWyrm clue scroll to teleport to a random WildyWyrm (works up to level 20 wilderness)
  • The level requirement to fish dark crabs is 75 instead of 85. This also results in a faster dark crab catch rate
  • Piles notes all your items for free, instead of keeping 1 as a fee
Once you have completed the PvP tasks (not for Ironman Mode players):
  • 20% discount on all Bounty Hunter store items
  • Player kills have a chance of dropping an elite clue scroll. This chance is much higher against Bounty Hunter targets
  • Artifact drops will always give one of the 10 most valuable ones (out of the 17 artifacts there are)
Once you have completed every single achievement, you also receive the following benefits:
  • At the ancient obelisks, you will be able to choose the teleport destination
  • All degradeable items degrade 30% slower in the wilderness, including hybrid armour
  • You can use an amulet of glory on the fountain of rune to recharge it to an amulet of glory (6). This also has a 1/2000 chance to transform your amulet into an amulet of eternal glory with unlimited teleports
  • You can purchase the wilderness sword 4 from the Armour & Weapons store for 100M coins. This sword has +82 stab, +78 slash and +82 strength bonus, while granting +20% strength and attack bonus against monsters in the wilderness. It also provides unlimited teleports to the fountain of rune. The sword is untradeable and goes to the refund box on death, costing 80M coins to reclaim. The killer also receives 80M as coin drop

Other improvements & bugfixes:
  • The 'Accept Aid' button has been added in the Settings tab, allowing you to block others from casting heal, cure, energy transfer or vengeance on you. This setting is recommended for those going for the 'kill all wilderness bosses in 1 trip' achievement, because the achievement will fail if another player casts one of these lunar spells on you
  • The droprate of artifacts on Bounty Hunter target kills has been significantly increased (as in more than doubled). This also means the 50% bonus artifact droprates for players ranked #4 or higher on the PK leaderboard now makes a much bigger difference than before
  • You can now simply walk across the wilderness ditch, rather than having to jump over it
  • Killing a WildyWyrm while on a slayer task now grants 50 Slayer Points instead of 5
  • The WildyWyrm clue scroll now also displays when a wyrm is about to spawn and how long it will take before it spawns
  • Wearing a perfect ring while killing players in the wilderness now has a 10% chance to grant double PkHonor Points (only from the kills itself, not from looted items that give PKP)
  • The droprates of god staffs and capes from the battle mages at the Mage Bank have been significantly increased
  • Applying poison through melee now makes the poison damage count towards your damage done to said player (this mechanic is most likely not the way it's done in OSRS, but we still feel like it's the right thing to do)
  • The teleport spells in your spellbook will now turn gray when you are in combat and don't have enough runes to teleport away. Also fixed a minor visual bug with the shown rune amounts
  • The 'monsters' teleport spell in your spellbook now has a new icon to make it distinguishable from the minigames teleport. This way, each teleport spell now has its own icon
  • The 'logout' button now shows a countdown timer when you are in combat
  • Fixed a bug where killing Vet'ions first form would be counted in your PoH bookcase
  • Fixed a bug where not all frost dragon kills were counted in your PoH bookcase

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16 May 2018

Post by Mike » Wed May 16, 2018 4:38 pm

Not a whole lot of new features today, but a very important update nonetheless. For over a year, there have been rare occurrences of players getting their account rolled back a couple of minutes (losing XP or items they obtained within those few minutes). A couple of days ago, we finally figured out the cause of this small rollback issue and today we are glad to release a fix for it! The technical explanation of how, why and when the rollback issues occurred is far too complex, what matters is that it's finally a thing of the past!

In other news:
  • As of now, the player who deals most damage to another player in the wilderness will get both loot and killcount. Before the update, the one who dealt most damage got the loot but the player who dealt the killing blow got the killcount
  • When you click the gate in the wilderness resource area, but are standing next to the gate, you will now automatically walk up to the gate and open it
  • Fixed a bug where a player who has run enabled does not properly follow other players who have run disabled
  • Fixed yet another bug with a GodWars Dungeon room not always respawning correctly
  • Fixed helpers having access to the ::modwild command (a command that is reserved for our staff team)
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to change their clue steps by dying with a clue scroll and picking it up again. As of now, if you die with a clue scroll, the scroll will be destroyed instead
  • The ghost in the wilderness black salamander hunter area now walks around randomly, preventing players from being able to hide behind him. This will be further improved in a future update
  • Fixed a bug where players with a time played between 20 and 30 minutes wouldn't lose items when killed in the wilderness
  • Fixed not being able to cook pizza's. You can now also cook plain pizza (requires 35 cooking, 2 bites healing 7 per bite)

