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4 December 2017

Post by Mike » Mon Dec 04, 2017 5:16 pm

In today's update, we bring you some of Andres his work from the past weeks: Vet'ion

Like all of our other recently added bosses, it works almost exactly like in OSRS. It uses a basic melee attack, an AoE melee attack that can hit anyone in a 11x11 square and a magic attack that shoots 3 projectiles, one of which is aimed towards the spot where the player is standing and 2 others further away.
Once it reaches half HP, it will spawn 2 skeleton hellhounds, which need to be killed before you can finish off Vet'ion. Once killed, it will respawn in its reborn form and spawn 2 greater skeleton hellhounds when it reaches half HP.

Vet'ion drops a pet (of course), along with the Ring of The Gods, which grants +1 to all defence stats and +4 prayer bonus. It can be imbued with an imbue scroll, doubling the prayer bonus to +8 and restoring +2% extra prayer points when drinking a prayer potion, super restore potion or super prayer potion. This means a regular prayer potion restores 7 + 27% prayer points, a super restore potion restores 8 + 27% prayer points and a super prayer potion restores 7 + 37% prayer points when wearing the Ring of The God (i) (instead of 7 + 25%, 8 + 25% and 7 + 35% respectively).

Like all other wilderness bosses, it has a lot of valuable drops. On average, it grants more and better drops than Callisto, Venenatis or the King Black Dragon each kill, but it is much slower to kill because of its hellhounds and reborn form.

Today's update also brings three more minor improvements:
  • A hammer and saw have been added to the supplies store
  • Players that cannot perform any actions on login because they have to enter their account PIN or have an outstanding warning that need to be acknowledged, are now invisible to other players and NPC's, nor can they see other players or NPC's, until they correctly entered their PIN or acknowledged their warning(s)
  • You can no longer promote a regular, non-donator account straight away to the Premium status. This used to result in the automatic spending of 2,500 credits; instead, you will now receive an error message that you should promote to Donator status first, in order to avoid possible confusion about unknowingly spending credits

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20 December 2017

Post by Mike » Wed Dec 20, 2017 11:57 am

The Staff of The Dead has been released!


Dropped by K'ril Tsutsaroth and its minions in the Zamorak room in the God Wars Dungeon, the Staff of The Dead is very similar to the Staff of Light. It has a special attack that reduces ranged damage by 50% for the next 60 seconds (similar to the Staff of Light special, but against ranged damage). The special attack costs 100% special attack energy and the protection wears off if you unequip the staff. The staff can be combined with a Magic Fang to create a Toxic Staff of The Dead.

When charged with Zulrah's scales, the Toxic Staff of The Dead provides +8 magic attack bonus, along with a 25% chance to apply venom to players and NPC's with your magic attacks. Wearing a Serpentine Helm alongside the Toxic Staff of The Dead will apply venom on every successful magic hit against NPC's.

Other notable features of the Staff of The Dead (and its Toxic variant):
  • Provides 12% bonus max hit to magic attacks and has a 1/8 chance to not use up any runes (same as the Staff of Light)
  • Provides 15% bonus accuracy and max hit to magic attacks against undead NPC's (instead of 12% max hit)
  • Can be used to autocast Magic Dart, Crumble Undead and Flames of Zamorak
  • Makes all Zamorak minions in the God Wars Dungeon unaggressive when worn

The Staff of Light has received the following buffs to match up with the Staff of The Dead:
  • Now provides 15% bonus magic accuracy and max hit against undead NPC's
  • Can now be used to autocast Magic Dart, Crumble Undead and Saradomin Strike
  • Now makes all Saradomin minions in the God Wars Dungeon unaggressive
  • Its melee attack speed has been increased, is now 2.4 seconds between attacks (instead of 3 seconds)
  • Its crush defence bonus has been increased to +3 (instead of +2)

