Past server updates [last: 3 December 2019]

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3 December 2019

Post by Mike » Tue Dec 03, 2019 5:14 pm

  • A bug has been fixed where players would sometimes be unable to log back in for a while after they DC.
  • A bug with the Nylocas Vasilias has been fixed where it would instantly switch to a different form when its attack is being blocked by a Pet Nylocas.
  • Salamanders now have their proper stats and max hit and a bug has been fixed where they wouldn't deal any damage when used in PvP.
  • You can now create extended super antifire potions by using crushed superior dragon bones on extended antifire potions. This requires a herblore level of 98 and grants 20,000 herblore XP.
  • A bug has been fixed where daggers, short swords and rapiers would not use the proper melee bonus (stab instead of slash or vice versa) and give shared XP instead of strength XP when used in slash mode.
  • Ogre bow and large spade are now two-handed weapons, as they should be.
  • Using spellbook swap to change your magic book to ancient magicks will now correctly take 3 astral runes, 2 cosmic runes and 1 law rune.
  • The assembler max hood now correctly goes into the hat slot rather than the weapons slot.
  • A bug in Falador castle has been fixed where you would be able to walk through the air by using a ladder from the outside of a wall.