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22 May 2018

Post by Mike » Tue May 22, 2018 4:14 pm

Karambwan fishing, cooking & eating has been added. To fish karambwans, go to the south of Brimhaven and talk to Tiadeche. Raw karambwanji are obtained at the fishing spot south-east of Tai Bwo Wannai village or in Tiadeche's shop for 10K coins each.
Cooked karambwans heal 18 HP each and just like OSRS can be consumed after food or potions with no delay. After eating a cooked karabwan, you must wait 1.8 seconds before you can drink a potion or eat another piece of food.


In other news:
  • The delay between potion sips has been increased to 1.8 seconds (from 1.2 seconds)
  • Fixed a bug where attacking someone in the wilderness with a granite maul special attack would not skull you
  • You can now use a (skilling-related) item on Piles in the wilderness resource area, he will then only note all of that specific item rather than all skilling-related items in your inventory
  • Added the ::map command, which opens our world map in your browser. If no parameters are supplied, shows your current location. You can also use ::map x y h ('h' being an optional parameter) to display a specific location
  • Fixed a bug where depositing your inventory with a nearly full bank would in some cases tell you that your bank is full, even if there is enough space
  • Fixed not being able to cut logs with an inferno adze while having a full inventory
  • Fixed incorrect firemaking XP when cutting logs with an inferno adze inside a Player-Owned House
  • Fixed a bug where not all PvP equipment drops would count towards completion of the revenant task in the wilderness achievement diary
  • Fixed a visual bug where the wrong amount is displayed when obtaining a god cape from the Mage Arena
  • New players now have the 'bald' OSRS character as default character look
  • Fixed bone drops outside the wilderness being noted when you have completed the PvM part of the wilderness achievement diary
  • Fixed a few minor typo's

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31 May 2018

Post by Mike » Thu May 31, 2018 3:41 pm

Today's updates summed up in one picture:
  • You can now zoom in and out with your mouse wheel. You can also click the slider in your settings tab to zoom. Clicking the icon left of the slider enables/disables mouse wheel zooming
  • We have added a proper fog effect, which can be enabled/disabled in your display settings (the icon at the top left of your settings tab, or ::settings). Please note that enabling fog will lead to a drastic decrease in framerate due to being quite heavy to process, which is why we chose to disable it on default. You can use the ::fps command to see your current framerate
  • There is now a toggleable setting in your settings tab to enable or disable smooth shadows, which can make the game look slightly better (can cause a minor decrease in framerate)
  • Due to overwhelming feedback from the community, the wilderness ditch now needs to be clicked again in order to be crossed, rather than being able to simply walk over it
  • After being AFK for 1 hour, your account will now automatically be logged out (without automatically reconnecting)
  • The ghost in the wilderness black salamander hunter area no longer shows above players
  • Fixed a bug where purchasing stackable items in a shop with a full inventory would result in you spending coins (or points) without receiving the purchased item
  • Fixed frozen and volcanic abyssal whips & whip mixes not being available in the Grand Exchange buy interface
  • Fixed the Chaotic rapier (non-degraded) not being available in the Grand Exchange buy interface
  • Fixed Ancient dragonhide being shown twice in the Grand Exchange buy interface

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15 June 2018

Post by Mike » Fri Jun 15, 2018 12:01 pm

Master treasure trails
Watson has come to Varrock and now allows players to exchange 1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard and 1 elite clue scroll for a master clue scroll!

There is also a small chance of receiving a master clue scroll whenever you complete an easy, medium, hard or elite trail (the higher the difficulty, the higher the chance).
The rewards for a master clue scroll include all elite clue scroll rewards (including magic stone) but with slightly higher drop rates. There are also a couple of new items in master reward caskets that cannot be found anywhere else:
  • Music cape, offers no particular benefits other than a direct teleport to Falo the Bard
  • Ankou mask, top, socks, gloves and leggings
  • Lesser demon mask
  • Greater demon mask
  • Jungle demon mask
  • Black demon mask
  • Old demon mask
We are however planning to add more unique rewards to the master caskets in future updates.