In other news:
  • Fixed the Toxic Blowpipe not applying any venom. It now has 25% chance to apply venom to both players and NPC's. Wearing a Serpentine Helm alongside the Toxic Blowpipe will apply venom on every successful hit against NPC's
  • When pulling a wilderness lever, there is now an animation before the teleport, during which you remain vulnerable to attacks. This means players can no longer easily escape PK'ers by spamclicking the levers at the King Black Dragon cave
  • The respawn timer of the poison spiders in the KBD cave ladder room has been slightly increased
  • Fixed a bug where Ironman Mode players were able to hit Vet'ion without Vet'ion being able to hit back
  • Fixed killing the first form of Vet'ion counting towards completion of your slayer task
  • Fixed the Stun spell requiring one Air Rune instead of one Soul Rune
  • The WildyWyrm no longer moves around, but can attack through walls and obstacles. It can also use melee attacks from a distance
  • Fixed the WildyWyrm death animation, also improved its ranged/magic attack animation
  • Yet another attempt at fixing double spawns in instanced God Wars Dungeon rooms for Ironman Mode players
  • When logging out while running over an agility obstacle (for example a log balance), your character will now run all the way to the end before actually logging you out, so you won't be stuck in the middle when logging back in
  • Monkey skeletons and Monkey guards on Ape Atoll will now become unaggressive after 10 minutes to prevent AFK training. To regain aggressiveness, either relog or leave and re-enter the area
  • Any NPC that is trying to attack a player but cannot reach them will now stop trying to attack after 30 seconds, provided the NPC is not under attack
  • The mithril and adamant pickaxes have been switched in the Axes & Pickaxes store, so they are now in the proper order

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30 December 2017

Post by Mike » Sun Dec 31, 2017 1:01 am

  • As of now, there need to be at least 2 players in both Castle Wars teams before a game will start
  • Fixed a bug where muted players were still able to use yell
  • The Staff of Light and (Toxic) Staff of The Dead now have +70 crush attack bonus, since their combat interface only allows you to use crush attacks
  • The WildyWyrm spawn point near Vet'ion has been moved a bit to the north-east
  • The Cap and goggles and the Antisanta mask/jacket/pantaloons/gloves/boots have been made untradeable

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11 January 2018

Post by Mike » Thu Jan 11, 2018 5:45 pm

A small Quality of Life improvement I came up with today for my own use, but which I'm sure our Honor players will know to appreciate: you can now use the ::item command (or its shorthand ::i) to get the ID of an item by passing (part of) an item name instead of an item ID. You will then be shown the ID's of all items in the game that contain the characters you typed. This is case insensitive. For example, to get a list of all dragon dart ID's, you can type "::i dragon dart" or "::i gon dart" or "::i agon dar" etc.. and each time you'll be shown the full list of all dragon dart ID's.

In further news:
  • Setting up a dwarf multicannon now happens automatically, all you have to do is click the cannon base. Up to 150 cannonballs are also automatically loaded into the cannon
  • Accounts that are AFK are no longer automatically logged out after 10 minutes. This particular feature had no actual use, since our client has an auto-reconnect feature whenever you disconnect
  • A minor update to Ape Atoll Monkeys becoming unaggressive after 10 minutes: they will now remain aggressive as long as they are under attack by a dwarf multicannon
  • Fixed a bug where Zulrah items or Full Slayer Helmets dropped by Ironman Mode players on death in the wilderness were not properly converted into coins
  • Fixed not being able to fletch regular logs into arrow shafts, longbows and shortbows
  • Fixed the Christmas Cake message spam when cooking
  • Fixed being able to cook a Christmas Cake from any uncooked fish as long as you have an orange in your inventory

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22 January 2018

Post by Mike » Mon Jan 22, 2018 8:28 pm

We have now added the Doomsayer, who roams just North of the Edgeville bank.
The Doomsayer allows you to see your personal punishment history (both punishments and warnings) and to toggle warning messages when you attempt to perform any of these 11 actions:
  • Teleporting inside the wilderness (both through levers and regular teleports)
  • Entering the wilderness through the rocky handholds near the GWD entrance
  • Using the ::event command to teleport to a dangerous PvM event
  • Using the ::event command to teleport to a wilderness PvM event
  • Entering Ape Atoll
  • Entering the Smokey Well
  • Entering a Player-Owned House dungeon while in PvM mode
  • Going through a portal in a Player-Owned House portal room
  • Removing furniture in your PoH
  • Removing a room in your PoH
  • Cutting a gem into bolt tips

Since a few days ago, we have added CoinPayments, a payment service which accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin and Ethereum on our donation page. These donations in cryptocurrency should hopefully allow some players to donate who were previously unable to do so.

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2 February 2018

Post by Mike » Fri Feb 02, 2018 10:35 pm

As of now, players who use DPI scaling in Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 (the slider that makes all icons & text bigger on your PC) will no longer have issues with a tiny or blurry client!
Not a server update this time - in order to make use of this update, simply restart your client! (only for the Windows installer client)

It's taken us several days of research and testing, but we have finally managed to find a solution. We fixed it by creating a new Windows client that comes packaged with its very own Java Runtime Environment. Not only does this mean that the client is now scaled according to your screen resolution (and no longer looks tiny on 4K screens), but you no longer need to have Java installed on your computer to play our game! Not to mention that the installer is only 18MB in size.

A quick comparison of how our client looked before and after (old client on the left, new client on the right - click for full-size versions):

To my knowledge, we are now the only RSPS that is compatible with Java 9 (most RSPS have a bugged right-click menu for Java 9 users) while also working properly on 4K screens! By doing this, we have made our client completely future-proof!

Please note that this fix mostly applies to Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users. Anyone with an older Windows version will probably not notice any difference in their client. It won't be blurry, but it will not scale according to your preferences either - if you use Windows 7 with a 4K screen there's not much we can do, but that's because Windows 7 can't really handle 4K screens properly anyway.
Players using Windows XP (or older) cannot use the packaged Java Runtime Environment, so they do still need to have Java installed in order to run our client.

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16 February 2018

Post by Mike » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:58 pm

Brought to you by Andres, three new wilderness bosses have been added at once - Scorpia, the Crazy Archaeologist and the Chaos Fanatic! For their locations, see the map below:
Spoiler: show
Ironman Mode players have the ability to spawn any of these bosses at a summoner in the wilderness.
Each of these 3 bosses drop a shard of the Odium and Malediction wards. These shards can be combined at the Volcanic Forge, found in the most north-eastern part of the wilderness, near the Chaos Elemental just past the Rogue's Castle. For their stats, please refer to the Runescape wikia pages (Odium ward, Malediction ward). Both the shards and the wards can be freely traded.
The wards both require a defence level of 60 to wield and although they are by no means the strongest shields in the game, they do not degrade and offer a much cheaper alternative to chaotic or spirit shields.


Residing under the Scorpion pit in the deep wilderness, it can deal a lot of damage with poison and melee attacks. However, unlike most other large NPC's, it can be frozen in place. Its offspring deal ranged damage, apply poison and drain your prayer points. At half health, 2 Guardians will spawn for 15 seconds which heal her. Scorpia has a weakness to magic attacks.
Other than the odium/malediction shard 3, she drops Scorpia's offspring, a boss pet that can be combined with an ex-ex-parrot for a Lucky Scorpia's offspring. She also drops many valuable items, similar to other wilderness bosses, making her one of the most profitable NPC's in the game.

Crazy Archaeologist

You'll find this miniboss in the ruins south of the Forgotten Cemetery. Aside from odium/madlediction shard 2, he also drops the Fedora - a tradeable cosmetic hat without bonuses - and the Long Bone, a tradeable bone that grants 50,000 construction XP when buried. Burying the bone requires a construction level of 99. The XP stacks with Brawling Gloves.