Skilling treasure trails
Whenever you are fishing, woodcutting or mining, you can now randomly obtain a clue bottle, nest or geode. They range from easy to elite. The difficulty is decided at random and the type of fish, tree or rock you mine has no influence on whether you get an easy or an elite clue. The level requirement and your fishing/woodcutting/mining level do however influence how often you will get a clue. You can only have 1 of each tier of each type (so you can have up to 12 skilling clues at any given time).
In order to get an actual clue scroll from your skilling clue, simply open the bottle, nest or geode. When you do, you also have a chance to obtain one of these 3 unique items:
  • From a bottle: fishbowl & net, which can be equipped in the weapons slot and can be used as a replacement for a small fishing net, saving 1 inventory space
  • From a nest: musketeer hat (no stats or special use, but you have to admit it looks really cool)
  • From a geode: black pickaxe, which unlike OSRS is as good as a dragon pickaxe (but with a lower level requirement)
Note that treasure trails that come from a skilling clue will never include combat or have any kind of level requirements, unless you exchange them for a master clue scroll.

More clue locations - there used to be 45, now there are 90
  • Falo the Bard, found north of Seers' Village, requires you to use an item on him. He will give a clue as to what this item should be
  • Some clues require you to kill a boss (applies to hard, elite or master clues)
  • Some clues require you to perform an emote in a specified place, while wearing certain items. Beware of the double agent, unless you are on an easy clue or skilling clue
  • Some clues require you to search crates, boxes or even rocks
  • Several new dig clues have been added

Other treasure trail changes & additions
  • The length of a trail has been shortened (2 - 4 steps for easy, 3 - 5 for medium, 4 - 6 for hard, 5 - 7 for elite and 6 - 8 for master)
  • A Double Agent can now spawn whenever you dig for a medium, hard or elite clue (uses both melee and magic attacks)
  • Three Ancient Wizards can now spawn whenever you dig for a master clue in a multi combat zone
  • A Brassican Mage can now spawn whenever you dig for a master clue in a single combat zone. He uses typeless attacks so protection prayers will not work

And a couple of other updates
  • As of now, pets will never show on top of other NPC's anymore
  • After being frozen by a player or NPC, there is now a 3 second (5 game tick) immunity against being frozen again, rather than 4.8 seconds (8 ticks)
  • The corporeal beast attack speed has been lowered to what it is in OSRS. Its maximum magic hit has also been lowered to 65. Its attack level has however been increased
  • Lowered the limit of how far you can zoom out, otherwise certain players, NPC's and objects would become invisible
  • As of now, you cannot register a new account by simply trying to log in on it. To create a new account, you need to click the registration button below the login form. The main reason for this is to prevent players getting confused about having a level 3 account because they mistyped their username
  • Fixed the amulet of glory(5), amulet of glory(6) and amulet of eternal glory not being available in the Grand Exchange buy interface
  • The timing and graphical effect when teleporting using a lever or wilderness obelisk has been slightly improved

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17 June 2018

Post by Mike » Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:46 pm

  • Fixed clue scroll steps completed in the wilderness not counting towards completion of the wilderness achievement diary
  • Fixed a bug where players could receive 2 master clue scrolls when finishing an easy, medium hard or elite trail
  • Double agents now only use melee attacks
  • Fixed the clue saying you had to kill Dharok in his lair (it would only complete if you killed Guthan instead)
  • Fixed a bug where items that you cannot drop (such as clue nests, clue bottles and clue geodes, but also quest items) would not be protected on death even if they are amongst the only 3 or 4 items you are carrying. If you lost items this way, please create a refund topic
  • Easy clue scrolls now have a value of 10M, medium scrolls 50M, hard scrolls 150M, elite scrolls 500M and master scrolls 1B. This way, the scrolls will protect over most other items on death. The same pricings go for clue nests, bottles and geodes
  • Fixed the 2 ancient wizards (who can spawn when you dig for a master clue in a multicombat area) having the wrong attack styles
  • Fixed being able to equip clue caskets when you click 'check-steps'. Due to the way our caskets are programmed, this feature cannot be added (the 'check-steps' option will be removed from the caskets in a future update)
  • Fixed a bug where spamclicking the ropeswing near the krakens would result in multiple krakens being spawned in the same place (only for Ironman Mode players)

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3 July 2018

Post by Mike » Tue Jul 03, 2018 1:09 pm

Effigies have been added!