Chaos Fanatic

Found west of the Lava Maze and surrounded by unattackable (but unaggressive) chaos miniclouds, the Chaos Fanatic drops the odium/malediction shard 1, along with a Chaos Elemental pet and many valuables. Note that Chaos Elemental has a higher droprate for the pet than the Chaos Fanatic.
Just like the Chaos Elemental, the pet will grant partial protection against the Chaos Fanatic and the lucky version will grant a significant boost to the Fanatic's droprates.

Now that the last of the wilderness bosses have been added, you can expect the release of the wilderness achievement diary in the next or second next update!
For those wondering what to do with an unusable Completionist Cape: you can trade it in for a free replacement Max Cape at your cape rack. If you trade in an enchanted Completionist Cape, you'll get an appropriate max cape in return so you won't lose the enchantment. The replacement Max Cape can be freely traded back for a Completionist Cape at any time.

In further news
As of now, whenever you lose a Fire Cape, Max Cape or Completionist Cape on death in PvP, it now always immediately goes to your refund box and will cost a certain amount of coins to reclaim. The full reclaim cost is also dropped as coins for the killer. If you lose one of these capes in PvM, you now have 5 minutes to go back where you died reobtain it before it is put in your refund box for a price. Refund prices are as follows:
  • Fire cape: 30M coins
  • Max cape: 120M coins
  • Completionist cape: 240M coins

All Morph Ring NPC's have had their attack bonus rebalanced - due to a major overhaul of our combat interfaces over a year ago, the attack bonuses of several NPC's (including Death) were unintentionally drastically decreased so they became almost useless. Today's update aims to remedy that:
  • Death: increased crush attack bonus to +160 (from +64), decreased magic attack bonus to +168 (from +188)
  • Archmage: increased crush attack bonus to +124 (from +44), decreased magic attack bonus to +161 (from +181)
  • Ancient warrior: decreased slash attack bonuses to +165 (from +181)
  • Ancient ranger: decreased ranged attack bonus to +183 (from +263)
  • Ancient mage: decreased magic attack bonus to +123 (from +166)
  • Barbarian spirit: increased slash attack bonus to +105 (from +89)
  • Wolf: increased stab attack bonus to +93 (from +11)
  • Goblin: increased stab and crush attack bonuses to +56 (from +18 and +9)
  • Imp: increased stab attack bonus to +40 (from +11)
  • Cat: increased stab attack bonus to +31 (from +26)
  • Kitten: increased slash attack bonus to +25 (from +20)
The main reason I chose to increase Death's crush attack bonus, rather than using the Scythe combat interface, is because the Scythe combat interface has neither a special attack bar nor autocast options. Creating a completely custom Scythe combat interface for Death is also incredibly hard and time-consuming.