Just like clue scrolls, starved ancient effigies are dropped by all monsters with a combat level of 70 or higher. They have similar droprates to clue scrolls, but a high level monster has a much higher chance at dropping one than a low level monster. Wilderness NPC's also have much higher effigy droprates than NPC's outside the wilderness and having Bounty Hunter enabled increases your odds quite a bit as well. You can have a maximum of 5 effigies on your account in total and they cannot be traded.

They work the same as in RS3, which means an effigy will be assigned to 2 skills at random. You can choose one of the two to advance, but you need level 91 in order to do so. You will gain 100,000 XP in the chosen skill and your starved ancient effigy will transform into a nourished ancient effigy of another pair of skills (although in some cases the skill pair can remain the same).
Same thing with a nourished ancient effigy, you can choose one of the two assigned skills, but you need a level of 93 to advance and will receive 125,000 XP. It then transforms into a sated ancient effigy with 95 level requirement and 150,000 XP and finally to a gorged ancient effigy with 97 level requirement and 200,000 XP.

Once you investigate the effigy 4 times, it will evolve into a dragonkin lamp which allows you to pick any skill you want, including hunter and construction. It has no level requirement and will give you ((level * level * level) - (2 * level * level) + (100 * level)) / 3 XP, rounded to the nearest thousand (unless you get receive less than 2,000 XP, in which case it's rounded to the nearest hundred - for level 1 you receive 50 XP).
For example, using a dragonkin lamp to advance a skill that's at level 99 will grant you 320,000 XP. Using it for a skill at level 70 will grant 113,000 XP etc..

Two important things to note: brawling gloves give 30% bonus XP when you investigate an effigy and there are ancient effigies that have construction, hunter and slayer included!

In other news:
  • Fixed the antipoision potion effect lasting indefinitely, instead of when the potion expires
  • Glacors are now immune to venom (were already immune to poison), glacytes are now immune to both poison and venom
  • Fixed the Burnt Chest at the Thermonuclear Smoke Devils giving each reward twice
  • Fixed a bug that would allow you to equip a morph ring inside pest control or the fight cave
  • Fixed not being able to use a fishbowl and net (obtained from clue bottles) as replacement for a small fishing net
  • Helpers can now see all currently open help requests by clicking the 'Help' button at the bottom of their client or using the ::help command
  • When someone issues a help request, helpers can now send them a private message even if the player's private chat is off. When the help request has expired (after 15 minutes) or when a moderator has used ::next, the helper can no longer send messages to the player if their private chat is disabled
  • Fixed a bug that made several Corporeal Beasts spawn if you spamclick the entrance (only for Ironman Mode players)
  • Clue scroll drops from NPC's are now properly logged in our drop logs
  • The Pest Control teleport in your spellbook will now take you to the south side of the island instead of the north side
  • Fixed the broadcast message when someone receives a magic stone from a master clue casket

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27 July 2018

Post by Mike » Fri Jul 27, 2018 2:23 pm

Demonic and Tortured Gorillas have been added!

You can find these gorillas by walking north-west of the Grand Tree (north of the gnome agility training), going through the opening in the fence and continuing north-east until you get to the cave at the end of the peninsula. Alternatively, king Narnode Shareen (found inside the Grand Tree) sells royal seed pods for 1 billion coins which will teleport you close to the cave entrance. Royal seed pods have unlimited uses and can be used up to level 30 wilderness.

When entering the cave, you will receive a warning that you're about to enter a dangerous area. This warning can be toggled at the doomsayer and players who already have the Ape Atoll warning disabled will also have this warning disabled. Once inside the cave, you will find several aggressive tortured gorillas which use melee, ranged and magic attacks and will switch their combat style after missing 4 attacks in a row.