Other improvements and bugfixes:
  • Losing an item in PvP that is automatically sent to the refund box at a price (such as a custom whip) now results in the killer receiving the full refund price as a coin drop, rather than half the refund price. This change does not apply to killing ironman mode players
  • Fixed a bug where if you died in PvM, your items would disappear after they have been on the floor (visible only for yourself) for 3 minutes. After the 3 minutes expiry, they now become visible to all players for another 2 minutes
  • As of now, whenever you lose untradeable items, you will have 5 minutes to reobtain them where you died, rather than 3 minutes.
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't switch prayers (or toggle quick prayers) during teleport
  • Venenatis now also drops the Long Bone, just like the Crazy Archaeologist
  • You can now use the portal in the middle of the Abyssal Rift to teleport to Lunar Isle where you can craft Astral runes
  • The Humidify spell has been added to the Lunar spellbook, allowing you to turn all clay into soft clay and fill up all vials, buckets and watering cans in your inventory with a single click
  • Altered the Dwarf Multicannon behaviour in single combat zones: it will now attack all NPC's in range that are not in combat, unless you are attacking or are being attacked by one, in which case it will target only that one NPC. This way, our cannon behaviour should now be identical to that in OSRS. If anyone notices any more cannon behaviour that's odd or causes nuisances, please let us know
  • Brawling gloves (woodcutting) no longer give extra firemaking XP. Their price in the shop has been lowered to 500M coins and 500 PkHonor Points (instead of 750M coins and 750 points)
  • When extending a slayer task, the amount is now in the same range as the amount you receive when you initially get the task assigned, instead of always 10 - 40
  • You can now extend a slayer task through your enchanted gem or slayer helmet, without having to visit a Slayer Master
  • Killing TzTok-Jad while on a slayer task now grants 200 Slayer Points and 360,000 Slayer XP instead of 250 Slayer Points and 180,000 Slayer XP. Completing the task (or an extended task) still grants 1,000,000 Slayer XP
  • Yt-Hurkot (TzTok-Jad healers) will now focus TzTok-Jad and continuously heal him, rather than attacking the player. Players can lure them away by attacking them. Unlike OSRS, they currently never respawn if killed
  • Fixed a bug where certain boss pets would block attacks from other bosses than the one they are affiliated with
  • Spinners at Pest Control will now focus the Portals and continuously heal them, rather than attacking players
  • Fixed the Nex mages not looking at the player they are attacking, also fixed them randomly stopping their attacks
  • Fixed being able to attack the Doomsayer in Edgeville
  • Fixed a warning being displayed when entering a PoH dungeon in PvM mode even when the warning was disabled through the Doomsayer
  • Fixed the Toxic Blowpipe showing the amount of Trident of the Swamp charges instead of Blowpipe charges when running low
  • Fixed the Sacred Clay Pickaxe and Inferno Adze combat interfaces, they are now listed as pickaxes with the options 'Spike', 'Impale', 'Smash' and 'Block'
  • Fixed the Barrelchest Anchor combat interface, it now has the options 'Pound, 'Pummel', 'Spike' and 'Block'
  • You now get a clearer coloured message when your Ring of Recoil breaks
  • When a worn item completely degrades and the broken version doesn't fit in your inventory, it is now sent to your refund box for free instead of being dropped on the floor. Only applies outside the wilderness
  • Made a few minor improvements to the gates at the entrance of the deep wilderness agility course, so they can be properly used from every square
  • Improved the Armadyl Crossbow special attack projectile look
  • Fixed a blue dragon spawn in the Brimhaven dungeon that got stuck in a giant fungus
  • Fixed the ::event teleport location of the GWD event
  • To prevent AFK thieving from gem stalls, you can no longer steal from a stall with a full inventory
  • You now get an appropriate error message when attempting to use noted items on the Item Set Exchange Clerk