Slightly east and then north along the stairs, you can find demonic gorillas which also use all 3 types of combat and switch style after missing 3 attacks in a row. They have a special attack that launches a boulder at your location which will hit you for 1/3rd of your current hitpoints if you don't move out of the way in time (similar to glacors). They also have protection prayers that they will switch once they have taken 50 damage.

Tortured gorillas can be assigned as a hard slayer task, while demonic gorillas can be assigned as an elite slayer task.

Demonic and tortured gorillas drop zenyte shards, which can be fused with a cut onyx at the wall of flames underneath Ape Atoll (use the trapdoor at the east end of the Ape Atoll temple). You then receive an uncut zenyte, which can be used to craft zenyte jewelry. Since there is no "Lvl-7 Enchant" spell in our spellbook yet, you need to right-click the unenchanted jewelry and choose "Enchant" in order to enchant them. This requires a magic level of 93 and uses up 20 soul runes, 20 blood runes and 1 cosmic rune. You can only do this while using the standard (modern) spellbook. Alternatively, you can also use the "Lvl-6 Enchant" spell on the jewelry, again requiring a magic level of 93 and using up 20 soul runes, 20 blood runes and 1 cosmic rune.
This jewelry requires a hitpoints level of 75 to wear and consists of the following items:
  • Ring of suffering: offers +10 to all defensive stats and +2 to prayer. Two of these can be combined with an imbue scroll to create a ring of suffering (i) that has double the bonuses. Unlike OSRS, the ring does not lose its imbued status when you die with it. Both the regular and imbued rings can be combined with a ring of recoil to add a recoil effect. Each ring of recoil you use adds 40 recoil charges, up to a maximum of 100,000 charges. The recoil effect can be toggled on/off by right-clicking the ring
  • Necklace of anguish: offers +15 to ranged attack, +5 to ranged strength and +2 to prayer
  • Amulet of torture: offers +15 to stab, slash and crush attack, along with +10 to strength and +2 to prayer
  • Tormented bracelet: offers +10 to magic attack and increases your maximum magic damage by 5%
The gorillas also drop the parts of the light and heavy ballista, two-handed crossbows that use javelins as ammunition. The light ballista requires a fetching level of 47 to create and yields 3000 fletching XP for the whole process, the heavy ballista requires a fletching level of 72 and yields 4500 fletching XP. The light ballista requires a ranged level of 65 to wield, the heavy ballista requires a ranged level of 75. Both have the same special attack that uses 65% special attack energy and increases damage and accuracy for the next attack by 25%.

Javelin shafts can be fletched by using a knife on regular logs, while javelin heads can be made through the smithing skill (except dragon javelins, which are dropped by the gorillas). Simply combine the shafts with the heads to create javelins. They break on use so they cannot be picked up and they can be poisoned with weapon poison

Bracelet crafting has been added!
I managed to rework the crafting interface as such that players can now craft any kind of bracelet. The mould can be found in the crafting guild and among the tools in your PoH workshop.
Bracelets are equipped in the hand slot (where gloves and vambraces go) and, with a few minor exceptions, work exactly the same as they do in OSRS. Inoculation bracelet (ruby) and Abyssal bracelet (diamond) have not yet been added as they have no use in PkHonor at the moment.
Bracelets you can now craft and enchant (on top of the tormented bracelet):
  • Bracelet of clay (sapphire): when equipped, allows you to mine soft clay. After mining 28 soft clay, the bracelet desintigrates
  • Castle Wars bracelet (emerald): offers +20% damage to the flag bearer in Castle Wars and bandages heal 50% more. The bracelet only needs to be equipped while entering the game, then you can unequip it. The effect will last until the end of the game. After 3 uses, the bracelet will desintigrate
  • Combat bracelet (dragonstone): offers +7 stab, slash, crush and ranged attack bonus, +3 magic attack bonus, +5 stab, slash, crush and ranged defence bonus, +3 magic defence bonus and +6 strength bonus. When charged, it will inform you on your slayer task progress every 10 kills. It can be used to teleport to the Warrior's Guild, the Champions' Guild and the Edgeville Monastery and like the amulet of glory works up to level 30 wilderness. It can be recharged up to 4 charges at a fountain of heroes and up to 6 charges at the fountain of rune in the wilderness. Unlike the amulet of glory, the combat bracelet does not require completion of the wilderness achievement diary to be recharged at the fountain of rune
  • Regen bracelet (onyx): doubles the rate at which your hitpoints restore and can be combined with the Rapid Heal prayer to quadruple your hitpoint recharge rate. The effect does not stack with the Rapid Renewal prayer

In further news:
  • A dragonstone necklace can now be enchanted into a Skills necklace, which offers teleportation to the fishing spots in Catherby, the mining guild underneath Falador, the crafting guild and the cooking Guild. Just like the combat bracelet, the teleports work up to level 30 wilderness. The necklace can be recharged up to 4 charges at a fountain of heroes and up to 6 charges at the fountain of rune (does not require completion of the wilderness achievement diary)
  • The ring of wealth now offers teleportation to Edgeville, Varrock and the Falador park. Once again, teleportation works up to level 30 wilderness. Unlike other dragonstone jewelry, the ring of wealth can only be recharged at the fountain of rune (does not require completion of the wilderness achievement diary)
  • A diamond necklace can now be enchanted into a Phoenix necklace, which will heal you for 30% of your maximum hitpoints when you fall below 20% of your maximum hitpoints. The necklace is consumed when used and will take precedence over a ring of life or the redemption prayer. The effect will not work in the duel arena when food is disabled
  • The ring of dueling now offers teleportation to the duel arena, castle wars and clan wars. It has 8 uses and will break after its last use
  • Smelting gold into jewelry no longer happens instantly
  • Fixed several ranged weapons and throwing weapons not showing a proper projectile
  • Tormented demons now use the same attack style for 3 attacks in a row and then switch styles, rather than picking a random style for every attack
  • Krakens, Giant Moles and Thermonuclear Smoke Devils are no longer poisonous
  • The Giant Mole now only uses melee attacks
  • In order to counter the huge influx of runes, rocktails and cannonballs through PvM, several bosses have had their rocktail, cannonball and rune drops removed or lowered. More valuable coin drops have been added to compensate
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent ancient warriors, rangers and mages (from outside the Nex room in GWD) to be assigned as a hard slayer task. However, just like Nex, you can only get them assigned upon completion of the Last Journey quest
  • You can no longer smith bronze wire or a bullseye lantern, as these had no use in the game and we needed the space on the smithing interface for javelin heads. These items have been made untradeable
  • You can no longer smith steel studs for a studded body, as we needed the space on the smithing interface for javelin heads. Instead, they are now sold in the crafting store for 600 coins each
  • You can no longer receive gems while mining clay
  • Teleportation jewelry is now taken into account when you enter the Nex room at the God Wars Dungeon
  • Left-clicking an amulet of glory in your Player-owned House now teleports you straight to Edgeville instead of giving teleport options. You can right-click it to go to any of the other 3 teleport locations
  • The monkey skeletons now reside in a different cave, but they are still accessible through the same trapdoor as before. At the end of the tunnel you will find a large open area filled with these skeletons

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30 July 2018

Post by Mike » Mon Jul 30, 2018 12:59 pm

  • Fixed not being able to trade or alch zenyte shards and ballista springs
  • Fixed a bug where Demonic Gorillas were not immune to venom
  • You can no longer set up a dwarf multicannon within the area where demonic and tortured gorillas reside
  • Demonic gorillas have had their attack and defense levels reduced along with their aggro range
  • Several drops have been added to demonic and tortured gorillas (coins, onyx, prayer potion, key halves, rune/addy bar), while rune javelin head drops have been lowered. Keep in mind that tortured gorillas have exactly the same droptable as demonic gorillas, except everything is 10x as rare
  • You can now fletch arrow shafts and javelin shafts from any kind of log (normal, oak, willow, maple, yew and magic). Each higher tier of logs yields 15 more shafts (meaning magic logs yield 90 arrow/javelin shafts)
  • Javelin shaft fletching now yields 120 XP per 15 shafts, rather than 100
  • Fixed a bug where you would become invisible when teleporting away right after using a royal seed pod
  • Fixed a bug where crafting a diamond amulet did not count toward completion of the appropriate Wise Old Man achievement
  • Fixed a bug where you could be assigned a new Bounty Hunter target right when you are dying
  • Fixed a wrong message being displayed when you don't have any cooked dark crabs to exchange at Piles in the wilderness resource area