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28 February 2018

Post by Mike » Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:12 pm

The following changes to the wilderness and Bounty Hunter have been released:
  • Whenever you PK items that are worth Slayer Points, Pest Control Points or PkHonor Points, you now always receive 30 - 80% of the original shop price in SP/PC/PKP. If you have Bounty Hunter enabled, you receive 60 - 80% of the original shop price instead. When you lose such items in PvM, you only receive 10 - 30% of the shop price
  • On top of the bonus listed above, players who have Bounty Hunter enabled now receive the following bonuses in the wilderness: +30% PkHonor Points on player kills, double PkHonor Points from PvM kills, +20% slayer, combat, cooking, smithing, firemaking, hunter & agility XP, 20% faster mining, woodcutting and fishing, an extra slayer streak upon completing slayer tasks and +20% bonus drops in PvM (including pet and clue drops)
  • You now have the ability to enable "Bounty Hunter zones" at Nastroth. When you enable these zones on your account, you will only get a target assigned that is in level 1 - 5 wilderness if you are also in level 1 - 5 wilderness. If you are in level 6+ wilderness, you will only get a target assigned that is also in level 6+ wilderness. This option is disabled on default
  • The Bounty Hunter penalty after killing a target is now always 60 seconds (30 seconds if you are ranked on the PK leaderboard). When you die, there is no penalty at all
  • There is now a 100% chance to receive an Emblem (tier 1) on a BH target kill if you don't have any emblems on your account yet
  • When you kill a BH target that is carrying an emblem (tier 2 or higher), you will always receive their emblem as a drop, degraded by 1 - 4 tiers (random)
  • Whenever you kill a BH target, there is now always a 20% chance of receiving a new Emblem (tier 1), even if you already have one or more emblems on your account. During Bounty Hunter Events or Wilderness Events, this chance is increased to 30%
  • You now have 20 minutes to kill a Bounty Hunter target before being assigned a new one (instead of 15 minutes). There is no penalty if you don't manage to kill your target in time, so you can get assigned a new one right away after the 20 minutes
  • You are now allowed to leave the wilderness for up to 4 minutes (instead of 3 minutes). In order to prevent players from continuously leaving and re-entering the wilderness, this timer only goes back up slowly after re-entering. For every 3 seconds in the wilderness, you are allowed to leave for 1 more second, up to a maximum of 4 minutes. The same applies for entering a wilderness level that's too low to fight your target. If you leave the wilderness for too long, you now receive a penalty of 2 - 5 minutes, depending on the maximum emblem tier you have on your account (1 - 2.5 minutes if you are ranked on the PK leaderboard)
  • When logging out, you now have 15 seconds to log back in before your target is reset (rather than instantly being reset on logout). You are only allowed to do this once per target, otherwise you will receive a 2 - 5 minute penalty
  • A welfare melee set has been added to the Bounty Hunter store, costing only 80 Bounty Hunter Points and containing a dragon scimitar, obsidian shield, rune platebody, rune platelegs, berserker helm, amulet of strength and rune boots

Several items in the Bounty Hunter store have also had a price adjustment and now cost (in Bounty Hunter Points):
Spoiler: show
  • Adamant Defender: 750 (from 1000)
  • Rune Defender: 3000 (from 2000)
  • Book of war: 30000 (from 7500)
  • Book of law: 30000 (from 7500)
  • Book of darkness: 30000 (from 7500)
  • Chaotic Rapier 20: 50000 (from 75000)
  • Chaotic Longsword 20: 65000 (from 75000)
  • Chaotic Staff 20: 40000 (from 60000)
  • Fighter torso: 2500 (from 50000)
  • Helm of neitiznot: 1000 (from 1250)
  • Mithril gloves: 30 (from 2000)
  • Barrows gloves: 4000 (from 40000)
  • Vesta's chainbody: 20000 (from 25000)
  • Corrupt Vesta's chainbody: 12000 (from 7500)
  • Vesta's plateskirt: 20000 (from 25000)
  • Corrupt Vesta's plateskirt: 12000 (from 7500)
  • Statius's platebody: 20000 (from 25000)
  • Corrupt Statius's platebody: 15000 (from 7500)
  • Corrupt Statius's platelegs: 15000 (from 7500)
  • Hand Cannon Shot: 75 (from 125)
  • Master wand: 1500 (from 5000)
  • Mage's book: 450 (from 5000)
  • Corrupt Vesta's longsword: 10000 (from 7500)
  • Corrupt Vesta's spear: 12000 (from 7500)
  • Zuriel's staff: 15000 (from 20000)
  • Corrupt Zuriel's staff: 8000 (from 7500)
  • Corrupt Statius's warhammer: 15000 (from 7500)
  • Ahrim's armour set: 12000 (from 15000)
  • Dharok's armour set: 30000 (from 20000)
  • Guthan's armour set: 10000 (from 15000)
  • Verac's armour set: 10000 (from 15000)
  • Pure melee set: 2500 (from 5000)
  • Main melee set: 16000 (from 10000)
  • Hybrid set: 26000 (from 12500)
  • Imbue scroll: 150000 (from 45000)
  • Barrage runes pouch: 2500 (from 7500)
  • Vengeance runes pouch: 1000 (from 5000)
  • Manta ray: 10 (from 15)
  • Shark: 5 (from 10)
  • Potions box: 3500 (from 5000)
  • Teleport crystal (4): 750 (from 500)

4 PvM Completionist Cape requirements have also been added today. These only affect players who have not yet obtained a Comp Cape. Due to technical limitations, those who already have one will still be able to wear it even if they don't meet these 4 requirements:
  • 100 Dagannoth King kills (the sum total of your kills of all 3 Kings is counted together)
  • 50 Zulrah kills
  • 50 Kalphite Queen kills (used to be 20)
  • 50 Chaos Elemental kills (used to be 20)

Other improvements & bugfixes:
  • Whenever you are able to vote on one of the top 4 toplists, you will now receive an in-game notification. These notifications can be disabled at the voting store salesman in Varrock
  • Fixed a bug where players who use DPI scaling on their computer couldn't take a proper screenshot
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to extend your current slayer task through an enchanted gem or slayer helmet
  • Fixed a bug where the Max Cape was not included in the Completionist Cape price (visual bug, as it did always cost you a Max Cape to buy a Comp Cape)
  • Made a few visual improvements to the Wise Old Man achievement list & dialogues
  • Added a glacor on Morph height in the slayer cave
  • Fixed a bug with extending slayer tasks
  • The 4 Nex mages are now immune against venom

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16 March 2018

Post by Mike » Fri Mar 16, 2018 5:34 pm

  • Whenever you follow (or attack) another player or NPC, not only will they appear on top of other players or NPC's, they will now also have left-click priority over everything and everyone that's visually standing in front of them
  • The drop rate of Granite Mauls from Gargoyles has been significantly increased
  • The drop rate of Abyssal Whips from Abyssal Demons has been slightly increased
  • Lava dragon, Barrelchest, Ice Strykewyrm, Tormented Demon and Bork kills are now recorded in the PoH bookcase
  • Fixed a bug where you couldn't use a Zulrah teleport scroll in combat (you still needed 1 law and 3 air runes)
  • Instanced Scorpia is now able to hit with its melee attacks from a distance and is now also aggressive towards the person who spawned it
  • Fixed a bug where an instanced Scorpia's offspring wouldn't respawn when killed
  • Fixed a bug where several trees didn't have the correct matching tree stump when being cut down
  • Fixed a bug where the Giant Mole could get killed through poison or venom when burrowed, preventing it from respawning. This needs to be verified however, since we're not even sure if this is what caused it to despawn in the first place
  • Whenever you manage to make an extra potion while wearing a full 3rd Age Druidic set and having a full inventory, the extra potion will now drop on the floor where you can pick it up
  • The following treasure trail rewards now provide protection against all GWD minions: Ancient Chaps, Bracers, Dragonhide and Coif, along with the rune trimmed Ancient Platebody, Full Helm, Kiteshield, Platelegs and Plateskirt
  • The following treasure trail rewards now provide protection against all Armadyl GWD minions: Armadyl Chaps, Bracers, Dragonhide and Coif, along with the rune trimmed Armadyl Platebody, Full Helm, Kiteshield, Platelegs and Plateskirt
  • The following treasure trail rewards now provide protection against all Bandos GWD minions: Bandos Chaps, Bracers, Dragonhide and Coif, along with the rune trimmed Bandos Platebody, Full Helm, Kiteshield, Platelegs and Plateskirt
  • The Kalphite Queen transition between the two forms has been visually improved
  • If you enter the wrong PIN 4 times in a row and you have to wait 1 hour before you can try again, you now get a proper countdown timer on your login screen with the correct time
  • Fixed a bug where players could check if someone else is online by trying to log in in on the other account. You would always receive the "this player is already online" message even when using a wrong password

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31 March 2018

Post by Mike » Sat Mar 31, 2018 7:29 pm

The calculation of slayer XP has been reverted to what it was before the 28 February update